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  1. I would have to say Superman. Superman is DC's #1 powerhouse. And in the DC vs. Marvel limited series joint venture, Marvel paired him up with..... the Hulk; who got spanked. I do believe that the reader of that series got to pick the winners of each round, (I could be wrong on that.) My point is, Thor wasn't even the one chosen to go up against Superman. He beat Captain Marvel. It's like even Marvel comics knows that Thor falls short and Hulk was their best shot.
  2. I'm not sure how OP the writers have Superman at the moment, but I could see them saying he has the power to just burrow through the earth, Mjolnir falling off on the other side.
  3. Only 5 or 6 more, coming tonight or tomorrow morning.
  4. Secrets of Sinister House #5 5.5 FN- $12.00
  5. Sinister House of Secret Love #3 3.5 VG- $6.00 (Cover detached at top staple and writing on back cover)
  6. Sinister House of Secret Love #1 3.5 VG- $12.00 (Pen marks on front cover)
  7. Secrets of Haunted House #5 5.5 FN- $7.00
  8. House of Secrets #90 4.0 VG $6.00 (Some staining to cover)