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  1. Usual rules apply, Paypal only and first trumps all. Shipped by Royal mail. Here is a nice copy of Dracula lives weekly # 21 from 1975, featuring the first UK Blade appearance, I have found that this book is the hardest one of the series to find and nigh on impossible in high grade, this one is nice, but has a waviness about it from being stored poorly and it would benefit from a press, if you are into that sort of thing, obviously not as desirable as TOD #10, but harder to find and a damn sight cheaper. Asking $50 shipped. Please feel free to ask any questions and make offers, but trumps everything, including PM negotiations.
  2. One and only drop bump, all four books for $200 shipped.
  3. No interest in these ? I am surprised, if you think they are priced too high, shoot me a PM offer.
  4. I have four stunning Star Trek annuals from the early 70's for sale, they are in immaculate condition. I think they reprint stories from the Gold Key series, but not 100% sure on that. Usual board rules apply, posted in the thread trumps all, even agreed PM deals, so post to avoid any arguments or disappointment. Please feel free to ask any questions and for more pictures if needed. Paypal only please, books shipped via UK postal service, unless otherwise requested. Shipping will be $15 for first book and $5 for each book thereafter. First up is Star trek annual from 1970, the first one. Asking $100