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  1. That issue had just come out during my sophomore year of high school as I was getting into more adult comics and my friend that was kind of mentoring me in what to read gave me his copy to introduce me to ASM. I've been a huge McFarlane and Hobgoblin fan ever since. I don't have a scan handy, but I've also got a 9.8 newsstand.
  2. Here's one I've always loved..... red ink! And one that I don't have anymore, but from back in the days when CGC noted "Date Stamp on Cover".
  3. Is that the one that was on the 'Bay last week? I was going to go hard after it as I have the 3 Batman books from this arc in 9.8, but decided to hold off as I had other stuff coming up at the same time. Beautiful book and the wrap looks really great. Congrats!
  4. I bought Groo off the stands as a kid and held them until the mid-90's when I sold off a large chunk of my collection. I don't remember any of them being worth anything except the issues Shadroch noted (the independent series/appearances and 1st Marvel issue). $20-30 back in the late 80's would have been a very significant amount of money for a modern book. Actually, let me just get off my duff and grab a CVM. Here's July 1989 listings for Groo.... As a point of reference, the Punisher Limited Series was $22 in this issue and the Wolverine Limited was $18 GI Joe #2 was $35 and Groo #1 (Marvel) was $15, so the $20-30 range is really out of the question for this book during that period. I jumped up a couple of years to an Overstreet Monthly from 1991 and this issue isn't even broken out. Maaaayyyybeeeee a few years after and just before the crash, but it doesn't really stand out as anything significant in my mind and I tried to stay up on any hot books through that period. I feel like Wizard would've had to really be hyping this issue to get that large an asking price, but maybe someone else has a different recollection.