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  1. I second these movies. Had a crush on Stephanie Cayo since her Telemundo days.
  2. Peachtree Playthings released these variants. I found a bunch of 9.8's at the Dollar Tree. Keep an eye out!
  3. Loved this movie! Very entertaining. If you haven't watched "Room 237," than check it out!
  4. Yeah, it was storytelling at it's finest. I even started to dedicate a Tarantino section in my video area. I still include "Death Proof," "CSI: Grave Matters," "True Romance," "From Dusk till Dawn" and "Natural Born Killers" as Tarantino movies. Even... "Four Rooms."
  5. Man, that last 20 minutes was epic!!! One of my RT 27% "guilty pleasure" movies.
  6. Just a polite bump, as I'm not expecting any form of price uptick. Just wondering if anyone has found any unique issues in the wild?
  7. Can't wait. OK, time to go back to shaving. My collection of Rambo licensed knives.
  8. SPOILER!!!! Don't READ!!!! The Pawny part on the falling motorbike, getting rescued by M, but... rescuing the falling M later in the film, with his convenient jet-packs and grappling hooks.
  9. Set your expectations really low and you'll do fine. I've actually watched it twice now.
  10. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Tessa and Chris's chemistry was the star of the movie. Loved "Pawny" too. It could have been a lot worse. Recommended, with reservations.
  11. From what I heard, it just feels "longer" than it should be. What was the first one, just over 2 hrs? This one was 3 hrs 5 mins. w/ previews. So, less showings maybe? Still can't wait to watch it on Blu Ray!!!