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  1. Yeah Variety usually has the best Hollywood sources. I knew it was a done deal when they had the exclusive.
  2. Great read. I never knew Lugosi went to England to play Dracula again to try to revive his career.
  3. I think a certain segment just hates change. Believe it or not there is a certain segment that doesn't like the Marvel Cinematic movies because they opened the door up for a larger audience.
  4. I will check it out Amazon on demand or Red Box. Honestly it doesn't look like a fun movie. Not something I am going to rush out to the theatre to see.
  5. Marvel super heroes keys before the films usually stay above the prices before they announce. Jump up but than level off but still higher before the spike. I would say villians are usually a bad bet as well as non -Marvel/DC heroes long-term.
  6. Believe it or not I haven't watched this since season 6. The first three seasons were must see TV for me. It seemed to lose something in season 6 when they basically stopped adapting the George Martin books and went with their own original content. I think though I will try to catch up and binge watch this over the next few weeks.
  7. I always wondered what Jack Pierce the king of monster make up thought of Lon Chaney sr make up? Too bad Chaney sr died so young as I would have loved to have seen him in Universal talkies.
  8. Prizm hobby box about late October or early November.
  9. Good article here. Phantom of the Opera: Which is the better Universal monster movie? 1925 vs. 1943 vs.