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  1. Just got this in and am looking to move, Captain America 109 8.5 with OWW pages. Asking $125 $110 and $110 shipped. PayPal only at this time.
  2. Looking for an Incredible Hulk 3-6.5/7.0 OWW pages. Paying $1300-$1700
  3. Met him once in SDCC, nice guy for sure, will be missed.
  4. If you have nothing to say about Prowse stay off my post
  5. I had met Dave 25 or so years ago in Austin and was in awe to finally meet Darth Vader, what an experience and honor to have met him when I did. To Me he will be the 1st and only Darth Vader in my opinion. Hope he finally can rest and relax in his retirement, enjoy Dave. Mario Dave Prowse Announcement. Dave's family have decided that due to his ongoing health issues all private home signings will now come to an end. There will be no further bookings made. They ask that the autograph community respect there decision and their privacy and do not call them at home. Dave has been signing autographs for over 40 years. Sadly now it has become a difficult task for him, so the time has now come to stop. I also ask that I am no longer contacted to facilitate signings with Dave as I have no intention of going against the wishes of Dave and his family. Julian
  6. Will there be an option for just autographs from Arnold?
  7. 2 books for sale Action Comics 1000 Steve Rude variant, PayPal only. Shipping is $12 and additional book is $2 extra. Offers welcomed. First with is the winner Action comics 1000 9.8 W pages, $125 $110