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  1. That was excellent. And quite a trip down memory lane!
  2. First, look at it from the inside of the cover and see if something is causing it there. Second, look at other copies of that book. See if they all have that mottled coloration (it looks like foxing to me, but that is a modern, so it may be the pattern on the paper.) At that time you can also see if the mark is on the other books as well. It could be part of the vision of the artist, to have the paper look old, weathered damaged, etc.
  3. It’s a great plan if you want to spend all the money it takes to create a yellow label book, and never be able to get it back. This has been discussed many times. No one who would normally be in the market for an SS book will want it, and neither will blue label collectors. You would have to find a unicorn who feels exactly the same way you do about that exact same book, or a Registry zombie who wants the points. The only time to get back covers signed is when there is artwork there, or maybe in the example above if the person has a connection to the Frogger game.
  4. Don't give it to Hector for free. Make him post a video of an interpretive Spider-Man dance or a Harlem Shake or something. Get something out of him for the Boardies who have suffered him so long.
  5. 90 day GPA is $512 and NM 98 is $306 in 9.2. So that is $818 in value. NM 98 is one of, if not the most, liquid of the Copper Age books. It's value is very tightly and easily measured. 90 day is $928. So this trade is for $110 less in value, much lower liquidity, and two books instead of one. Add in the Cap (maybe worth $40) and it is still under water. This is literally why trading never has and never will be a viable part of this Board.
  6. I really love it when the A-holes get their comeuppance. I can only imagine this guy rubbing his fingers together like Snidely Whiplash - "They'll never be able to prove that he sent me anything - Mwahahahaha." Mere hours later, he is irrefutably outed as a scammer by the Boardie sleuths. It's just the best. Kudos to all the sleuths.
  7. If memory serves, they need to be pre-approved. This allows CGC to do whatever vetting they deem appropriate, and they are not dealing with someone sending in a book and an agreement that they have no knowledge of. That's where I would start - see whether they need to be pre-approved. If they do, then there is your answer.
  9. Last picture, those fingerprints are brutal. You have to get a dry clean, and have them evaluate for a press at that time. It has been several years since I have submitted books, but when I was, ther eis no way that would get above 9.4 with those fingerprints.
  10. 9.6 is an outstanding grade for a 30+ year old comic. I firmly believe the average grade of a book in a comic shop or on a spinner rack in the 80's is a 9.4 - so you picked an excellent copy and took great care of it. Are you going to sell it? It still has significant value based on what you paid and slabbing costs. The only way it makes sense to press and regrade is if it has pressable defects. The only way you will know that is to let someone who knows what they are looking for review it to see. Personally, I wouldn't mess with that book.
  11. When are my copies of Foreskin Man going to be worth some bread?
  12. Dan Partouche has stated pretty emphatically that he believes it is not Jeff Edwards. I can only assume that is because Dan is familiar with his art style, and I trust Dan's opinion highly. We probably need to keep looking, or just own the fact that it is an artist alley sketch that may never be identified.