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  1. GPA doesn't help much with that book as the last 9.8 sale was 2012 $1289, it's at $2700 now, so surely it will top $3000.
  2. Stevemmg Spill the beans on how and where you got them. They look really sharp, what a find.
  3. How many actual books in the display box Tim?
  4. While we are on the subject, can anyone tell me what book this picture comes from? I want it.
  5. Me too, I'm liking the flat head. Thanks Tel.
  6. Yeah! What gets me is someone may have the same copy in the same grade for the proper price and even that isn't selling, eg Avengers #58 9.6 @ $540 average, and then someone is asking $820 and $999 ? you have to wonder what some people are sniffing.