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  1. @jimjum12 at least 3 copies for sale if memory serves In the 7.0 or better range
  2. I think @jimjum12 had one in his sales thread. Shoot him an offer.
  3. Given your history of posting "I'll take it" in jimjum12's sales thread then editing your post. I doubt anyone is going to waste a lot of time with you. For future reference , posting a take it then editing the post is a no-no around here. Next time ask for the scan before you commit to buy.
  4. My collection is always at risk of fire/flood/theft. I am looking forward to retiring someday I could not absorb that loss without a negative impact on my retirement nest egg I have moved to an asset less prone to risk, a second home While the same risks remain, the value of the home lies mostly with the land it sits on
  5. My goal would be to sell every last comic and exit the hobby Been fun, but time to move on
  6. Wow, never knew the SW #1 reprints went for that much It looks like the last sale 7.5 in GPA was $88 Good luck selling that raw in the forums at that price
  7. Try @Jimjum12 for most of the ASM #130 -up in 9.8 Also there is ASM #17 CGC 9.2, but that book is very tough so not going below GPA for that book
  8. I would also add that most slabs these days are pressed. Since the collapse of the NOD it is clear that ask or not there is a lot of denial around pressing. The likelihood of an unpressed raw 9.2 existing seems greater than my chances of getting an unpressed or truthfully disclosed slab. That is if anyone cares about such things
  9. For copper and late bronze it is 9.8 and who cares Why slab a 9.6? If I want a slab I want 9.8. If I want a raw, there is the chance of damaging the book when cracking the slab. And I don’t pay for the slab, it is the book. Is a super super common copper worth $ 50 more for a slight grade bump not 9.8?
  10. Doomsday +1 ;#1-6 in vf/nm Page 1 of sales thread Shoot a PM to @jimjum12 Tons of marvel Bronze horror as well.
  11. Being knowledgeable of his age alone I would tell him go take a hike before dealing with him.
  12. In his post on page 1 he says he is 16. Doesn't the boards have an age requirement? That was an issue with GIJOEISAWESOME when he got shown the door. In any case, dealing with a teenager is often going to bring commitment problems.