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  1. Since PayPal bans charging buyers more, then how is it ok to sell here by breaking PP terms of service paypal does not allow using “personal” payments and it is correctly forbidden here. By the same measure PP will not allow you to charge more for a PP payment than other accepted forms of payment. So why is this tolerated here? Just state no PP payments or follow the rules of the service you are using.
  2. Hi, First, i am always buying, but I thought I would throw it out there for trades as well. I have numerous duplicates as well as holes in my variant sets. Always looking to fill those holes by purchase or trade. If you have books I need and need other books back in trade i may be able to do that as well. Trades should be fairly even, but if you are supplying books I need i will make it a little more in your favor. If you want books I have duplicates of and can only offer books I already have, I'll listen to offers, but would expect the same return as - slightly in my favor. I do have many 30 cent variants as well, but only listed the 35 cent books. The books I need are generally the harder to find books, as such you can expect multiple books in return. I do not chase high grade books, there may be a few high grades but mostly expect 4.0-6.0, Not looking for anything special, just books in the same range. The only thing I do not want is sigs or qualified. Need: 30 Cent Variants Kid Colt 208 Two Gun Kid 129 35 Cent Variants Avengers 161 Captain America 212,213 Incredible Hulk 216 Iron Fist 13 Kid Colt: 218,219,220 Marvel Super Heroes 66 Marvel Triple Action 36 Marvel's Greatest Comics 72 Rawhide kid 140,141 Sgt Fury 141,142 Scooby Doo 1 Star Wars 3 Have in Duplicate ASM 173 Avengers 164 Captain America 211 Captain Marvel 51.52 Champions 14.15 Conan 75,76,77,79 Daredevil 146 Defenders 51,52 Doctor Strange 24 Eternals 13,14,15,16 FF 183,185,186,187 Ghost Rider 24,25 Godzilla 2 Howard the Duck 13 Inhumans 11,12 Invaders 20,21 Ironman 101 John Carter 1,2,3,4 Kull 22 Logan's Run 7 Marvel Presents 12 Marvel's Greatest Comics 71,73 Marvel Super Action 3 Marvel Tales 80,82 Marvel Team-up 61 Marvel two-in-One 31,32 Ms Marvel 6,10 Nova 10,12,13 Omega the Unknown 10 Red Sonja 4,5 Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-man 7,8,9,10 Star Wars 2 Super Villain team-up 12 Tarzan 2,3,4,5 Thor 260,262,264 Tomb of Dracula 58,59 2001 a Space Odyssey 7,9,10

    USPS has automated postal machines available in the lobby 24 hours a day 365 in the PO near me. They print out a receipt instantly, so no hassles if there is a problem. I work in the middle of the night, so I can drop stuff off on the way to work with no effort.
  4. It is just a single book, but it was interesting to note that the recent sales of ASM #202 showed the signed book take quite a hit. The blue label 9.8 went around $150 more. At some point the larger market will punish the yellow labels for over-saturation relative to clean blue labels. Once a book is signed it can never go back.
  5. it depends by age, but I collect Bronze so unless it is an uber-key: High Grade 9.8-10 Mid grade (VF) 8.0 -9.6 low grade 4.0 - 7.5 less than 4.0 is a reader
  6. Price Variant Club

    eBay 3.00
  7. The 2017 ComicLink show 'em if you got 'em thread

    Have not even looked at C-Link in at least 2 years. Books going well over GPA wore me out. This one had the low census number to make GPA irrelevant. So my first win in many years.
  8. Show Us Your 10 Cent-ers!

    Picked up a couple of books at a local show today to feed my Atlas Pre Hero addiction
  9. Berkeley Comic Con Nov. 4, Comics Only!

    Picked up a few Pre Hero Atlas for the collection today. Always an enjoyable show without the hoopla just a room full of books.
  10. Influx of new sellers on the boards

    He sent an invoice to me on a prior thread asking for PayPal personal. Uhhh nope, try again. So now the new payment options