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  1. Only does private signgings with NYcomics and Celestial comics
  2. Hellboy: The Golden Army SS Ron Perlman 9.8 W pages, if interested send me a pm
  3. I will be accepting submissions at this year's Tucson show. I will have a booth so come by with questions. PM for details. I figure small shows need love to, so why not. I will post my booth number as soon as I get that from Mike. Like I said not a big show so far the list Tucson comic con
  4. What do some of these usually sell for? Prices are for NM+ or better The only Avengers with a gold logo that I found in my stash was issue # 7 from 2011. I went through my blank box and found these for future sketches. 1 ASM 628 5 Punisher 1st 7 Marvels Project 6 Avengers 1 Gold logo 1 Batman 0 I know another boardy that has a nice stash of Marvels Project about 50-60 or so.
  5. Hopefully I can get a piece or two for pick up at fanfest this year.
  6. Have dealt with Brian several times and have not had any complaints. Fast payer and easy to communicate with, will deal with in the future. Mario
  7. Great dealing with Richard and fast payment, great communication. Will deal with again. Mario