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  1. Very surprised at the low ( who the hell do I think I am saying $8500 is low? ) when other books were going for silly money.
  2. One of the hardest ones to find in true NM condition IMHO.
  3. Lovely copy, I seem to remember winning some Treasuries from Bobcat too.
  4. Feel free to PM me with offers on any or all of the books, don't be shy.
  5. If anyone is interested in buying them all, I would do $200 shipped. (These are heavy)
  6. Incredible Hulk annual 1979 lovely copy .Asking $50 shipped.
  7. Incredible Hulk annual 1978, small ding to top left corner, otherwise a beauty. Asking $50 shipped.
  8. Marvel annual 1976, one of my all time favourite annuals because I remember getting it for Christmas 1976 and read it until it fell to bits, reprints MTU # 27 and Sub Mariner #s 34 and 35 the first Defenders. Really nice copy but has a top left corner ding. Asking $50 shipped.
  9. Usual board rules apply, posted in the thread trumps all, even agreed PM deals, so post to avoid any arguments or disappointment. Please feel free to ask any questions and for more pictures if needed. Paypal only please, books shipped via UK postal service, unless otherwise requested. Some very nice early UK HB annuals for sale, starting off with The Marvel annual from 1975, the annuals from this year are tough to find in top shape and they are notorious for the laminate peeling along the spine, this is a beauty but not without it's faults, the front cover is virtually unmarked, some minor rubbing on the bottom corners and 2 marks top edge on the back cover, that said it is still a great looking book. Asking $60 shipped.
  10. Are there many Mags in the Fantucchio collection? I have only seen comics.