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  1. Yep, have some 35 cent variants with that store stamp all over it. Helps explain why that shop is no longer is business
  2. NP_Gresham

    Comic book price guide

    True dat After a decade or so of offering a correction to them not listing Marvel Two-in-One #32 as having a 35 cent variant, I gave up on them as completely useless Does anyone who still buys the OSPG know if that was ever fixed?
  3. NP_Gresham

    Turning a 9.6 to a 9.8?

    Sent a few 9.6 to ‘Voldemort’ Their standard ‘drive-by’ grading has converted many to 9.8 That being said if you buy something with a lemon peel exterior why would anyone expect to find anything other than lemons on the interior
  4. It is always ‘different this time’ or there would not be cycles of boom and bust if it were truly ‘different this time’ the cycling would have ended with the tulip bubble The music will stop eventually When ever it ends, we will soon forget our troubles and be blessed with a new age that is ‘different this time’
  5. NP_Gresham

    Looking for Pricing Information on the following Price Variants

    I assume you tried GPA? Best investment I ever made. While there are very few sales recently or ever, the only place to get your starting point would be here. If you don't have a subscription, it will be worth it to get one. Otherwise, many boardies consider it poor taste to give away information while someone else is trying to make a living by compiling it. Are you keeping it? Then I would guess value only matters for insurance purposes, in which case value it as you wish. Are you selling it? Then the only way to truly gauge value is to put it up for sale at auction.
  6. NP_Gresham

    Frankbearss Feedback Thread

    Just purchased a small stack of books from Frank's latest sales thread. Frank is a real gentleman, and super-tight grader who will go to great lengths to make every transaction a perfect one. Can't wait for your next sales thread!
  7. Pretty much true, but there are detractors to these posts. Marvel started direct editions to comic book shops in 1979, anything with the diamond prior to 1979 was Whitman 3 pack only.
  8. The best thing to happen to comics will not happen for many years yet. These characters need to fall into the public domain. The best thing to happen to comics would be downsizing of copyright protections.
  9. Big differences between sports cards and baseball cards and comic books No one owns the rights to Tom Brady, except Tom Brady. So while 30 companies can print 30 different Tom brady cards, only Marvel can print Amazing Spider-man. So instead of having 30 different competitors trying outdo one another, Marvel can simply rehash the same Krap endlessly.
  10. NP_Gresham


    I am still trying to wrap my head around around why I paid with my taxes for the last bailout. I was literally the last homeowner standing in my neighborhood after the previous 'crisis'. Never saw so many "bank-owned' properties in my life. Never saw so many abandoned new boats either. If I did not hang through, perhaps I would have a new house and a lot more money to spend on funny books and that new boat i never thought i could afford
  11. Or buy the omnibus for even less. So I pay whatever it takes to purchase the run, then deface them beyond recovery. then pay and spend time binding them. Not my cup of tea, but this hobby is bleeding collectors because of Marvel and their "House lacking in ideas". It is good to see different takes on collecting. This seems good for everyone with an interest in the hobby.
  12. There is a theory in retail. Any established product has 3 categories of consumers 1) Heavy users 2) Consumers 3) Non-consumers So with any given product if you want to increase sales you target #1 Consumers under #2 and #3 have their mind made up. They purchase on need or don't use at all. Heavy users will tend to stalk up when a product they really like goes 'on sale" or promotional offers. Disney is simply using this theory. Marvel is a well known commodity. They have deliberately targeted the completionists(Heavy users) who buy books at an irrational rate. If a single cover has 200,000 buyers, then whatever is lost by ordinary consumers losing interest will be more than made up by those who will seek out 20-30 different covers at 4-10 copies each. It is math.
  13. NP_Gresham


    The firesale prices i bought the "hot books" at during the last crisis. ASM #300 9.8 under $600, etc
  14. NP_Gresham


    When i read these threads and the prices of these books, there is no mystery in my mind why the cycle of boom and bust continues in our economy. By and large these books are being bought up by people who have no business spending money like this. Many of these buyers will be living in their car or perhaps a cardboard box (if the car was financed) when the next bust hits.
  15. I have seen that done here before. You only seem to get in trouble if you name the other company. Maybe use the "Voldemort" or other sort of verbiage.