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  1. Giving this an optimistic bump. Interesting in ANY Marvel Dune pages, ANY art from the Dune colouring book range, ANY Dune oddities really. ANY Help?????
  2. Sample page pictures, some of the more varied ones in the collection, the range of Guy Davis's talents!
  3. All private messages have been replied to, will deal with requests/interest on a 'first come' basis as seems fairest, most of the pages are signed by Guy Davis Will also post some sample pictures this afternoon (but wont post every page just due to the volume of pictures) but more than happy to mail people any picture requests. Oh and yes i am in the UK and will happily ship internationally Thanks for the interest everyone -)
  4. Pages now sold Individually!! Thanks to all those who have mailed and due to advice will now split the collection and offer any and all pages seperately as this will probably make it easier for collectors. I will price each page but given the number that will take a while, in meantime Most pages are £100 (approx $130), Dream/action/costume pages are around £150 Title Spreads around £300-350 Guy Davis’s Sandman Mystery Theatre art is probably one of the most underrated in comics, defined lines, use of inks, realistic people, period features, surreal dream imagery and de
  5. Hi All Long shot post here but looking to buy Bill Sienkiewicz art from Marvels adaption of the movie Dune. Any and All pages considered...especially any featuring the Baron. They must be out there somewhere Thanks in advance Frank