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  1. Public domain The constant extending of copyright has ruined characters and stifled imagination and creativity Characters created in 1938 have no business being copyright protected.
  2. Posting the same nonsense over and over does not make it true Mylar is over time cheaper and the books last longer Your logic is flawed. But I don’t think your desire to have the last word is going to persuade anyone. So have at it
  3. Your point was money vs preservation. Mylar is proven to offer better preservation and the money saved is negated by time spent rebagging - which I assume time is worth something. If you are all about cheap, get the TPB
  4. If you saved all that money, perhaps you should consider buying some candy for the trick or treaters next time around
  5. Your break down, breaks down under scrutiny. Re-bagging and lowered grades is an expense, unless you think your time is worth nothing. Your books will degrade and lose money compared to doing things right. Perhaps those who rate Mylar as archival quality, should just store historical documents as you suggest.
  6. It is because of collectors like you that my high grade books are worth more. The amount of books printed each month assures most of them will lose money The amount that are destroyed over the years assure that those that are stored well won’t lose money Carry on, those who prepare salute your short-sightedness
  7. Changing bags, especially when you are doing it in large quantity is when you are most likely to damage your books. This is bad advice.
  8. Spoken like a true ‘East Coaster’ Berkley is closer to Oakland and San Francisco Not sure I would classify that as San Jose area
  9. I have found several 35 cent books with a store stamp “Comics and Comix” with a Berkeley CA address.
  10. With the recent uptick in Conan interest, still no movement on Chamber of Darkness #4? Was this story repurposed as ‘Conan’ in a later issue?
  11. Did you ask your prospective employee if they were a Yankee fan? Entitled cheaters .... don’t trust them EVER