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  1. Now that Prowse cancelled Alamo City, do you when his next signing in the UK will be and will you be attending that show? Mario
  2. I gave up on marvel ever since they ended a series and began again with a #1. When Cho became the hulk, I am not buying marvel any longer. I am buying indies, goon, walking dead, hellboy for me. Once they realize the so called new readers aren't buying what they have to offer will they be going back to the OG characters?
  3. I'll take this plus the freebee (send me a PM if you didn't intend to offer the freebee with this book) Winner + freebie
  4. This is just for and giggles Betty & Veronica 1 SS The Band Slayer at the Dark Horse booth Araya, King, Bostaph and Holt. This book was given to me by CGC staff as a joke to see if the band would sign it and they did. I'll start this at $300 but I'll accept offers on this. Tom signing and confused King signing Holt The crew Me with Tom at nuclear blast booth
  5. Superman rebirth SDCC Exclusive SS Jim Lee, Sinclair, Williams 9.8, 2 copies $450 each
  6. Looking to move these as painlessly as possible. Shipping will be $13 for first CGC book then $2 for each additional CGC book. Payment will be accepted by Paypal only, unless you pm me with other payment options. First with is the new owner of the book. Pm's are also accepted but time stamp rules. I'll be giving away a Hillbilly 1 SDCC exclusive SS 9.2 to the first person to purchase a book. GONE Kudos
  7. Just sent out my books for the legends tour, great work getting these icons to sign our books. Mario
  8. Hello all I friend that is interested in doing a sketch opp and asked me about finding out if there are any that are interested in participating. Pat Billings is his name and has never been published but damn is he talented. If there is enough interest I will open a sketch opp for pick up in November at the Tucson Comic con, the same show I am picking up sketches from Livio Ramondelli as well. This is mine by the way Work in progress
  9. All 10 spots taken and now opp is closed. Thanks to everyone who got into this opp. Livio also wants to thank everyone as well. Mario and Livio