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  1. I am consigning the collection. I just happened to know the issue with that book, so I am offering it free for next purchase as stated.
  2. This book has interior pages torn and missing pieces Book is free for the next purchase
  3. @jimjum12 has nearly a complete run #200-500, you might PM him I don’t recall wraps on specific books though
  4. I think the #1 sold already , but check with @jimjum12 He had some to sell
  5. Found in the wild - $3.23 with tax
  6. That’s it That’s really it, my collection is gone
  7. Rules First in post wins payment by check or MO , if you need another payment method let me know first Shipping by First Class mail $5 US,all other methods of shipping at cost PM offers welcome Please make things right before buying here if you are on any lists
  8. @jimjum12 has the full set of Invaders variants, you should send him a PM
  9. Every time I think I am done, I get sucked right back in. $7.54 A good day bin diving And had this store stamp on the back of Red Sonja, it looks like Berkley was one of the distribution areas.
  10. Sold Dan a set of X-men 35 cent variants from his WTB thread. Very smooth transaction, fast payer! Thank You sir
  11. @jimjum12 has all the ST for sale and several others on your list.
  12. Should there be some sharing of personal information to the boards?