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  1. My Saturday night auction wins. I couldn't believe my eyes when I went to the pre-showing this morning.
  2. I've only seen it once, but this seemed way out of place when it was disclosed. Like, jarringly unbelievable out of place.
  3. Yes. Around an hour and a half at least. The photos for the sale left me wondering if there were really 7,000 comics. Hope you and ned got some nice books!
  4. I saw this and thought about going. I figured it would be a madhouse. I'm glad some boardies were able to make out with some good stuff.
  5. Ah, but you can have the best of both worlds. Let me know the next time you are starting a sales thread, and for the duration of that thread, once a day, I will send you a PM entitled "Tips for selling your items on the CGC Boards"!
  6. So if I want to buy an item for as cheaply as possible (snipe bidding), I'm morally disqualified from buying the item?
  7. Saw it this afternoon and will take the family to see it tomorrow. Not as good as Infinity War, but still an excellent movie. Some obvious head scratchers, but a worthy wrap up of the films with more than a few wow moments.
  8. I would love to see the adam warlock/magus storyline be the return of thanos in the movies.
  9. Aquaman 14 VG+ $7 Might as well while I'm at it.