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  1. Not looking at it in hand it doesnt, the scan lights it up
  2. Well I have probably had it 30+ years, so it wasnt such a valuable book at the time and Pence issues were thought of as reprints by US collectors at the time, so you can see why someone would have done it. BTW my pic is a scan, it shows up a lot more, in hand it looks fine and a blurry pic would look okay I bet. I think t he Ebay pic looks dodgy to me, smudging around the month and number, I bet its a cut and shut for sure
  3. Yeah, not tippex but something else, you can see it up against the light. I bought it with full disclosure years ago as I needed it for my ASM collection at the time, I have long since replaced it but kept it as a curiosity.
  4. Someone has done a cut and shut on it, changed it from a pence to cents. I have one too
  5. My small ticket to the club It may be a lowly effort but the colors look like they were printed yesterday
  6. All the info. lists etc is contained withing this thread, I am sure it was Miraclemet who used to update it as peeps posted their books and more info discovered. I think it was ongoing and dependent where in the thread you look as to how up to date the list would be, its been a long time since I read through but its well worth the read.
  7. Finally got one of my rooms opened up again after some years and as promised, started to look though my Charlton stuff this morning, for Pence scans you dont have. I wrote a few notes last night while very tired as I couldnt get the printer to work, seemed to find far to many books, until I realized that I was looking at the books you already have scans of Anyway here is a few so far, if I have it the right way around now #38 #54 Need to re-bag these at some point I guess Hopefully a few more later
  8. Cheers, a lot of comics there, I certainly have a lot of those listed, not sure whether Pence or cents, I will be disappointed not to have at least one Pence off that list. Either way, been dying to see my stuff for years and reading through your (Great) thread as it happened has made me all the more excited. I always loved Charltons even though they were very tough to get around these parts, dont expect much romance stuff where I am from someone would have chinned me if they saw girls comics
  9. Hey bro, do you have a link to your Charlton thread or a list of what scans you still need. I have just uncovered my Charlton stuff after some years and may scan a few, cant promise I have any but you never know
  10. Cool link, I will check some of these out later in the year on my travels. Not worth going to the 2 comic shops in Newcastle unless you want this months comics There is a small unit not mentioned inside the Grainger market, what sell back issues but for us thats about it. I miss the good old days
  11. Only about 1% of my collection is slabbed, I agree, people focus more on the labels instead of the book. A crazy fact that not many seem to know is you can actually read the book, reading comics, whatever next eh!
  12. I am pretty much complete with GK apart from the cartoon stuff, no idea how many pence, never even considered it tbh, when my room is uncovered again, its the first thing I will check, I always loved GK, the covers were great but the inside art could be a let down
  13. The book is complete with 100 stamps, my pic is quite small, maybe it looks like there is one missing on the last page ? Here is a bigger scan of the last page