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  1. I just received my copy from Taschen. Really pleased.
  2. I moved and just got shelving put into the basement to store my omnibi and graphic novels. Turning the basement into my man cave where I store the treasures of my youth. Here’s a shot of current progress...
  3. wow, I missed that. Ya...pretty rich for a second....
  4. He may he priced right. The ask in Canadian dollars. It’s about $US 19k...don’t think that is out of line for a 9.4 first print imho.
  5. Raising money from public....I wonder if there are consumer protection or securities laws which need to be complied with?...
  6. Thanks very much! Just downloaded this list
  7. Many thanks to Ham, Holly and the elves. I look forward to the raffle every year. Also, thanks to you aszumilo. Really stoked that your prize was available for my pick. Looking forward to it. l’ll have my package to Bird next week. Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right. You know what I mean. All the best to everyone on the boards. Wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019! Cheers Sanj
  8. Ill take prize 38 which is the Ironman omnibusOmnibus cant deprive ham of his sandwich and a bio break
  9. Here’s my prize donation. I’ll cover first (cad) $25 of shipping cost. (I’m in Toronto) happy holidays to all! Sealed Uncanny X Men Omnibus Volume 3
  10. I think that the transaction you are referring to was a sale of a 9.0 for $3,650. Markets are down people may not feel comfortable bidding. Also, this may not be the time of year. People may have funds committed to family obligations.
  11. Finally got around to posting my copy. Bought off the boards years ago.
  12. Been away from comics for a while. Like to jump back from time to time. Was shocked to see the prices on this book. Here’s my copy. It is from one of my favourite boardies Thirdgreenham (Hey Andy)
  13. Fantastic job Ham. Thanks to you and your helpers (elves?) for all your hard work.