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  1. I usually buy the upgrade first then "forget" I need to sell the under copy.
  2. The nano tech would help Spidey, actual armor would definitely slow him down.
  3. Your package may already have been sorted and loaded before the hold order was put into the system.
  4. It hasn't been declassified yet Have you always had that moving red dot on your forehead? No, sometimes it's on my chest.
  5. Blowie still hasn't done his report for third grade on how he spent his summer vacation.
  6. I think Vinnie would be better for intensity and a bit comedic, Madsen would be better for flat and serious Right, and Madsen kills everything in site, all the time. Good point. Madsen it is. And he smokes a lot of cigarettes and is always emotionless. I need to start writing movies for SyFy, with some help of course. Madsen is a great choice as he's previously starred in other SyFy movies. He was great in Piranhaconda. Yes, but he needs to be more like the character he portrayed in Kill Bill as Bud. We need a dirty, slimey, sheriff that lives in a dirty trailer park on the outskirts of town, and has a blender with filthy buttons that he mixes booze in. We also need Michael Ironside...preferably as the same character he played in Starship Troopers.
  7. I only send the mods PMs about you. Lengthy ones. They are quite disgusted with you at thia point. Could be worse, could be pics He keeps the pics for himself.
  8. Rafting down a river on Mars with a wolf I'd read that.
  9. And he's also catching up to you in points.