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  1. I am missing 15 issues of TOS & 11 issues of TTA, both titles I am missing #9s, I have never came across them before, none graded exist either, it would be nice to see Pence copies of these but I guess if I didnt see them by now, then I doubt I ever will
  2. Just had a quick look at your link, I dont collect cartoon books, so Star Trek, Karloff and Ripley with be the only hope, I do have loads of the cartoon stuff but not sat in my collection, that stuff is maybe loft or garage ready for my missus to sort when I am toast
  3. Just found a couple of boxes of GK books in one of my rooms today, I will have a look through them this week, I know I am complete with most of the major titles, havent a clue how many are Pence issues
  4. Yeah I buy from COMPAL regular through Saleroom and the fees are high, but I bought from Excaliber through saleroom and assumed the fees were the same as Compal, big mistake. The stuff I bought, I could have used BIN now from eBay US and paid the postage to the UK and got it shipped quicker than 5 weeks and it still would have been a lot cheaper
  5. I hope whoever bought that looked at the fees, I bought a few things from them recently totaling £158, actual price after fees £220 and took 5 weeks for them to send the package, never again
  6. I have complete set of Tower books, these were the only ones with visible stamps, I have read them all maybe 30+ years ago As usual all the Pence issues are in much worse condition that the cents
  7. Miss you bro, gimme a shout when you feel up to it
  8. I can honestly say I have never posted a comic which I dont own, but I have no problem with others doing just that. Electricmastro has started a lot of great threads leading to myself and others posting some great books I have never seen before and for that I am grateful and as previously mentioned, posts splash pages and stories of interest that I am far to lazy to look up. Its all good to me
  9. Nah, a sales thread sounds like too much work and I am still filling gaps, if I sold anything I would be compelled to fill that gap again
  10. 10 years ago I gave away about 100k+ books, not sure where that leaves me now but still too many. This what I have left not including the loft and garage
  11. I have a few Bernie Wrightson books and his sig is not identical on any of them, I think its genuine Soz about the poor pic but I cant scan slabs
  12. If you dont live in the US and want to buy here, it can be tough, some sellers wont sell elsewhere as its too expensive, too risky etc Reputation is everything here and the Kudos thread can make a tiny bit of difference, not much but it has made the difference in some deals. Thanks to all the boardies who have sold me great books over the years
  13. A few years ago I was taking pics of my Tomb of Dracula #1 (9.8 candidate ) before sending it to CGC and missed the bag as I put it back in and caused a 2" rip in the cover didnt send it in after that. Before I knew better I caught the bag tape on the front of a Amazing Spidey #100 and caused a big tape pull - I now always remove the tape before taking it out of the bag Just today I was climbing down the ladder in my comic room and walked backwards in to 3 boxes of slabs piled up waiting to be sorted, put all my weight on the top box and heard lots of cracking, just shut the door and walked away, dont have a clue what is in there or the extent of the damage
  14. I think I have 3 or 4 but cant remember what they are This is the only one I can find
  15. Yeah I could do with a Batman 181 too, mine is still sealed and doesnt fit into my filing cabinet and my OCD goes into overdrive when I think of the gap