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  1. Maybe a while before I can take any new pics, my rooms have went backwards and are in a mess atm My old cabinets and clutter look rubbish compared to your all new shiny stuff anyway
  2. Yeah, wait until you have to put them on top of each other
  3. Thats pretty awesome Bob, I would have killed for something like that as a kid, great pics
  4. Hey Brian, I love the way you put the center cabinet on an angle, I think if I had thought of that I may have squeezed an extra one in my room, they are looking great bud
  5. I have seen you post some lovely Mystery In Space, Strange adventures etc and this might be my only chance to say I have a better condition book than you, so okay, I will take it while I can
  6. My collection is all over the place condition wise, here in the UK before the days of ebay there was not a lot of choice and I had to take what I could find, I have some nice stuff but if I needed it I would accept almost anything complete. My 43 is a match for yours
  7. I have long admired books you have posted in other threads, so dont feel too bad about about a few missing issues, we all want more, they look great
  8. Yeah we all have those stories, I remember a house auction sale in the 1970s, buying bundles of 10 issues of 60s DC comics when I could have had 5 issues of 1950s or 3 issues of 1940s for the same price, I was always greedy and at the time quantity beat quality any day Starting at the Bronze age and working back instead of starting with Golden age and working forward, oh the money we could have saved We all should be happy to have great collections but we are never satisfied as someone always has something else that we desire
  9. Sorry I meant my DC was mainly in order rather than I had everything scanned, I do have some scanned, the stuff I have been complete a long time anyway. The screenshot is just a great little downloaded program called lightshot, it grabs anything highlighted and then you can save it.
  10. I have the time tbh, I just dont have the health, fitness or stamina.........and I suppose the desire to do it all anymore, just wish it was done 99% of my Marvel stuff is in order as I have been mostly complete for a long time. DC from around mid 1950s onwards is similar, its just everything else is scattered, mixed up, buried in boxes and in all different places, any gaps I had to fill are not in my collection and that how I have bought multiple copies at times I would love to sell my house and buy something smaller but I cant even show it for sale as just too much clutter to even try. I have a lot of stuff scanned already and I scan everything as I get it, I just have my scans in folders with the main title, then the scan has the number of the book
  11. Easy to do if you have the space and time and organisation, I did it until maybe 2013 when I had to have the radiators in my rooms worked on, not wanting any engineers to see what I had, i moved what I could around and covered a lot over, they stayed like that for a few years due to ill health and then I lost all my spreadsheets. I have been writing details like you on every comic for around 30 years but everything is way to far gone now to get back to where I was, at the moment I cant even find certain titles never mind certain books. It will be for someone else to sort out when I am gone
  12. Yeah, I had always done this until about 6 or 7 years ago, then my PC died and I lost everything, my back up was 3 years out of date so lost all the info of what I had bought in that time. When I have a chance I go through a title and colour it on the excel sheet, so I know that it has been checked but I will never complete this as just too much work. I now have at least 3 back ups its a pita but I dont buy anywhere near the amount of books I used to
  13. Yes, I have had this many many times over the years when my collection was still controllable, now it is scattered and I am mainly working from check lists but I know that I am still buying stuff I already have. I am also aware of the opposite being true though, I have looked at books so much on my wants list that I now think I have them, when I may not and cant really check anymore