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  1. And a Spider-man one, shown here with a regular sized book to give some idea of the size.
  2. They also brought it out as a full size sew on patch in 1975.
  3. Only the Batman bumper book and the Marvel 1978 annual left, so feel free to shoot me any offers.
  4. Frank Robbins art in MP#28 has the same effect on me.
  5. Undervalued ? I think it way overvalued, just my opinion though, I like the cover but the interior artwork leaves a lot to be desired, and prices being what they are at the moment for HG copies I would never buy one.
  6. Batman annual 1986, not in the kind of condition I usually buy, but it was with a few others and it does have two classic Neal Adams stories. Asking $20 + $10 shipping.
  7. Batman Bumper book 1970 (similar to the Batman annuals) Tough to find in this nice a shape. Asking $40 + $10 shipping.