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  1. They are great. Loved them but the first two Aliens, Halloweens, and early Nightmares on Elm Street were just as well great, but stagnated with modern times after more sequels. Sometimes certain movies were just made perfect for that decade or two and that audience. That`s why the Universal Monsters/ King Kong and Godzilla franchises haven't hit big homeruns now. They were all kings of a certain era. Times change. Audience taste changes. It be like the Rolling Stones or Led Zep starting out today in music. They wouldn't dominate the modern crowds like they did back than.
  2. I want a Luthor movie but it has to be the businessman Luthor and not the mad scientist who dresses in purple.
  3. He is really popular and it`s not just men. Was at a few costume Halloween parties and a few women dressed up as the Joker.
  4. I think another thing about the Terminator franchise that turns a lot of people off is it has such a dark future for mankind. What was cool with a lot of people who where in their teens or young adults doesn't seem as cool anymore as full fledged adults.
  5. Honestly TERMINATOR is like Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street. Alien, Ghost Busters and Predator. All great franchises but the modern young audiences don`t care no more. Bring on Antman 3 WHO will beat all of those tired franchises at the modern box office. lol.
  6. Same thing kind of happened with Avengers: Age of Ultron as it didn't do a great of opening as Avengers 1 because Avengers: Age of Ultron went against the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao title fight which was the top grossing ppv boxing match of all time. Sometimes there is other competition that isn't movie related.
  7. It went against this for competition. Most likely why Terminator 6 was a flop. Came out basically over the same weekend. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Sales Top $600 Million In Three Days. It’s the top selling “premium” (ie. $60) game of 2019. It’s the best digital opening in Activision history. It’s the best-selling COD launch on PC ever. It’s the most digitally pre-ordered game on PS4 ever. It sold the most digital copies in t
  8. I love Superman with Chris Reeves. That don't mean nothing. The new generation likes Joker. Even Batman look silly to them. A man who is in a stupid costume. Joker seems cooler now. The next Batman movie will bomb. He dresses up as a bat. dumb. Joker I can relate to. ps. I love Spider-Man. He will always be cooler than Bat-Man. CC
  9. All mad because for years you all said Superman #1 was a better bet than Batman#1 . I brought this up for in the last 5 years that Batman #1 was a better bet because Superman #1 was a reprint while Batman #1 was Joker first appearance. Most were just schooled by a young black men who is not even 29 yet. ps the infected part in this pc world could get you canned, but since you are over 65 I will respect your beliefs and you can carry on. ps. ps. When you hit the nursing home it will be my black sisters CNA`s who will be there for you.
  10. Honestly, I don't remember you. Link? plus Tarzan was most likely a a statement I made when I was young teen. I joined this board very young. Meanwhile ALL time chart. Joker rules over Superman. Where are you my highness? As a man of color I deal with anger every day. Jackie Robinson rules, so does Neil Degrasse. LOL.
  11. China aint like America rememember that. No freedom of speech plus less than a one dollar a hour?