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  1. My LCS won't let me set up a pull list for less than 10 comics and most mail order places have similar minimums for setting up mail order pulls. Are they going to permit the participating LCS's to buy excess copies and distribute one per customer?
  2. What is the story on the DC bullets again? They are part of the same set as the DCUs? I recall reading about it here.
  3. Let's not pretend that speculeeches are the reason that the comics market is in the dumper. Yes, it's a reason, but it's not even close to the top of the list.
  4. The marketing is reaching regular people because my wife, unprompted, said to me the other day, I want to see that Vin Diesel superhero movie.
  5. I love Bad Ideas in general, so count me in!
  6. Just thinking again how lucky I was to get Stan to sign this when I did. Not to mention Steranko who is no spring chicken himself. I have to get this framed up this year, it's a crime to keep it in my closet!
  7. mrwoogieman


    Yup... at @kav suggestion... I blocked the potential buyer. She is cray cray with a heavy dose of entitlement. I was actually thinking of the OP when I posted that, but it has near-universal application anyway.
  8. mrwoogieman


    Some people are their own worst enemy.
  9. With his terrier sidekick? Exactly what I was thinking! Did they really name the character who becomes a werewolf after a breed of dog?? I guess we can stop shading Stan for Spidey's first, all-but-forgotten character name - Terry Antula
  10. The B&W magazines seemed so grown up to me in the 70s. I loved MoKF in those mags, plus Daughters of the Dragon, Iron Fist, etc., etc. If there is a way to keep it cool instead of hokey, I'll be ecstatic.
  11. Awesome thread! Abundant perversion!
  12. Well, someone has to show some enthusiasm for this modern market, why not you?