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  1. The Director General of the Society - still in existence in the same location in NYC - is looking forward to the return of this bookmark to display in their library. I'll probably drop it off in person sometime next month so I can take a look around.
  2. First Class package mailed from Long Island 10/22, delivered in CA 10/24! Coast to coast and door to door in less than 48 hours.
  3. Any idea if this is a published artist or is it someone trying to pick up a woman by drawing her profile on a piece of scrap paper? It's literally on the bottom of a folded up cardboard food container that you'd see at a con. Looks like a three namer in silver ink, first name Alan or Adam?
  4. I found this for $1 at the flea market Sunday morning, the cover is knocked off and it's in pretty rough shape. But all the pages are there. And this was inside, which I think is kinda neat
  5. I think a lot of what went on with Stan at the end was the result of him outliving so many in his life, not least of which his wife Joanie, and others as well.
  6. This AARP article was linked on Mark Evanier's blog: A shame they don't still horse whip people.
  7. As a Marvel Zombie-kin, the only one I don't think I've ever read is the Black Dragon one. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Wolverine and Punisher minis would be tops on my list!
  8. "whelp, I cased the joint and found out two things - the owner is a man-mountain and he sleeps at the premises." "Let's move on."
  9. Must've been good seats because he did a gatefold!
  10. Thanks for typing this all out, pretty much what I've been thinking since reading this thread.
  11. I lost a poster in my home office for about 2-3 years. I knew it was there but I didn't know where. Finally, I found it one day doing another sweep - it was in a keeper magazine box in my closet but it was in a cardboard sandwich and the sandwich was at the end of the box and I obviously kept passing over it thinking it was just the end of the box!
  12. Good idea. I'll submit, you pay for everything? If I wanted to bankroll it myself, I wouldn't have bothered suggesting it here I would've just gone ahead and done it and then posted the results. People can criticize all they like but if they don't have empirical evidence of over-grading all they are doing is blowing out hot air.
  13. Maybe someone could buy some Grime books and submit a batch and see what comes back. Consider the investment a public service to the boards. That would be worth more than just saying, "there's no way that book is that grade!" all the time.