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  1. This hulk will be heading to SDCC with a friend of mine, if anyone interested in it you can contact me on this forum.  I am dropping price to $1900 cash.


    Just got this in from CGC, your looking at the Incredible Hulk 3 COW pages 7.0, PayPal only for payment. Price includes shipping. I'll leave up for 48 hours then will move to other sells arena.

    Books interested for trade are:

    X-men 12-8.0-8.5

    X-MEN  13 8.5-9.2

    JIM 112 8.0-9.0

    DD 1 4.0-4.5

    DD 7 9.0-9.2

    SS 1 8.0-9.2

    SS 4 8.5-9.2

    Thor 165 8.5-9.2

    FF 48 6.0-6.5


    First with :takeit:will be the winna or by PM. 

    Incredible Hulk 3 7.0 COW pages $2000



  2. Moving

    I just got theses in from the Phoenix show back in May. Both are signed by Jeff Goldblum both are 9.8 CGC. Price includes shipping to the United States only. PayPal only at this time.

    First with :takeit:is new owner or by PM will do as well.

    Asking $350 shipped for either one or both for $650



  3. Now for the main event, Anthrax crew, Belladonna, Ian, Benanti & Bello.. just needing Spitz OG. This book had already Belladonna,  Ian & Bello... just needed Charlie and I got him at frightmare. ..Pence, Radicalmike & Inthehottub. One of these books was a 9.6 but was upped to a 9.8