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  1. Such a simple cover, but just so perfect too .
  2. How about both Avengers $100 shipped and the Spidey 77 and Marvel 76 $100 shipped?
  3. Yeah! I have seen yours (ooh er Mrs!) You lucked out there, they were a gift weren't they?
  4. Marvel Super Heroes # 8 Silver Surfer #4 cover, very hard to find in this nice a condition. $100 shipped.
  5. Very nice Ed, those 4 UK Vampi's are crazy tough to find in nice shape especially that one. I had a gorgeous copy of #2 a few years back and sold it for peanuts on ebay because I didn't really know what I had back then .
  6. Dr Who annual 1975 lovely example of this hard to find book. $100 shipped.
  7. Avengers annual 1976 another beauty. Reprints Avengers #83 First Lady Liberators and others. $75 shipped.
  8. In today's market, that isn't too outlandish (what am I saying? ) when you see that Iron man # 150 in 9.8 went for a similar price, I know which one I would rather have.
  9. Marvel annual 1976 Great Trimpe cover and reprints Subby #34 and #35 first Defenders, remember getting a copy for Christmas 1976. $75 shipped. .
  10. That one and the Marvel comic book album with a similar black cover are very hard to find in HG.