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  1. Picked these up bin diving today $8 well spent
  2. Not sure about that. Maybe I am mistaken, but wasn’t this the guy repackaging poly bags and trying to pass them as Mylar?
  3. Note to self: Whenever the vault opens on the Jimbo personal collection, be ready to pounce!
  4. @jimjum12 Are these all in your current collection? Amazing covers, you chose well!
  5. Maybe he ran into a problem, I think there may be a beer can shortage
  6. This is unfortunate, but also wholly insufficient If you can not provide a description of the problem that makes you suspect as well ....perhaps you could include your eBay handle
  7. I think it was a little more straight forward than that. The show garnered more than $90mil in syndication and there were zero in royalties for the crew Can hardly blame anyone for wanting nothing to do with that
  8. The winner is ultimately the seller (or more often scammer) The people who can least afford almost always lose Best and almost always ignored advice is run away
  9. Are you interested in the 35Cent variants? @jimjum12 might have copies for you
  10. Best of luck dodging those taxes, and if anyone should come knocking I don’t know you, I never met you.
  11. Public domain The constant extending of copyright has ruined characters and stifled imagination and creativity Characters created in 1938 have no business being copyright protected.