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  1. I'm not sure I know what you mean by "this." Are you talking about the grassroots "database?" I'm sure it is good idea, because more accurate information is better than less accurate information. I'm not sure it will get off the ground, and I'm not sure that we will end up with anything that anyone would want to rely upon. So it may end up being fruitless, that is for sure. CGC isn't going to do anything. This lack of information has never hurt their business. And it really only relates to books that are (or were) perceived as scarce and were subject to few signing opportunities. This database is not really about how many JSC Gen 13 books or Capullo/Snyder Batmans are out there. Those trade often enough and the creators are still accessible so more can be produced. It is more about Byrne, Frazetta, Koike, certain celebrities etc. where there is a way to get to a really good number even if it is only a close estimation from the sources of the material - so people can say, "well there were somewhere between 100 and 150 total Byrne books done, I know the scarcity, and now I can decide how much I want one, knowing there are only that many out there." I will say that your position is logical if what you want is a completely accurate, to the numbers account of how many sigs per creator WERE done. Since I'm not sure that is possible, the grassroots database becomes an alternative, and the crux of the issue will be, is the information trustworthy and worthwhile.
  2. Thanks man - maybe as a way of identifying what this looks like we can start with an illustrative example. Someone posted about Stephen King a couple of weeks ago. I know for a fact that @Rich_Henn was the guy that did the only King signing. My recollection is that there were between 12-15 books done. Between Rich and the rest of us that got books done, we should be able to nail it down and give the world an idea of how many King SS exist. For those who want to drool:
  3. The SS discussion here has led me to start a thread in SS Room. Please feel free to join in if it ever takes off. Right now it is cricket city . . .
  4. Over the weekend I had a conversation regarding the fact that there will never be a comprehensive CGC-sponsored database that contains all the information on signatures(-who signed what, how many sigs there are of each creator, etc.). Additionally, my participation in the Frazetta discussion thread has shown me two things, my memory fails at times, and people really want this information. In my mind, this Board (and former active members of the Boards who were active in SS before 2007) is the greatest storehouse of knowledge on the subject. I have been subject to the thought over time that holding the knowledge and parsing it out only when necessary or advantageous is the most individually beneficial model. However, as part of this conversation, the other conversant pointed out that the market will not be able to fully mature without a better mechanism for people to understand the supply side of the equation - leading me to consider that it may be more beneficial for all the information to be readily available. I envision this thread as a place to discuss this idea and maybe to begin to frame out what an ongoing thread with the best information that we all collectively can cull would look like. At least it should make for some good discussion (hopefully!) --S.
  5. I wish one of the benefits was a spell checker.
  6. You know that's not true. I met your mom on here before Tinder.
  7. The way this series is ending reminds me a lot of how they wrapped up Deadwood. It just feels rushed and there are so many scenes that either don't get shot or get cut out. I still really enjoy it, but another 4-6 episodes and it could have ended in epic fashion.
  8. I can't figure out what the f this guy is talking about. Are asking if you should slab one of the Jawbreaker crowdfund books?
  9. +1 Better than some of the awful ones, but FAKE.
  10. There are 28 of them out there. I would have guessed lower.
  11. @onlyweaknesskryptonite Great sigs!!