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  1. The slavish addiction to whatever CGC puts on the case is driven by Specu-bucksTM
  2. And also, I don't think I could do it now, because i haven't actively graded stuff in 5 years. But in 2011-2012 I had a streak of over 100 Copper and modern 9.8s without a 9.6. And the book that broke the streak (WD 33) was ALSO a 9.8 :-)
  3. In certain instances it is invaluable, especially with Copper books, where a 9.8 may be hundreds of dollars, but a 9.6 is $50 and may actually lose money net of expenses. The only way I would do it is if I got a percentage of the take. Say 15% of 9.8 sale. If the "client" was someone who was constantly getting 9.4s and 9.6s, it would be sooooo worth it.
  4. Your mom should be called Mrs. Hoover because she sucks big time.
  5. Why did you name yourself after the top of 60's DC comics?
  6. I would rename the Silver Surfer "Steely Dan."
  7. IN light of what Hachimaull pointed out about the books not being through CCS yet, my conclusion was likely premature. It's more likely they are building a buffer in as he suggested.
  8. Even though your grammar makes me want to jump off a bridge, this is a very good point.
  9. I'm guessing the 301 is now a 9.8. The ultra high price 301s have all had Stan Lee on them (around 2k) and they wouldn't have even messed with the 316. I'm predicting 9.8 301 and 9.6 300 and 316.
  10. I find this whole thing fascinating. Todd has been available through various private signings since at least 2010 or 2011. If you wanted them, you could get them. Pure speculation is that there would maybe be a couple hundred or so done every time. CGC announces that they are running the process themselves, and they get 13,000 submissions. This is maybe a wake-up for CGC to realize the demand for Sig Series, and that maybe they should take control of the program themselves. I wonder who has been saying that for over a decade . . .
  11. That is very tempting. After the downsizing, the only book I really miss at this point is the Vampi 1 SS.
  12. Kind of a purple Donnie Darko rabbit vibe.