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  1. Spider-Man 14

    #3 #4 #6 #9 #13 #15 All rank up there with#14 I am partial to #6 myself. Always liked the lizard.
  2. ETERNALS #1? Buy or sell? Will it last?

    Dealers sell and collectors collect As for flippers, I like seeing them lose their azz I hope for the flippers that their eyes are bigger than their common sense and when the music stops they are without a soft landing
  3. Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    As my variant set gets down to the impossible books i have been looking more for Pre Hero. Some recent pick ups.
  4. So after the second vol, I somehow got sucked in but dropped ASM with #700 and yet another reset. I believe there were 50 something covers to the volume #3 no.1 How long before this title relaunches yet again I wonder. Sure you can point out the money on 50 variant covers, but does all the dead space between relaunches make this worth it? This is one Spidey fan who considers Spider-man gone forever after #700.
  5. Bronze-Age Spideys

    I'd guess 4.5 for the stain, maybe even a 4.0. OP should keep it in a mylar and enjoy it raw.
  6. No grades and no back cover scans. Is it even a question why there are no sales with the bumps. That seller can keep bumping, but a grade or at least a back cover scan might move more books.
  7. A little Carousel of Comics

    Thor 138 Thor 156
  8. Spring Sale Thread

  9. Price Variant Club

  10. Kudos for J. Morrow

    Jerry just purchased ST #89, An incredibly pleasant person to deal with. He paid lightning fast and let me know as soon as the book arrived. Highest recommendations for this awesome boardie
  11. Price Variant Club

    Sunday saw some very interesting results on the 35 cent variants. There were a boatload of 35 centers that sold for as low as under $10 including some tough reprints like MSH #65 and Marvel Triple Action #37. Of course the the two books I wanted went much higher than expected I did have the satisfaction of pushing This book to the point of insanity before losing out. Kind of nice consolation knowing the winner had to way over-pay and the sale will not be in GPA Did anyone else think that lower corner on this book looked very suspicious for a trim?
  12. Price Variant Club

    Very nice! never get tired of seeing these