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  1. I posted that a year ago, so I guess I have been rubbing it in since then?
  2. I don't know what you mean? The CGCing costs were the listed prices. I paid the guys that flew to England a bounty of either $75 or $100 per book. That was what they asked me for to defray their costs. It was quite a bargain.
  3. There is 0 percent chance this is a 1940 copy. Look at the gloss. I am not a Golden Age guy, but I've seen enough of them to know there is not a single one that has that kind of urethane-like sheen. Look at the 9.2 that Heritage sold - one of the nicest copies in existence - typical GA style gloss (or lack thereof).
  4. Most of the time with comic creators there is a reason, and it is usually based upon financial considerations or creative differences. I once presented Alan Davis with a book, and he adamantly said, "I won't sign that as I wasn't paid for it." He signed everything else and was, as always, charming and engaging. But he felt very strongly about it and was very direct.
  5. I agree that is possible; I don't think it crosses the threshold into "plausible."
  6. So you believe someone got ahold of an All sticker and frankenbooked a regular copy of ASM 184, only to later have it wind up in a flea market. That certainly could be true, but I fail to see how that is somehow more likely than that it is a weird anomaly.
  7. But it was in a $2 bin. If it was a knowing fraudster, how did it not end up in a slab and in a huckster hyped auction?
  8. There are really only two options: (1) this was part of the original giveaway run or (2) an original all sticker was placed "after-market" on a normal copy of ASM 184. To me #1 is infinitely more likely. #2 could only take place if someone (a) had access to the stickers and (b) decided to stick it on the exact comic that it belonged upon, only to (c) have it languish as a beater in a $2 flea market box. Wait, what? To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, once you have eliminated the impossible, that which remains, however improbable, is the truth.
  9. This is purely off of memory, but I believe on one signing he refused flat out to sign any Watchmen books. The second time there may have been a couple, but they would have snuck through. Whatever the case, if there are any, there are not many. My sub was a KJ and two LoEG books.
  10. The straw that broke the camels back was a truly disgusting sketch. It was so grotesque that I felt that Stan and his team was justified in stopping the blank signing.
  11. See e.g. Walking Dead 19, Sixth Gun 1, Sandman 4 etc. etc.
  12. Witnesses can't get their own books signed if they are witnessing. Facilitators have their own sets of rules. There has to be transparency.
  13. It is possible, but it has to be an approved event and the witness will typically be working with a facilitator who will have procedures and protocols in place that you will need to comply with, and fees that you will need to pay. Your question reads (to me) to be asking whether you can say "Hey CGC go witness some books for me in NYC!" You cannot do that. Or actually you can, but it won't turn out the way you want it to.