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  1. Show Us Your 10 Cent-ers!

    your book, I hope it brings you a lot of happiness Dont do it for resale though, do it for your own enjoyment
  2. Meanwhile the GA true first appearance goes for peanuts
  3. Price Variant Club

    You got the #141 at a great bin price if I recall Everything eventually comes around again You might even find one in the wild.
  4. What was the first comic you ever "hoarded"

    I bought 10 copies of ASM #252 off the stands.
  5. Pre-hero Atlas comics outlook

    I love the pre hero books, but they are getting a little out of my range. I picked up most of what I have before the run-up. I was fortunate to complete the ST 1-100 run, but I am stuck trying to upgrade some books. The JIM 1-83 i don't think is going to happen at this point, but I did manage to get a copy of #1. Just a real challenge and fun runs to collect! The pre code are definitely more expensive, but the post code are harder to find. The collecting interest seems to lie mainly with the pre code as did the majority of the readership when they were coming out. The drop off after the implementation of the code means those books are particularly harder to find in IMHO.
  6. Cue the pumpers in 3, 2,1...... Best of luck with your search
  7. Tigerscomics Feedback Thread

    Just purchased 2 MT's books from Robert. As always books were perfectly graded and sent fast and safe. Robert is absolutely one of the board's finest!!
  8. Price Variant Club

    LCS find for $15
  9. This week in your collection?

    Been mostly Atlas/Marvel Pre-hero for me lately But I did pick-up one bargain Bronze for $15.
  10. Closed

    Both per PM
  11. At the end of the day a lot of packages end up going USPS no matter who you use. Currently the USPS delivers a third of UPS and FedEx ground shipments. I try to cut out the middle man and just use USPS.
  12. WTB ASM 238 (9.8) CANADIAN

    Since there is only a single copy in the census , you might want to check the registry. A raw might also be a better bet Best of luck with your search