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  1. For some the smell of vinegar never washes off.
  2. I'm guessing Daryl got porked by someone who convinced him that this was some kind of rare valuable one of a kind thing. Sorry, Daryl.
  3. I had a steam with Justin Bieber at the Peninsula in Chicago a couple of years ago. It was quite pleasant conversation until my little brother showed up and the Biebs decided there were too many dudes in the Steam Room.
  4. Yes. I could see a great eye appeal 5.5 out perform a 6.5 on a GA book for sure. But none of that has direct correlation to the census. Valid hypothetical, though.
  5. And there are scads of modern comics where the number of 9.6s is a fraction of the number of 9.8s. The better grade always outperforms except, presumably in Bizarro World. Me am sure of that.
  6. John, fight hard every day. I have two male age 50+ friends who have beaten this type of cancer back (throat /neck/jaw from HPV) and the thing they both have in common is that they fought hard. One of them is back on radiation and chemo after several years in remission. It is not easy, that is for sure. Thank you for your courage and your message. --Sean.
  7. Those are two different things. I would buy tons of people's raw "9.8" books. I have also paid a premium for several sellers' "9.6+" raw books. But I agree with you that no one should be paying CGC 9.8 prices for anything other than a CGC 9.8 book.
  8. The downgrade for an otherwise HG book will be severe, and in my consideration, prohibitive.
  9. There have been several great threads on these books over the years, including some where people have posted jaw-dropping copies. In my opinion, there will never be enough transactions for there to be "an established value" for these books. Right now they are too rare in high grade and the people who have them for the most part do not want to sell. You need a motivated buyer to be both liquid and involved at the time of a sale to get a "maximum value" sale. It is much like the esoteric SS market. If the right people aren't involved, a book might sell for 5-10% of what a motivated purchase
  10. That is an interesting thought. For really expensive 9.8s it would be worth a serious upcharge to protect the grade. I am officially intrigued.
  11. How does that benefit CGC? They are getting thousands of subs without it. What incentive would they have to do it? Sure it would be great for the customer, but the way these signings are going, they would spend more time dealing with grade drop claims than anything else.
  12. No one has any idea what type of procedures are in place for these mass signings, nor the number of hands that the books are passing through, nor the techniques being used. Compared to what I saw and did as a CAW, I would not send any books that are in any way grade-sensitive to a CGC mass signing.
  13. Good Point. Maybe it does. We need @GACollectiblesto make a ruling.