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  1. I have 135 wizard 1/2s and I know of at least 26 I dont have, there are probably a lot more. There are no real detailed lists that I have found over the years, just what I compiled myself based on what I have found ? I have no 1/2 slabs so didnt know that any of these were classed as test printings ? Never actively chased these for years if I am honest and I guess this thread is not really the place for these, so apologies
  2. What are test print Wizard 1/2s ? I collect Wizard 1/2s and everytime I think I have them all, some variant turns up and proves me wrong
  3. My only Okajima issue and I love it
  4. I dont need many issues to be complete with this title and I dont have it, never seen it in the wild before over here, so I guess you are correct, I love it
  5. Sorry to put such low grade offerings here when so much goodness has gone before
  6. Joey took my virginity Get well soon Joe
  7. I havent got a lot scanned what fits in this category, I guess this is my favorite of what I do have
  8. I believe Mike Wieringo quite tough, died way too young showed it a few years ago and got a lot of PMs
  9. Yeah, getting rid of all the 90s rubbish would be a start ---and my duplicates would be good
  10. Yeah breaking my runs up would be a killer, I am at the 90k-100k level
  11. I guess I would like my collection to be around 10k books, I think that would be manageable enough. I would like to downsize my house but I just cant bring myself to part with any, so I am trapped
  12. My missus knows nothing at all about comics, I have left her instructions on who to contact when the time comes, a dealer I trust to give her a fair shake but I know he would probably not take them all. I do worry that she will just ring a certain dealer as his adverts are the biggest and first in a lot of listings, he would probably take them all but would be stealing them off her. In an ideal world I would sell all before the time comes but I just cant bring myself to do it. It is a dilemma I have thought of a lot in middle age and not to great health
  13. Yeah, I used to buy from these mail order too back in the day. My local comic shop was called Timeslip and was pretty great, FP took them over like everywhere else and ruined it