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  1. Maybe Clink allows it for domestic clients but not foreign? The shipping rates already indiscriminately inflated so...
  2. I asked about holding my books (years ago) to combine shipping later and C-link said they wouldn't do it. Mainly because their checkout system is so antiquated. If this has changed I would want to take advantage!
  3. GI Joe 21 will always be standout for me. Blew my 10 year old mind back in the day!
  4. Are you looking for raw copies? Because CGC 9.6 or 9.8 copies for those 2 issues should be fairly easy to find.
  5. Great work! I have more than 50% off the run in 9.8 to finish myself.
  6. In that case it may creep back to $2000 IMO but not much more unless some new movies or streaming content get made. Some of the first 9.8 copies sold for around $2000 and that was peak for this book.
  7. This book has gained classic status as the first ever 'silent issue' that has been copied many times over since. The silent issue transcends GI Joe lore and spills into all time comic history hi-lights. Combine it with a classic cover and intro of a major character and you have popular book.
  8. Best Presented Sets AlphaPrimeIan - Marvel's The Transformers - Transformers (1984) Congrats local boy!
  9. Keep in mind this is a GLOSSY cover version that goes for quite a bit more than the regular MATTE cover.
  10. This book sold on Comic link recently. I posted this in the Comiclink 2019 thread but I wanted 'Joe fans to be aware of it, in case it hits the market again... Looks like CGC wants us to guess the printing!
  11. I love Scotch! Scotchy scotch scotch.
  12. Well sophistication and class isn't suitable for everyone. JW Blue label IS overpriced for the record. Give me almost anything from Springbank or Highland Park for much less $$$
  13. Stoked to see this on CLink tonight but... Uhmmm isn't this book a 2nd or 3rd print? Not labeled correctly by CGC?
  14. A pirate felt the need to squat on the poop deck