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  1. Used to be the post would not load. That was a nice hidden bonus with the old boards
  2. I think it took Michael Jackson 1 hour less ......
  3. Not if you bump a lot of old threads with "Kewl Books"
  4. NP_Gresham

    CGGroup World Grading Company craziness!

    Enron told them no as well. They didn't want that hot garbage to sully their company name either
  5. NP_Gresham


    just added, Thanks for reminder
  6. A-1 comics in Sacramento is in an old bank. If you are going to store books, do likewise and buy a bank with a vault. You still need to work out the insurance issue though.
  7. NP_Gresham

    Adam Warlock Marvel Premiere #1 CGC question

    Yeah, big color breaking crease in the corner, that book is 5.0-5.5
  8. Amazing Spider-Man #308 NM $15 Amazing Spider-Man #309 NM+ $30 Amazing Spider-Man #344 NM+ $50
  9. The 1 post newb thread krapper just gave me the •••• off in a PM
  10. NP_Gresham

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Did some bargain hunting at the Sac Comic Con today Not much, but the Kid Colts are very tough in high grade