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  1. Jon bought some comics from me and paid with silver bullion. Some would call this a trade but I consider silver/gold real money. Everything was super!
  2. Buy all three for $500 $470 + FREE shipping/ins anywhere in the USA (-$20 off Overseas).
  3. TOS 53 F/F- Asking $180 $170 Second Black Widow I believe! Bought from Heritage as a straight Fine. Probably would fit into a 6.0 slab since the crease is on the back cover.
  4. TOS 49 VG+ Asking $180 $170 Wonderful cover! Nice clean midgrade book.
  5. TOS 46 VG+/VGF Asking $140 $130 I found this extremely tough to price as the last two 5.0s sold for $200ish and a 4.0 just weeks ago sold for $250 (which was a crazy $100 price spike).
  6. Hello again Aces here... I forgot to mention in my first return sales thread: No Probate's No HOShamers (those things are still around correct?) Price is for the book. Shipping cost are exact (no handling changes). I ship Priority Mail with ins/sig conf (Paypal rules) and live in Zip Zone 1 (NE USA) so figure shipping near me would be in the low teens and all the way to the west coast would be in the low 20s. I of course combine shipping on multi purchases. Shipping outside the USA would be more, it's been over five years since I've shipped anything Overseas so I imagine the pri
  7. Hi tech tyranny will be far worse than anything in the past. It's instantaneous, and you can't even see who's doing it.
  8. Ha. I use to sell a lot here since 2003 and quite a few times I took silver/gold bullion as payment.