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  1. As they often say in politics, it's the stuff that's legal that's the problem, not the stuff that's illegal
  2. Appreciate this. But it's Bob Fujitani. He only used "Fuge" when he was in a hurry ...
  3. The Heritage book that caught my eye Thursday was a minor player, the Wings 11 Church. According to GPA, that Mile High sold in May 2012 for $4050. It was eventually resubmitted and scored a 9.8. And when it returned to the auction block eight years on, it sold for $3840. I want to think that it's the rare pedigree Golden Age book -- and a 9.8 MH to boot -- that's actually lost value in the bull market of the last eight years. But maybe not.
  4. Apologies that I'm late to the party. Fifteen years later, I'm still in disbelief that this was available on eBay
  5. Second book is the Amazing Mystery Funnies. Page quality is quite good, but for that corner. Thanks for the reply
  6. I recently picked up several delightful books with a few issues at the edges. You'll see photos below of Future Comics 1 # 4 and the Sand Hog cover from Amazing Mystery Funnies. The books are from 1939 and 1940. Good page quality. I want them slabbed, and possibly pressed, as soon as possible. I also want them treated with TLC in the process. Thus, my questions for the Golden Age veterans out there: Should I tackle the folded cover piece on the right edge of Future Comics 1 ... or trust CCS/CGC to do it? Will they do so automatically in the pressing/slabbing process, or only on my instructions? The Sand Hog cover is extraordinary ... but, yes, that corner has issues. Does that corner mean pressing is impossible? Or simply problematic? Finally, that tiny edge blip on the Future Comics 4. I get more nervous about it each time I handle the book, especially if I'm dealing with Mylar. How much TLC can I expect from the folks in Florida ... or is it highly likely that edge will chip off, and I need to deal with it. Appreciate some advice based on your experiences. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, everyone. I'll leave this open for the rest of the day. Invoices will go out this afternoon or tonight, and I should be able to ship within 12 hours of payment.