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  1. I like having this thread in Copper. Gotta loosen it up a little around here!
  2. Someone put a copy of Special Marvel Edition 15 CGC 9.8 on eBay with a $7,000 BIN. And a Sig Series one signed by Starlin for $9K.
  3. I told my wife that the value of whatever collectibles I have when I die will be de minimis compared to the life insurance and other assets, so she should just have a garage sale and offer them all for a buck each, just the way I bought almost all of them!
  4. When you factor in the .5 grades that come back when the books are incomplete, I'm sure the average is not too pretty at all!
  5. GPA showing another SME 15 CGC 9.8 selling two weeks ago for $3,950, non-eBay venue. Is there a way to tell where it was sold through the GPA website?
  6. I read recently on another message board that ConditionFreak, the former Cleveland Policeman had died.
  7. This film is a pale imitation of the original. No need for it to be made at all. Very disappointing. The filmmakers should be ashamed.
  8. You sure about that? They've been charging a fee for an "instant transfer" since last year. Regular old transfer that takes a day or two is still free. Just transferred some dough a few days ago. I didn't even realize there was an instant transfer option. I immediately thought "the man" was hassling me!
  9. Paypal now charging a fee to transfer money to your bank account. Used to be a fee free transaction.
  10. So far, taking your advice would've cost me between $500-1,000.
  11. Up for a week on eBay and it appears to have sold for full ask. Census shows four 9.8s added to the census since the movie was announced in early December....super-duper common in high grade, you say?
  12. Another goofball for the ignore pile....