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  1. It was frustrating as a kid trying to fill all my gaps and no matter how many shops, marts, dealers or catalogs I looked into, the same issues were always missing :pullhair: I never could understand why.

    I dealt mail order with a few people in the US and used to change £s to $s at the travel agents and sent the $s in an envelope, never had a problem and always received the books, I wouldnt trust that these days lol 


  2. 40 minutes ago, Get Marwood & I said:

    Gary's spreadsheet illustration is great - it really stands out how the stamps begin and end their prevalence around the UKPVs - here's a snapshot:


    A quick look at Journey into Mystery on eBay UK shows multiple copies for every issue from #102 - every single one is a stamp free cents / pence until you get to issue 110 when the 10d stamped copies start to appear, duly disappearing from 119.

    Great work Gary, my Sgt Fury 11 and Tales to Astonish 62 are both Cents but here are the other two gaps



  3. 44 minutes ago, Get Marwood & I said:

    The final issue of Rex, #46, jus might creep in being a Sep/Oct 1959 book - unlikely, but Pat Boone made it (albeit as a likely late cycle 2)

    No worries Kevin. I'm aching to get to the next fair. Fingers crossed for December :wishluck:

    I found some Rex but they are slabs, no idea where the raws are buried, I dont have any Pat Boone :(

    You couldn't pay me to go to a fair atm, usually cramped and stifling at the best of times with sweaty, snotty, mouth breathing geeks, imagine that with masks and social distancing, no thanks :eek:

    Comic collectors are terrible :roflmao:


  4. 2 hours ago, Get Marwood & I said:

    There we go - cheers Kevin! There's so few examples of them online compared to other titles. Keep digging buddy (when you can) (thumbsu

    I just seen your table and looked at a title that my missus didnt pull. 

    I have House of Mystery & House of Secrets from #1 but moved all completed numbers to boxes years ago to just leave the gap issues in my cabinets as easier to control and more space.

    I am complete with Rex from #1 but not sure if they go as late as 1959.

    Romance stuff is altogether in a few long boxes so cant even look at those without lots of effort,

    Bilko I have from #1 but scattered and I think from the US maybe 10 or so years ago, so doubtful of stamps.

    If I have any of the cartoon books they will be in my duplicate stuff as I dont list or collect them


  5. 15 minutes ago, Get Marwood & I said:

    Top man!

    So what you're saying, Kevin, is if there is a stamp, you've shown it. So taking your four Actions as an example, I can see that #260 (the one at the back) has a stamp, and the front three don't?

    And that would mean all four Batmans have no stamps?

    Is that right?


    Yes, stamps are shown, I still took the pics just for future reference, I can go further back or forward with Batman or any other title until I find a stamp if needed 

  6. So here are some pics of the books she pulled, I gave her the start numbers and said 4 issues around the October 59 date. Not a lot of stamps tbh, I have tried to show any stamps but can scan any select issues if needed.

    I can ask her to continue as I guess the stamps will become more stable as they go on if required.


    *My Lois Lane 13 is missing as its in a slab, not sure what it is as its in here somewhere and not easy for me to get at but the fact its slabbed probably means its a Cents



    Lois Lane 13 found and added for my own OCD completeness, no stamp as expected, may crack this today as its in the wrong company slab 



  7. 19 hours ago, Get Marwood & I said:

    Here's an example of what I mean.

    On the CBPG UK regarding Superman #132 we have two references:

    The first is the inclusion in the list of First Distribution comics - note no picture, which is odd given the presence of the other mainstays (Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern):



    The second reference is here, mentioning Batman #127 and Superman #132 as having small quantities:



    I've seen quite a few stamped Batman #127's in my online searches down the years, but not one Superman #132.

    There are 6 Superman 132's on eBay UK at present, of which one even states it's the first UK distributed book:


    But note it's not a stamped copy. Nor are any of the others.

    All the main UK online dealers have no copies or copies without stamps. I've carried a list of the alleged 'first UK distributed' DCs with me to fairs for some years now and have never seen one in the wild. So it makes you wonder if this issue did actually ever come over doesn't it? Maybe Duncan added it to the list because he reasoned that if Batman #127 was present....

    Now I've been proven wrong many times and I'm sure I will be again, but if a copy does show - and it probably will now - what's the betting that it has a number 8 or 9?

    @Kevin.J - have you gone through your collection yet? Find us one mate :bigsmile:


    I said I didnt have a lot of energy and could pull a few titles, not realising at the time you wanted 47 titles :ohnoez:

    I havent been well enough to do it but I did set my missus a task to pull 4 issues from around Oct 59 from all titles, she knows absolutely nothing at all about comics btw :eek:

    Then I seen your summary and thought you were done and I had been too slow, so told her to stop

    This is where things stand, I have just peeped in a snapped this pic, I didnt look at the books yet, she wont be back until Wednesday, you want her to continue ? or just go with what I have so far.

    I will have to put all these away.

    I trust her to pull it out, but I dont trust her to push it in :blush:




  8. 1 hour ago, Garystar said:

    No sorry Marvel only. As my Marvel collection has grown (16,000+) and spread into memorabillia other things have had to give - Fanzines (music and comics) and DCs went early doors, then vinyl record collection. I need a bigger house but would have to sell comics to afford it but then I wouldn’t need the bigger house. 

    Its all relative anyway, buy a bigger house, then you get a bigger collection and need a bigger house :ohnoez:

  9. 3 minutes ago, Get Marwood & I said:

    Some of them are the best Kevin! Just look at my avatars! <3<3

    It's Alberts fault. I had it all under control until he arrived :bigsmile:

    I think we've cracked the stamp numbering pattern now Kevin, but we need more examples of the early books to see which 'first use' number came first - 6 or 8.

    So if you could look for any T&P stamped DC books cover dated September/October/November 1959, that would be lovely :wishluck:

    Its not that I didnt want or buy Romance books, I did, Romance and War books were the same, tough to find, I do have a lot of them, I am just not complete :blush:

    Its okay stating DC books but I need a starting point, I have a lot of DCs in order but all bagged/boarded, I dont know what was 1959, I need numbers to start from or I will have to open bags etc

  10. 16 minutes ago, Get Marwood & I said:


    No luck from Bob Mandry on Charlton - he was a DC man only. I told him I'm still waiting to find a Charlton man. 


    That didn't sound right did it. 

    Blimey, imagine that Antoni - knowing then what we know now....

    I'd still buy the Charltons. 

    Yeah I could have told you he was a DC guy 

    I am a Charlton, DC, Marvel and everything else type of guy, I am complete with everything-ish (not romance or cartoon books) from around 1957 to 90s.

    I bought a lot of stuff from the US when i couldnt find what I needed here so a lot of cents mixed in with Pence and I didnt care which, so no notes of what is what.

    I dont have a lot of energy but will pull a title and do a full run if someone gives me a starting point as I have totally lost track in this thread now lol

    I can do any Marvel/DC main title, I did my Charltons for pence copies but not for stamps if you recall


  11. 2 hours ago, Albert Tatlock said:

    Figthin Air Force 12, price 1/3. Cannot be sure of stamp, but looks like a 2.

    Dated 1958, available on ebay in quantity, not all stamped, though, so remaindered copies likely dumped on T & P back in the day.


    My Copy is a 1 & 9d hm

    I need to revisit all of my Charltons at some point as the first time I went through them was to look for Pence copies, I ignored stamps at that time :( 






  12. Looked at my comics today here is a small DC sample to get some more data on the stamp numbers, I hope it helps and I can go further if required, just let me know numbers and I will look to see if I have pence or cents

    A few anomalies but, I think the Alberts theory stands up and may.....or may not settle down later

    Action comics - 260 =1, 261 =2, 262 =3, 263 =4

    Adventure Comics - 267=8, 268=9, 270=3, 271=4

    Batman - 231=5, 233=8, 234=9

    Detective - 274=8, 275=1

    Strange Adventure - 110=9, 111=9, 112=1

    Worlds Finest - 107=4, 108=3, 109=5, 111=8




  13. 18 hours ago, Redshade said:

    I remember buying US comics as an eight/nine/ten/eleven year old  in 1962 to 1966 at various outlets such as School bring and buy sales  and Church fetes  and Charity stalls and a lot of them were obviously second hand used comics, but I never saw title stripped comics anywhere. Not in the UK anyway. It just did not happen.

    Wrong, I bought stacks of them as a kid from the local newsagent I Iater worked at as a paperboy. Best though was a book/magazine shop in the market in the city center, I didnt get to go into town very often but when I did they would have bags of 3 comics without the logo for sale and I got to choose 1 pack if I was lucky ( I am from a poor background ) and money was tight, so I didnt get much. I loved that shop, the lady would let me in the back and would sit in the shop reading through the comics while my mother did her shopping elsewhere and then she would come back for me. I still bought my new comics from there until the early 80s.