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  1. Where did the "people rallying around him" occur? Was it in another thread? I just went back and read this whole thread. One boardie "Jaydee" suggested a little bit of leeway be granted. That's it. No rallying. He may have stolen your money. He may have died. Since I have been here SEVERAL boardies have died. It happens. Sticking to the facts and avoiding hyperbole will help with your credibility long term here.
  2. The last green label 6.0 incomplete sold for $265 which is absolutely crazy to me.
  3. I don't know what they will do, but I doubt it would grade even a 9.0. File that one away as a reader.
  4. You should never send a book in without doing a page count and grading it yourself. It may have been damage from handling, or just as easily may have been back cover damage that you never even knew about. You stated that you never read it, and bagged and boarded it immediately. it could have been damaged going into your pull file, being put in the Diamond box etc. The only way you have any credibility casting blame for the damage is to have documented the condition of the book going in. All of us have missed things in grading before, and admitting that you have never looked or handled the book other than bagging or boarding it takes away from the idea that it was mishandled.
  5. No jokes from me. That Power Record really affected me. I remember the ending being very sad and poignant.
  6. Primer (Max the Hare) is a prototype of the Maxx.
  7. You also have to factor in that the characters were introduced in the movies (and they may have been part of Barker's short stories before that, I don't know). So the first image in comics may be more important to people than the first appearance in story. I have never really gotten into first appearances when the real first appearance was in another medium.
  8. He inscribed several books that he signed “For EBay.”
  9. I can tell you there are many, many collectors who would never buy a GA book with an actor signature on it. The OP's question appears to be financially driven. From a financial standpoint, I think using GA for SS speculation would be an absolute nightmare financially.