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  1. Hi guys eBay finally accepted my appeal and got back my money!
  2. They send me declaration to sign then investigate
  3. Alert Alert Alert 🚨 🚨 🚨 eBay buyer comics_and_pops (previously called amandaf4943) , her real name is Amanda Lynn Burke/ Amanda Favreau I sold two Cgc ss 9.8 Spawn #221 sketch variant (Cgc #1511873009) and Cgc ss 9.8 #223 sketch variant (Cgc #1511873001) both signed by Todd McFarlane to comics_and_pops for USD945 on 26 Nov 2019. I sent Amanda Favreau the two books by speedpost and arrived her home securely and safely. However, she claimed my books have scratches (which is not uncommon for slabbed books) and she asked for return. I suspected she is not honest but accepted her request finally and paid her USD60 for return shipping costs . Frankly I suspect she would definitely send me different books and steal my books and money, so I reported to eBay in advance. I received the returned box from Amanda Favreau on 20 Dec 2019 and opened the box (filmed the whole process when unpacking) and found she sent me two different books (Cgc 9.4 Infinity #1) instead. besides, eBay refunded her and thus, my precious books are stolen by comics_and_pops (Amanda Favreau). Guys pls be alerted Amanda Favreau is not trustworthy at all (I would say she’s a theft)and don’t buy these two stolen books from her. As far as I know, I’m not the only victim..,,