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  1. If it is trimmed, what percentage of the value should be subtracted? Looks to me like a 6.5 or a bit better.
  2. I'm considering purchasing this book. The edges concern me. Are they trimmed? I haven't had the book in hand yet and have requested more and better pics. I'll post them when I get them. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. Thought I'd try to sneak this one in too. Movie Maniacs King Kong from 2000. Box has a bit of wear but in pretty decent shape. $35 takes her home. It will probably require USPS Large box @$19.95
  4. Hey there! I just started cleaning out the attic and found some things I want to sell. I might add more as I clean. I haven't sold anything here in a while. Let's see what happens. $50 takes her home. First gets it. PayPal or Money order Flat rate USPS Large Box 3 day delivery is $19.95. If I can do it for less, I will. Sorry, Continental U.S. only.
  5. I'll see if I can get a scan or two up soon.
  6. I've got a friend of mine who is entertaining the thought of purging his raw HG Silver aged comics. Neither of us are willing to assign a grade to these guys for fear of under grading or worse, over grading. We appreciate the opinion of you, our comic brethren. Thanks in advance. FYI: This book hasn't been pressed...yet. P.S. It's been a while since I've been on here.
  7. You sure you were at NYCC and not a trade show? I guess I have a fairly low theshhold for what i find not totally disgusting given the horror show bathrooms I have been in over the years, but at least in the urinal area it was not bad. i did not try to sit on a krapper. i dread bringing the five year old this weekend because I KNOW he is going to decide he needs to make a #2 at some point. the more disgusting the toilets, the more urgent it will be. although i think my passes may get us into the media/VIP area where maybe they may have a cleaner toilet, that place is really far from the con floor. The bathrooms down in the autograph area were a breeze.
  8. I bought a bunch of Bronze Charlton Horror from him a while back. The books were slightly over graded, but no more than most on EBay. The prices where pretty decent.
  9. Poop! Missed it! If you are having second thoughts...
  10. Man oh man, am I jealous. Great story! Congrats!
  11. I was gonna say the same thing. Charlton gets a bad rap. The print quality leaves a lot to be desired, but the art and stories are some of horror's best. I am so happy to see people buying these. Great sale thread!