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  1. It guarantees them getting the full price of $350, if it was released in retail at that price it would sit on the shelf till if was clearance, that's when I would buy it.
  2. A friend of mine just did this for me, I bought a cast head off eBay. He painted the head and claws on hands and feet...before and after pictures...
  3. I have now 28 Stan Lee, had as many as 50 or so. Jeremy Bulloch now about 13, had as many as 25 at one time. Bernie Wrightson now 12, had as many as 18 at one time
  4. The Nova 1 SS Wolfman sold about 4 years ago for $300, regret that sale. I was in a scene with Stan in the Spurlock a fans hope. Had no idea we were being filmed and TTA 90 and TTA 85 got signed that day, regret selling. I am looking to see who has them now, looking to buy back, contact me. Mario The buyer was Mr illmannered if anyone bought the TTA 85 and 90.
  5. bought a graded silver surfer 3 graded 8.5 for $225 about 3 years ago. another deal, not off eBay off these boards about 10 years ago. About 30 books raw for $150. Books included 2 copies she hulk 1 graded 9.8 and 9.6 2 copies ms. marvel 1 graded 9.6, 9.4 1 copy Nova 1 graded 9.8 2 copies black panther 1 graded 9.4, 9.2 Cant remember the rest but a real nice collection. Mario
  6. I noticed that in almost every room a guitar is present, i have guitars but in the closet and i have no idea how to play.
  7. Alex Ross Alex Ross Alex Ross Mike Mignola Mike Mignola Mike Mignola
  8. Just got this, elite series diecast probe droid with a couple of plastic parts. This is way better deal than the black series one, priced at $26.
  9. I am watching this classic and just noticed Dr. Morbius mentions adamantium when 2 crew members get into his office.
  10. Adam's asking $50 Quesada asking $80 Castellani asking $50 Davis asking $40 Capullo asking $40 If your interested better price for all $235.
  11. This will take 6 months to a year to hopefully be over but maybe longer. No use in scheduling for June.