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  1. Ha! I actively hoard alot of these books from the dollar bins....
  2. Yes but I only have regular editions.
  3. So what do you want a CPV or just a newsstand? Both will come at a premium right now (the book is heating up) because there are some sales out there just for regular editions for over $2000. That loan CPV will go for a mint and I'm not sure you'll find a taker for under $1500 on a regular newsstand.
  4. Get any reply? And for the whole group, has anyone paid or been invoiced for a 25 book submission in the last couple of weeks? Is $180 indeed what to expect to get books back to Canada from CGC?
  5. Always put in a claim and let the postal service do an investigation. I had the exact same situation where parcel shows delivered in the system (USA address) but buyer claims nothing showed up. Full refund on insurance amount plus shipping cost from Canada post was issued to me a few days later.
  6. You need to understand the SCIENCE of applying heat, pressure and sometimes moisture to successfully press a comic. You need to develope your SKILL to consistently press a comic the right way each and every time. It becomes an ART when you come across a stubborn or unique book where proven methods aren't working but you get creative and achieve the results you want anyways. It's still a learning process for even the pressers that have done it for years and handled hundreds/thousands of books. And then there is cleaning which can be a real art!
  7. Fine! Be that way.... I'm a presser now anyways!
  8. Did you send a followup email?
  9. I got a response this AM: "Thanks for your email. Yes, all of the FedEx International shipping fees are the same. Please note, however, that all international shipping fees are estimated and the final amount can change once the order actually ships. Your account would be adjusted at that time." So shipping amounts might be a moving target now and they COULD be reduced once shipping happens? For those that currently have submissions being processed, start reporting back final amounts and we should start tracking what final costs are being billed out for shipping, whether its 1 book for 25.
  10. It makes little sense that shipping costs have gone from $90 to $180 (25 books) over just a few months and Canada is in the same costing tier as Europe and Africa. I emailed CGC looking for more of an explanation.
  11. CGC will correct for free, I'll have to mail it back shortly
  12. Requesting new set: Tell it to the Marines #1-15 Toby Press Pub. (1952)