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  1. Don't mind Raytrowles, he never has anything to sell. He thinks he is the board police. Your estimates are in line with GPA.
  2. Cap #210 and Super Villain Team-up #12 I have all 3 books as 35 cent variants in multiple, but these are my first in a 3 pack. My sense is the sealed 3 packs are less common than the 35 cent variants
  3. Added a couple more these bags will eventually destroy the books so I am thinking about opening them?
  4. Been looking for an early Whitman ASM still in the bag for a while. Found a lot outside the 3 pack, but finally got a sealed 3 pack.
  5. Great topic! As so many have said before, FF #51 'This man this monster' is a masterpiece. Was always partial to Hulk #222 as a young Hulk collector
  6. Been on both sides of the door bell as I was a Letter Carrier for 7+ years. My house is on the worst route in the area (long - OT everyday ) so there is constant churn. But through it all I have gotten great service.
  7. I think I will make some BSS (bull s*** Sticker) stickers and sell them self-serve to place on slabs of your choosing
  8. Very low grade, but very happy to add this to the collection. Completes my pre hero #1 ‘s Thouught this would need a new group shot.
  9. I believe this one is on your list? looks about a 3.0 to me Sold to an awesome boardie!
  10. My other Collecting goals are largely stalled and likely going to remain so for quite some time. Looking to complete: ASM: AF #15 then 1-700 Need the big 2 which just keep climbing faster than my savings full 30 cent variants set : The last 2 are incredibly tough TGK 129 and KC 208 full 35 cent variant set. Need all the tough books here, not likely to complete this one ever.