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  1. Happy to find a copy with the H on the word "with" totally visible.
  2. Captain Britain #1 and #8 are selling for good prices, is there a movie rumour or something? Captain Britain
  3. Been a bit slow in the magazine front for me of late, probably because I am such a fussy FKR, pleased to win this tough last issue for the price I did.
  4. I had no idea Captain Britain #1 was going for this kind of moolah . Captain Britain #1 9.8
  5. Usual rules apply, first wins. Will be posted by Royal mail international. Here is a nice copy of Spider-man comics weekly #140, the first UK Morbius appearance, these UK books are getting harder to find in nice shape and this one is very nice, I will include the other 3 books that featured the story so you have a cheaper alternative to read the whole story.#Asking $60 shipped, Paypal only, offers entertained, but the first in the thread trumps all, even PM deals.
  6. I know it will never sell for the asking price, but Legion of monsters
  7. Vampire tales 2 has been commanding pretty good money for some time now.