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  1. I said I would never post in this thread ever again, but I had to welcome my dear friend, Cheryl (back) to the boards.
  2. I forgot about their cameo in this. Friggin' funny! Nice to see Disney having a sense of humor.
  3. It just reminded me of the scientists in "The Image of the Fendahl."
  4. Too stressful worrying about books in 9.8 condition.
  5. I'm not sure. The print run according to Comichron is microscopic, but that might not be accurate. If it is true, then you have to use the philosophy, kids (soon to be young adults) can't collect what they don't know exists too. I give away all my extra raws to my friend's kids. They LOVE them. All in all, buy them all for your daughter, to read and enjoy, let her worry about finding them graded in 9.8 down the road.
  6. Yeah, this is definitely not what I was expecting, considering "Frozen Fever" and "Olaf's Christmas Cash-Grab."
  7. Probably not. I always just collect what I like. I'm a big Hitchcock fan, so I see Elsa as Janet Leigh's Marion Crane on the run and her little sis, Vera Miles trying to find her before she gets in more trouble.
  8. Big snow day tomorrow, so I might watch this one.
  9. I really enjoyed "Resolution." I hadn't watched any behind-the-scenes stuff and was surprised about the "monster" reveal. But, I did wonder right off why the Doctor didn't scan Lin with the sonic.
  10. Holy!!! Time to show off some of my newest books!!!
  11. But, it was a Leela episode. She stole every episode. Even "The Horror of Fang Rock" where every supporting actor had a 100% mortality rate.
  12. I was watching this one again last night. A great episode!
  13. Has anybody watched the animated "Infinite Quest?" I bought it a couple days ago on eBay. Looked like a maybe.