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  1. Looks like there's the added flaw and yet a .2 grade uptick. And what is the QES?
  2. Alright, 10k for an AF15 1.0 or ASM 1 5.0.....hmmm. Well, the old adage is to buy the highest grade you can afford, yes? But, in this case, I'm not so sure based on the two books provided. IMO I'd save up a bit more coin and buy something like a 1.8-3.5 AF15, versus ASM 1 in 5.0. Yeah, AF15 has cooled off a bit, especially in lower grades (4.0 down). Now might be the time to buy! Sure, ASM 1 is doing its catchup work these days as well, as it should. But over the long haul, AF15 is the KING of the Silver Age of Marvel, hands down! 1st appearance, origin, legendary "great responsibility" quote and iconic Jack "The King" Kirby cover! Not to mention tough book with the dark parts of the cover. ASM 1 is a great book, but doesn't have much else going for it that AF15 doesn't. 2nd appearance, 1st FF crossover (cool, but strange looking cover), 1st appearance of Chameleon (who?), 1st appearance of JJ Jameson (meh). I love both books, but will ALWAYS covet AF15 for the simple fact that it is Spidey's FIRST appearance EVER, with origin! Tech 27 had to wait until Tech 33 for Bat's origin. Hmmmm....another story.
  3. Agree, not a fan of mis-wraps, COWs, date stamps or MCs on AF15s either and I'm just a small time collector.
  4. That was very enlightening to the great Ditko's life story. Very well done.
  5. I think it's what the buyer is willing to tolerate, much like anything else. Many have a particular book they are willing to buy. Especially for a high ticket item as AF15. When I look at a SA book specifically, it has ALWAYS been this: 1. No ink/stains/smudges/Initials/Names on cover (I do love those old school splash panel artist sigs though!) 2. No MC 3. No mis-wrap. No date stamp (unless on the BC) 4. No front or back staples (depending on book). Of course, there are other things to consider based on the particular SA book you're looking for (X1, TOS39, etc.) and I won't even get into that here. Just know, these books are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.....albeit, for the adjusted price in said grade.
  6. I hope you both have a long and happy relationship!
  7. Look at that beautiful old label! You willing to part with this one?
  8. Missed out on the last Clink 8.0, so I'm hoping for some boardie help. OW or better pages, no MC or date stamps.