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  1. NP_Gresham

    Paperheart's Smorgasbord: 500+ items

    Marvel Premiere #4 VF/NM $20 Amazing Spider-Man #304 NM $15 Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions set: #1 VF/NM & #3 NM $15 Amazing Spider-Man #217 NM $12 Amazing Spider-Man #230 NM $25 Captain America #149 VF+ $10 Captain America #188 VF+ $4 Daredevil #86 VF+ $16 Invaders #32 NM- $8 Invaders #36 NM- $5 Invaders #37 NM- $5 Iron Man #122 NM+ $20 Iron Man #131 NM- $8 Iron Man #132 NM- $8 Iron Man #135 NM-$5 Iron Man #137 VF/NM $4 Iron Man #140 NM- $5 Iron Man #142 NM- $5 Iron Man #143 NM $7 Iron Man #146 NM $7 Iron Man #147 VF/NM $4 Iron Man #148 NM $7 Iron Man #149 NM- $5 Marvel Super Heroes #71 NM- $4 X-Men #122 VF+ $20 X-Men #69 VF+ $60
  2. Part of the calculation for using mylar vs poly bags is the time spent rebagging as the poly starts to break down. The boards are as important as the bag. Invest in the best possible boards as a cheap board can do damage to books over time. Another thing to consider, the more you handle your books the greater your chance of damaging your books from things like tape pulls and corner dings, etc. As others have said, if you are keeping your books for an amount of time, then Mylar makes sense, if you are going to move them fairly quick and don't need to change out old bags and boards then the mylar would make less sense.
  3. NP_Gresham

    Marvel Bronze Duplicate Sale

    ASM 140, 146, 150 152
  4. And what of the gap from from 1945 GA to 1965 SA? Atomic age? pre code? Post code? The lines between GA and Silver age are the most blurred of all. I vote do nothing, keep it the way it is.
  5. NP_Gresham

    gradejunky's feedback thread

    Bought a book from Damian's recent sales thread. Book arrived fast and safe. Acuratly graded - a very sooth transaction. I hope to business with you again
  6. NP_Gresham

    Nominating Asteroid-Comix

    Given this completly bogus nomination and the previous history of editing a post for bid retraction and asking for CBCS books in a WTB which is not allowed here - I will definitly have the OP on my personal list if he does not go on the probation list.
  7. If you are interested in mid-grade raw 35 Cent variants, I have these 4. $200 plus shipping US if interested PM me.
  8. NP_Gresham

    This Week Back From CGC

    Had one mislabeled like that which showed up in the registry in the wrong slot as well. My set was killing it with points, I hated to send in the correction.
  9. Dropping several WTB threads all at once, then not replying to offers of books you are requesting Priceless. Add that one to the deadbeat don't respond list.