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  1. Can't find that easily in NJ. Love The Alchemist!
  2. Eagle Rare is a quality bourbon at a great price point. Sorry about the bourbon thread Krapping.
  3. It is a fairly recent phenomenon. Blanton's, once upon a time, was an easy and somewhat affordable get. It blew up 5 years back, supply was allocated, and lo and behold, demand skyrocketed along with the price.
  4. Hello there! I figured I might as well try to complete this run. I'm almost there. Looking for raw 2.5-5.0 or so. #3, 4, 5, 10 and 16. Send me a Dm for the quickest response. TIA
  5. So true on these underrated Charlton books. Love that Space Adventures cover too! SA #10, 11 and 12 are dreamy
  6. Silver Surfer 10 and 11 for $120 shipped ConUs. Still Available Let's clean this thread up so I can add more books!!!
  7. NEW BUNDLE DEAL: Take Silver Surfer 10 and 11 for $120 shipped ConUs. Still Available Take Remaining FF (61, 65, 69 and 71) for $260 shipped ConUs. SOLD
  8. BUNDLE DEAL!!!! Take all three Silver Surfer issues (2, 10 and 11) for $200 shipped ConUS