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  1. Dropped the prices one last time before I close the thread. Looks like only Marvel Keys and PCH are moving on the Board of late.
  2. HEY, HEY, HO, HO! Higher prices had to go! Prices dropped on the 2 remaining lots.
  3. I'm more than happy to supply back cover pics and better pics if anyone wants. FYI: Posting a thread from your phone is not a piece of cake.
  4. House of Mystery lot #2 177F, 178 F, 183 F+, 186 G, 189 VG, 190 VG-, 191 F, 194 F+, 203 F+, 205 VG, 206 F+, 216 VF+, 217 VF, 221 G, 227 F, 231 F, 255 F, 269 VG+ $200 180 120 100 shipped ConUS SOLD via PM!
  5. House of Secrets 85 VG+,88 F, 90VG, 94F+, 95 F+, 100VF-,101VF/VF+,102VF,103VF w/light color touch, 104F+, 108 F+, 110 G+, 113 VF, 115 F, 118 F, 121 F+/VF-, 127 VF+, 129 VF $200 $180 120 100 shipped ConUS. SOLD Via PM! s
  6. House of Mystery lot #1 178 F+, 189 F+, 203 F, 206 VF, 231 F+ $50 shipped ConUS. SOLD
  7. I'm selling off a few lots. I'm guaranteed to lose money on these, but rules are rules, If I buy new books then I must sell some old ones. Speaking of Rules: 1st beats all No Probies please 10 day returns. PayPal, MO, Checks are all good!
  8. Early Charlton Horror? The Thing!, This Magazine is Haunted, Ghostly Tales, Ghostly Haunts, The Ghosts of Dr. Graves?
  9. Hey folks. I love this cover but I can never find a HG copy. Anyone have one they'd be willing to part with? TIA
  10. Big reason I left Wisconsin 25 years ago. You spring is New York's winter.
  11. My favorite book as a kid. Bought this off a spinner rack at 7-11 in Chicago, Illinois! Hope your through digging out Jay!
  12. Thanks buddy. I saw that one and one on Ebay. Holding out hope for a bit better.
  13. Here's a Hail Mary for ya. Looking for an Unusual Tales #10 Charlton Comics 1958. I'd Love a mid grade but I'm open for better or worse.
  14. Werewolf by Night #33 wanted! I'd love to get a raw or graded VF. Show me what you've got!!!