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  1. NP_Gresham

    Fastballspecial's FB Thread

    Just purchased some Bronze books from Robert's latest modern sales thread. Expertly graded books rocket fast shipping and bomb-proof packaging are always the order of the day for Robert. Thanks again Robert !!
  2. NP_Gresham

    Robot Man's KUDOS Thread

    Just purchased a couple of Tec's from his latest sales thread. Shipped rocket fast in bomb-proof packing. Books were exactly as described. Hope to have many more transactions with Bob. Thank you sir
  3. NP_Gresham

    Summer Sales Thread(CLOSED)

    All 3
  4. NP_Gresham

    Summer Sales Thread(CLOSED)

  5. NP_Gresham


    to the pile
  6. NP_Gresham


    If still available
  7. NP_Gresham

    Heritage BP increasing

    I bid there, but rarely win. Same methodology, I have one bid say $500. If there is $400 in BP and $50 in shipping I bid $50. The problem is those bids are a waste of time. It makes me wonder if certain well heeled buyers are bidding without the BP. Either way, the auction house gets not a penny more than what my bottom line is. This auction house is well known for the in-house shill. One wonders how many books the auction house takes back and sells themselves while taking from the sellers a significant amount of ROI. If I sell a $1K book that goes for $850 and nets me that less the SP and the auction house is the buyer, then they get to double dip their fees and resell for 1K later and pocket yet more profit. If I sell on CC or Clink I am fairly confident that the final hammer (knocked down by excessive fees) did not go to an in-house shiller who is going to take yet another bite at the apple on the resale.
  8. NP_Gresham

    Heritage BP increasing

    Maybe CC should have NP in the house.
  9. .... it's kind of good a home, if you will excuse the Red Sox gear
  10. Chamber of Chills 5 9.6 - just a killer copy $40 Crypt of Shadows 4 9.6 - Gorgeous Book $35 Vault of Evil 1 9.6 - this book does NOT suck $65 If still available
  11. WTB 30/35 cent variants Send a PM
  12. If you want to consider a lower grade copy of a very tough book, there is This one at auction eBay