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  1. Lobo1969

    WTB: Hulk 271

    I have a 9.6 available, old ebay listing that expired: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Incredible-Hulk-271-CGC-9-6-1st-Rocket-Racoon/183567067889?hash=item2abd732af1:g:AesAAOSwV05bcMQy
  2. Lobo1969

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Something happening with 377 in general? I see a lot of interest in the HTF 3rd print for sure.
  3. Looking for a CGC graded 9.8 (or higher), will consider 9.8 candidates.
  4. Hello I've quietly re-opened my ebay store 6 monthes ago now and list mostly high grade CGC slabs. All my current listings are BINs but I'll be putting up 99 cent auctions on an occasional basis starting next week. I'm in Canada so maybe your ebay searches have missed me? Please have a look! https://www.ebay.com/usr/canadashipper
  5. Lucky you got a 9.4 for light finger prints! I had a recent submission on a (seemingly) sure fire 9.8 modern book that got knocked down to a 9.0 for "light fingerprints on cover". They were very faint on a black portion of the cover that were probably missed by myself in my pre-screen but I was still surprised by the grade hit.
  6. Lobo1969

    Edmonton Expo - September 21-23, 2018

    I've bailed on the Calgary/ Edmonton Expos as a vendor years ago The smaller local shows are getting saturated and poorly coordinated as well. What to do, what to do...
  7. Lobo1969

    G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    Do it, get it graded. You won't have to wait long to sell
  8. Lobo1969

    G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    Newsstands in high grade would definitely carry a higher premium to the right buyer. Personally, for myself, I would still buy a nice 75 cent Canadian price "variant" because the very first copy I bought of #21 was brand new off the rack at a local pharmacy in Canada
  9. Lobo1969

    G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    Yeah, if you know history of this book it wasn't too long ago that there was no 9.8s on the census. When the first 9.8 copies got graded they were selling well north of $2000 and let's just say I got my first copy for a pretty penny. There were maybe 5-6 copies available at the time. Since then, the census saw a small steady flow of 9.8s grow to over 80 books and prices dropped fairly dramatically up until maybe 2-4 years ago. So the remaining the 11 books that I got were purchased in the $300-$500 range but I doubt I'll ever buy another as current prices are above $1200. It's just one of those books for me that every collector has that you just can't help yourself at buying when the price is right no matter how many copies you have hoarded already.
  10. Lobo1969

    G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    Maybe. This is one book I'm having trouble parting with, it's a childhood grail for me. Thought the least I could do is share a pic for others to appreciate!
  11. Lobo1969

    G.I. JOE THREAD YO JOE!!!!!!

    12 9.8s and a lone 9.6 Stan Lee SS. Yes, all 1st prints.
  12. Lobo1969

    Russ Heath, DC War legend, passes away at 91

    Sad to hear. It has only been in the last bunch of years that I have become to really appreciate Heath's entire breadth of work.
  13. Lobo1969


    Please add to Deadpool / Despicable Deadpool (2016): 32,33,34,35 all variant editions
  14. Lobo1969


    Please add to Rai (2014): Rai #2 Variant cover (Cover B) Rai #6 (Cover A) Rai #6 Sepulveda variant (Cover C) Rai #8 (Cover A) Rai #10 Variant Cover (Cover B) Rai #10 Variant Cover C Rai #11 Crain Variant (Cover B) Rai #12 Crain Variant(Cover B) Rai #12 Sook variant (CoverC) Rai #13 Valiant x CGC Variant Rai #13 Variant (Cover B) Rai #14 Variant Cover B Rai #16 Variant (Cover B) Rai :The History of the Valiant Universe #1 Variant (Cover B)
  15. Lobo1969


    please add to NINJAK (Valiant 2015): #0 #18