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  1. Freddie Williams pencils and Scott Williams inks
  2. Testament and the books Burner from Eric
  3. Hoping to move as a group. Shipping will be free to the United States only. PayPal only payment option. Looking for $9000 $8000 $7500 for the lot. Open to offers as well. I will be taking these books with me to SDCC if anyone is wanting to see the books in person. The only book I'm looking for at this time is Incredible Hulk 3- 6.5/7.0 OWW 1-9.4-W pages Wrightson & Wein 2-9.4-OW pages Wrightson & Wein 3-9.4-OWW pages Wrightson & Wein 4-9.4-OW pages Wrightson & Wein 5-9.8-OW pages Wrightson & Wein (single highest copy) 6-9.6-W pages Wein only (1 of 4, tied for highest graded copy) 7-9.4-OWW pages Wrightson & Wein 8-9.6-OW pages Wrightson & Wein (1 of 6, tied for highest graded copy) 9-9.8-OWW pages Wrightson & Wein (1of 5, tied for highest graded copy)
  4. There going to the grave with me, all 40 of my CGC books, try to dig them up.......
  5. Mamoa, Zeck, Neal Adams, Chaykin and Thomas
  6. Forgot about this book Jason Mamoa, Neal Adams, Chaykin, Thomas and Zeck
  7. I almost completed a Swamp Thing V1 SS 1-9, missed Wrightson sig on 6 and am missing 10: 1-4, 7-9.4 5, 9-9.8 6-9.6 Wein only 8-9.6
  8. Elvira with the help of Tristan Pence