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  1. With the help of radicalmike, Tristan Pence, inthehottub England, Langenkamp, Wyss and Blakeley
  2. Finally got Charlie Benanti and sketch of not man
  3. Finally finished my hulk 1-6 SS Stan with help from Tristan some extras.....
  4. To this buddies....fudge yeah....
  5. He is on my list for the Phoenix show next month, Strong Guy/Colossus
  6. Is anyone going to facilitate this show next month starcast/superstars
  7. Newest to my collection, my other hulk
  8. I've worked with Tristan and Radmicheal, professional is not a word that can describe these cats. Running at 100% at all times especially at SDCC and great to hang out with. Fanboys for sure on both guys. Hopefully I'll be hanging with both at frightmare and Dallas expo in May, it's going to be an insane weekend.
  9. As with any submission of a graded book, there is a chance of a book coming back with a lower grade. I personally have had books come back with a lower grade but that is a chance I took. If the book is already signed then DWC will need to get book still in the slab and they would need to crack out the book. It all depends if you are really wanting the signature with Stan's autograph. To each there own. For me it depends on the book, if its a book that Romita actually worked on as artist and its a key book I would take that chance. What I usually do is get the book pressed once again to give it a better chance of stay that grade or even coming back a higher grade, which I have done with an ASM 43, previous grade was a 9.2 and it came back a 9.4, so your choice and good luck.