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  1. Got this from a friend... sad to see this happen. I met Jeremy and his wife Maureen many times so nice to the fans at all times.
  2. Waiting for Livio on his pricing, as soon as he let's us know I'll post prices. Mario, Glenn
  3. Sketch opp is live..... This is in collaboration with In the Hot Tub and reptilekingdie. I got the go ahead from Sam for this sketch opp for pick up at Ace comic show in January. Livio has agreed to accept 10 spots for this opp and a couple of reserve spots if any spots fall through. Payment is need up front and I will accept money order, checks and Paypal, add 4% with Paypal. books need in hand by December 10th if book is not received then your spot will be forfeited, books need to be supplied by customer. Pricing is as follows for in grayscale, this price includes CGC grading and return shipping as well as fast track. There is an option to get your sketch in color which I recommend. First to claim with time stamp is in or pm time stamp. Head shot $120 color add $10 Torso $140 color add $20 Full figure $200 color add $30 Added some from the first sketch opp Samples of his home sketches
  4. I was looking at trying with another sketch opp with Livio Ramondelli for a Tucson Comic con pick up in November. Just putting out feelers, still need to talk with Sam to approve if there is enough interest. Mario and Glenn
  5. 3 books for sale all are 9.0-9.4 SS books. Payment with PayPal only and free shipping to the United States only. First with or pm is a winner. Take all 3 for $1100 TTA 65 9.0 W pages, $450 $400
  6. One book for sale SS by Stan and John 8.5 OWW pages. Price is firm at $1300, PayPal only with free shipping to the United States only. First with or PM wins
  7. Brad Dourif, Alex Vincent, Catherine Hicks, Don Mancini, Kevin Yagher and Christine Elisa with the help of Tristan and Radmicheal
  8. Clive Barker, Doug Bradley and Ashley Lawrence with help of Tristan and Radmicheal
  9. Uminga sketch of testament, signed by Chuck, Eric, Alex, Gene and Steve
  10. Bruce Timm, the guy in front of me picks the hulk I wanted. Still happy with the Swsmp Thing piece.