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  1. Looking to buy 3 copies, need to be minty. Paying $10 shipped hopefully from 1 seller.
  2. Peter Milligan, 1 and only on census thanks to desert wind
  3. Finally the sketch of the current lineup Anthrax...with a Charlie sketch of the not man...OG thrashers....Pence, Radicalmike & Inthehottub
  4. Now for the main event, Anthrax crew, Belladonna, Ian, Benanti & Bello.. just needing Spitz OG. This book had already Belladonna, Ian & Bello... just needed Charlie and I got him at frightmare. ..Pence, Radicalmike & Inthehottub. One of these books was a 9.6 but was upped to a 9.8
  5. I have no idea what...Lobo-Ian... Pence, Radicalmike and Inthehottub
  6. Army of darkness cast Campbell and Sam and Ted Raimi, my buds...Pence, Radicalmike and Inthehottub
  7. Evil dead cast Campbell, 2 Raimis and Bolton. Again, never gets my buds... Pence, Radicalmike and Inthehottub
  8. Welker & Cullen for $$. Pence, Radicalmike and Inthehottub
  9. Levi, Pence, Radicalmike, Inthehottub. These will be for shell as well.
  10. Levi, convention from wondercon Pence, Radicalmike, Inthehottub. Its sold already to a friend.
  11. England x3 these will be put up for shells. Again the tree amigos, Pence, RadicalMike and Inthehottub
  12. With the help of radicalmike, Tristan Pence, inthehottub England, Langenkamp, Wyss and Blakeley
  13. Finally got Charlie Benanti and sketch of not man
  14. Finally finished my hulk 1-6 SS Stan with help from Tristan some extras.....