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  1. He’s actually going to be at a swap meet in San Antonio, I think this weekend. Lou sucks, I’ll never give him my money.
  2. Looking for Faust 1-15 9.8 copies. Added Phantom Stranger 14-9.4-9.6 maybe 9.8 depending on price. Mario
  3. I had a box with Wells Fargo and they never asked me that and I had books worth 100k or more.
  4. Looking to buy or trade for House of Secrets 92, 7.0-8.5 with Wrightson, Wein and Simonson signatures with at least off white pages. Wil also throw in cash if needed. Books I’d trade
  5. Got the Kingpin a month ago and put the Fixit together yesterday. The custom Fixit by a friend of mine.
  6. I have a good one, years ago when the Phoenix show was being held in Mesa, I was at a dealer booth and getting ready to negotiate for some books. The dealer looked at the books and actually raised the prices, I walked away. The dealer was......guess.
  7. Money is the root of all evil, J.C. will pay later. Mario