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  1. IF the gut feeling actually holds up, ie. that there is indeed 300 copies of tec27 and 300 of A1. Then we are looking at a rather amazing collector 'discipline are'nt we?'. I mean if there is a total of 600 books in existence; and an average holder of one of these books could cash in around 400 Kish (average price for 1 item of the population) - then it is rather amazing that almost no one seems to be actively looking to sell any of these 600 items? If I had 400 K lying around I wouldnt be posting here. I'd be on the phone to Comic Connect or Heritage. Thats for sure
  2. hmm ... looks like actionkid came out on top of this argument. very interesting thread by the way. kudos for bumping this. nice with a historical perspective these days since the hobby/ marketplace is changing so fast.
  3. Is FF #1 really in that high of demand? I think ASM #1 is more sought after. FF #1 is lumped in with the others at #5, if not lower. There is very little demand for it for me at shows. More people ask for/buy X-Men or DD #1s. Then again, that might be a contrarian indicator that now is the time to buy one. Marvel pulled the plug on the FF title many moons ago. Book is dead. Not least accelerated by FOX incompetence ...
  4. hmm ... top three the same for me. worrying - I thought i was unique
  5. I don't have my GPA active at the moment and correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I remember this is true up to a point, but Hulk 1 surpasses AF 15 when you get into the higher grades. That being said, I agree with your post and I too would go for the AF 15! Last GPA sales Hulk 1 9.2 $320000.00 AF15 9.2 $392000.00 Hulk 1 9.0 $178000.00 AF15 9.0 $191200.00 Hulk 1 8.5 $55000.00 AF15 8.5 $107300.00 GPA isnot current after a couple of years when looking at fast moving or hot books. Hulk #1 9.2 sold for $375K (Northland - it's on GPA to you might have missed this one) Hulk #1 9.0 Comiclink sold a copy for $275K this past summer - not on GPA Hulk #1 8.5 just sold for $132K on ComicConnect two weeks ago - still not on GPA Hulk #1 is generally tougher above Fine but once you get above VF/VF+ Hulk #1 gets extremely tough and I think would give AF #15 a run for it's money. For example the Hulk #1 9.2 Northland went for $375K this summer and an AF #15 CGC 9.4 went for $450K There's only on Hulk #1 in 9.4 and 3 (I think) AF #15 in 9.6, hence the prices. The Hulk #1 in 9.4 could be a million dollar book. Nobody knows. insane figs ... really
  6. does not compute: how does 'reaaly desired scrce collectibles with wider and wider public acceptance' translate to 'hobby gets narrower and narrower each year' . ?
  7. highly recommended .... dreamlike narrative and very poetical.
  8. I think grade for grade a tec 31 and action 7 would out perform pep 22, but likely not by much...that's why I would consider it a "top 10" book...I just chose 2 books (as8 and whiz 1) that I think are still due for larger pricing increases... not sure pep 22 will have a "large" increase relatively speaking, over next few years so you see whiz 1 spiking as we approach movie release ...?
  9. not even close. Batman 1 in 5.0 would be about 180-200k and tec 31 in 5.0 about 125... as an example. Too 10 ga books still much the same (this list in no particular order) Action 1 Tec27 Superman 1 Batman 1 Cap 1 Marvel 1 Action 7 Tec 31 do you see the margin narrowing between supe1 / bat1? (cf. the heritage sale)
  10. on their hp they are a flashin a NM resto tec27 ...
  11. My eyes are on the Mile High Peps first.Nutty run of books. for sure ...