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  1. batmiesta

    [CLOSED] Sold and closed

    Sold via PM, thanks all for the offers.
  2. batmiesta

    [CLOSED] Sold and closed

    I thought Spider-man was popular
  3. batmiesta

    Bronze Age Treasuries

    You don't see them every day, month, year.🤔
  4. batmiesta

    Bronze Age Treasuries

    Such cool books, never seen them before, and of course, now I want them. These are the books I was on about, not mine unfortunately, I think that there are even more.
  5. Usual rules apply, Paypal only and first trumps all. Will be shipped Royal mail international. Offering a lovely copy of Amazing Spider-man #149, liberated from it's 9.4 CGC case, off white to white pages. Asking $200 shipped, but feel free to make offers, but! trumps all, even negotiated PM's. Now $180 .