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  1. I interviewed both Stan Lee and Gil Kane -- and so many others -- for "Comics: Between the Panels." Stan claimed, "In those (early) days, you would buy a book according to what cover appealed to you the most. You had to make your covers stand out. On every cover, I made up the title, I wrote the cover blurbs, and I designed the cover." I had to ask: Every cover? "The monster covers and everything," Stan said. "All the time I was there. For 50 years. Every cover that went through that place went through me. Covers were strictly my area." Your witness, Gil: "That happens to be absolutely untrue," Kane said. "I did 900 covers and the only thing that he would say is, 'We need a cover for this.' You would have to submit ideas; after a while, he didn't even get involved in the covers."
  2. Fighting Yank 13. Alex Schomburg cover. I've owned this for 25+ years. Pressed at slabbing. $1,400.
  3. The basic rules apply. in the thread trumps all. PayPal or personal check. $20 for U.S. shipping, priority insured. No returns on slabs, though I'll listen to concerns. More to come this summer.
  4. I don't know. I was walking the convention floor at San Diego and Wonder Con in that era, and that's how I built my Baker collection. Harley Yee, Brian Peet and some guys from Georgia were flush with Baker, most of 'em priced in the $20-40 range. It was a good time to be alive.
  5. Take the Harley Quinn, along with the following 28 Mera Artgerm 29 Mera Artgerm 66 Thor 705 Artgerm 67 Thor 705 Artgerm Dance set $3 Artgerm