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  1. I missed out on a Ghost Comics #6 yesterday in a small Virginia online auction. Anyone here happen to be the winning bidder?
  2. Funny, I'm the stay at home parent in this situation. This is my wife's way of me contributing $. Once the toddler goes to school I'll be able to rebuild, secretly.
  3. Days like these make me want to cry. I received a high estimate to repair structural damage to my home. I've got 2 little kids, so I have to do what I have to do (All 3 of us will be crying together when I sell these. My wife will be smiling). 2 books for sale. 1st beats all No Probies please Returns within 7 days. (These are graded books, do you really need to return them?) PayPal, MO, Checks are all good! Daredevil #1 6.0 Cream to off-white pages. In my opinion it's a highly undervalued key that will continue to climb (just not in my collection). GPA 90 day average is $2714. My contractor's price: $2600 shipped in the Continental US. SOLD!!! ASM #28 8.0 Off-White pages. One of my favorite ASM covers of all time. GPA 90 day average $1015. My contractor's price: $900 shipped in the Continental US. SOLD!!!! Help me keep my floor from sinking!
  4. Our Army at War. OAAW. It think it was a typo by the SpeakUPSonny. Sgt Rock prototypes
  5. Hey Phill, you gonna list that #50???
  6. Gonna keep the thread going till Sunday evening. I'm a motivated seller. If you see something you like, drop me a PM.