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  1. More to the topic of the thread, an ASM 694 came up tonight on the 'Bay and just cleared $100. Seller had a few other very late ASM newsstands in other lots which I grabbed for my run, but didn't need the 694, so just put in a half-hearted bid in case it didn't go very high.
  2. I didn't really care about them six years ago, so maybe it's up to 5 or 6 guys now. Are the rest of you guys the ones outbidding me?
  3. That just put in to perspective just how far away from owning that book I am.
  4. Even as just straight Joker, one of the (dare I say) "endearing" things about the character is his unpredictability and the way he can toy with the "will I kill you? will I be nice to you?" tension, so I think that aspect was perfectly on-target.
  5. I bet those annuals started to lose their appeal (among the run collectors) when they became the platform for crossovers like Atlantis Attacks and Evolutionary War. I can definitely see collectors of specific titles passing on their own titles' annuals if it would also necessitate buying annuals of books you didn't collect to get the complete story. I feel like up until then the quality was higher, but the gimmicky nature of the big events kind of tarnished their credibility. Just my two cents.
  6. One other thing to factor in is the delay between newsstands hitting the rack versus directs. There were times I missed out on a book at the LCS because of day-of-release sellouts, but knew to keep an eye out at the grocery store a few weeks later to pick up the newsstand. I assume ASM 252 was very heavily speculated on and that would've extended to newsstand pickups as well, so that would almost definitely increase the high-grade survivors. As you said, 238 might've been more under-the-radar which would affect both the orders placed and copies hoarded upon release. Definitely agree on your observations for each book in regards to newsstands versus directs as I've noticed the same thing myself, but 238 doesn't fetch too much more for the newsstand version (more along the lines of what newsstands used to fetch a few years ago, which was maybe 10% premium, versus these days where it's based more on the desperation of the buyer).
  7. Two things, I have DC direct market issues starting with 10/1980 cover date. To your last point, in Fine condition or so, to ask a premium for a newsstand over direct is a bit foolish. However, I'd say that, while at the beginning the print runs were heavily weighted toward newsstands, my experience from the Batman/Detective run I was building a few years ago was that the number of newsstands which have survived in high grade from that early period is now much smaller than the directs. When I started putting my run together, I really didn't intend on getting a copy of each, just wanted 1 NM raw copy of every issue. I was surprised a few years later when I went back over my spreadsheet (which did break down whether I had N or D), that immediately upon the start of directs at the end of 1980, the copy which I had for my run was a direct. Very rarely was there a high-grade newsstand in the mix and this was, again, primarily from buying indiscriminately with no favorability toward one or the other. It is significantly harder to find 9.8 newsstands from the early 80's as well. Wolverine #1, DD 181 -- books that are incredibly common in 9.8 -- took a good bit of searching to find my 9.8's. They're not crazy-rare, but the directs overwhelmingly outnumber them.
  8. As far as the specific year, I had a bit of a hard time pinning it down exactly. Felt more like late 70's, but I saw 1981's "Zorro, The Gay Blade" (that other Summer of '81 movie about a swashbuckling guy with a bullwhip) on a theater marquee. Didn't feel like '81 to me though
  9. Yeah, and I knew that when I typed it out, but the actual quote would've taken up more space to get the full context or would've been too vague if I'd just done the one line, so I did some editorializing. Kind of like Rick saying "Play it again, Sam" except that he didn't.
  10. I'll also say that I like that the riot inspired by Joker put Bruce's origin in motion. The theme that Batman "created" all the costumed super-villains has been going on for a while, so this kind of turned that idea on its head. I was talking with a friend at work who said he'd like to see a Batman origin done the same way. While I think that's a much harder story to work with since Batman's origin is pretty much Ten Commandments-level set-in-stone, there's some fun that could be had playing with Bruce's own sort of mania being born/inspired by the insanity of Joker's actions.