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    Aquaman Movie - July 27, 2018

    Going forward mainstream will never think of this as Aquaman again. now only the modern superior reboot! This is like how silver age Flash Barry Allen and Green Lantern replaced Jay Garrick Flash and Alan Scott Green Lantern. Well done job WB making Aquaman modern again.

    Aquaman Movie - July 27, 2018

    Just came back from this. What a great movie! We need a sequel. Who would have thought both Wonder Woman and Aquaman would have beaten Batman vs. Superman at the box office? Reminds me of Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy beating Fantastic Four and X-Men at the box office.
  3. Quote me on this one folks. The best investment will be those first Pokemon games on the Gameboy. Pokemon in the late 1990s is the Amazing Spider-Man of issues 1-50. Get those original Pokemon games now in top condition before the bull run.

    Give me your top 10 favorite comic artists

    Jack Kirby Jim Starlin Bernie Wrightson John Byrne Frank Miller Walt Simonson John Buscema Carl Barks Will Eisner Joe Kubert Honerable mention Neal Adams Steranko Harvey Kurtzman Kaluta Barry Smith Dave Cockrum George Perez Paul Gulacy Michael Golden Marshall Rogers

    The rebirth!

    Agreed, and that`s why going forward, except for my new sports thread in April I will not hang out there in water cooler anymore. 100 percent of the people who gave me beefs hang exclusively in water cooler. I have had never a problem with real comic book fans, only sports and politics fans in water cooler.

    The rebirth!

    I love you. Think your cool. Funny how your other best buddy doesn't get along with me. Logan and I were good friends until my Celtics beat his Bulls in the play-offs. Ever since than our relationship deteriorated. Like I said I am ready to call a truce with him. Fighting about sports teams to me is stupid. There are more important things going on in the real world than caring about if a NBA team beats another. Logan my hand is out to renew our friendship. It`s up to you.

    The rebirth!

    and I know all your secrets you told me in pms. I think you are a good guy and have no beef with you Kav. I am willing to move on and call a truce with Logan. Trolling is not going to get us anywhere. What do you say Logan? Truce. Why are we arguing? Because I am a Patriots and Celtics fan, while your a Bulls and Bears fan? Isn't it kind of childish that we are arguing about sports teams? I am ready to move on. I say truce and lets be friends again like the old days. Think about it. Two grown men hating on each other because of sports teams. Players we will never meet. I am willing to be friends again. The ball is in your court.

    The rebirth!

    I am out for now. Don't feel like arguing with old men for the next few hours. If you want quality posters like me be nice. I have other places to post where at least the message boards are 50 percent female and not 99 percent males. Keep arguing among yourselfs. lol. I am sure your girlfriends love it. Wait some of you don't have girlfriends? lol.

    The rebirth!

    Interesting lol.

    The rebirth!

    Like you who took off for awhile and came back? We have that in common. Except I only took off for 2 weeks. I think you left for at least 4 months before you came back.

    The rebirth!

    wait until April when I show them old codgers a new way. lol.

    The rebirth!

    Thanks, starting in April I have new way threads to post in water cooler about sports. Guarantee my threads will become the most popular eventually starting in April in water cooler about sports.

    The rebirth!

    I guess I am CGC member for life! Thanks Arch!
  14. Great post. If there is any one hobby that could explode and challenge comics it would be the videogame hobby. Lots of similarities. Both have many visual great stories and characters. I always thought of Nintendo as the Marvel of videogames,especially 1980s Nintendo similar to 1960s Marvels. Like Marvel did in the 1960s Nintendo did in the 1980s by changing the game. A lot of people forget most video games were DOA by 1983. They couldn't give many games away,than along came Nintendo in 1985 and changed the game like Marvel did in 1961 with Fantastic Four. I see the Zelda,Metroid and Mega Man early games following a similar path as Hulk #181,ASM#300 and NM #98. They could explode in value. Also don't be surprised if Hollywood finally figures out how to do video games movies good which would add more juice to the value. A good future in video game collecting. As always the keys and quality over quantity. .

    Bigger Key: ASM 3 or 14

    I am going with ASM #14 in the long run. Why? Green Gobin = Joker Doc Ock = Penguin. plus Green Goblin just looks cool.