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  1. mrwoogieman

    New Savage Sword of Conan from Marvel

    I mean, really Michael Golden, is this the best you can do?
  2. mrwoogieman

    New Savage Sword of Conan from Marvel

    Agreed that these magazines (SSoC) are true bargains and what a bang for the buck you get! I decided to liquidate my collection as part of some overall downsizing. I did okay putting them up in lots of three issues for $15 plus shipping, then after the sales petered out after a couple rounds I reduced them to $12 for three and they have been selling like hotcakes!
  3. mrwoogieman

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    I've got a 14 day return policy on my eBay sales. Unless I reach an agreement with a buyer beforehand to extend that window, there is (almost) no way I'm taking something back months and months after the fact no matter what the reason (almost no way as I'm sure I could think of some set of circumstances that could alter my thinking on this but it certainly wouldn't be that CGC takes four months to grade a book). I've read on here before guys saying things like I bought this x years ago from this dealer and discovered it was restored two days ago what can I do, I'm heartsick! Well, maybe be a more vigilant buyer for a start and failing that, lick your wounds and move on. Or, go back to the dealer and throw yourself on his mercy and your track record in the intervening years as a good, repeat buyer. But to expect it as a matter of course? No! Edit to add: I realize the 14 day return window is subject to expansion by Paypal and credit card rules, but that enlarged window still doesn't give a buyer enough time to get something CGC graded and then return it, save for the expensive walk through rates. Under those circumstances, a buyer would be better off getting a local professional to inspect and offer an opinion as to restoration (if not grade) in time to make the return.
  4. mrwoogieman

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Someone took my Rai 0 in VF- for $15 today.
  5. mrwoogieman

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Like trusting a lawyer that can't spell veracity??? At least he didn't type Wallah!
  6. mrwoogieman

    If you don't love the artform...

    Don't make me feel guilty for money grubbing! But yeah, I'd like to think if you are in this hobby you'd start having an appreciation for some of this stuff at least. I wish I didn't always have to think about $ while participating in this hobby. When you don't have tons of available cash to just toss in your closet, monetary concerns drive how and why you collect what you collect. For me, the rise of the internet and especially eBay have allowed me to participate in the hobby to a far greater extent than my finances would have otherwise permitted, both in terms of volume and in terms of value. So, although it is correct to say that my participation in the hobby is primarily driven by economic considerations, the underlying motive to participate thusly is due to "love of the art form". Even when I buy something outside of my usual wheelhouse just to turn a profit, going through the sales process can be quite enjoyable in a non-economic, hobby-related sense as well by providing access to read, view and enjoy books I would otherwise never get to touch.
  7. I would imagine at CGC currently. Not a book I am interested, but man if the movie goes over well high grade will be a small fortune. Well, not a SME 15 but I do see a 9.4 graded copy of Special Marvel Edition 16 listed on CC's next Event Auction scheduled for March. Not the same thing I would imagine, especially since it has been graded by the other grading company. Looks like three 9.6 copies have sold for around $1,000 each this month, and someone put up a 9.8 on eBay this week with a BIN/Best Offer at $3,999! It does have White pages, but still...
  8. mrwoogieman

    Is it true - destroying comics to create rarity???

    Cause you're lazy?
  9. Too early! Hang on until the movie well and truly gets under weigh. Maybe even until an early trailer is released.
  10. mrwoogieman

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Thank you, it's a White pager too!
  11. mrwoogieman

    current turn around rates at CGC

    well? Finalized on Friday, still noted as Grading/Quality Control on the portal. Got the grade for the SME 15
  12. That was the Seaford indoor flea? The Bellmore train station flea market's winter home. I often say about that flea that if you offered to buy a guy out, he'd decline on the grounds of - "what am I going to do next weekend??" Like a toddler who needs to pee, those guys hold on to their junk!
  13. I went to a house sale that was really a flea market guy setting up in his living room. Stuff was well picked through, but I still managed to make a pile of 40 comics for $30. The stack was bigger at first but I culled it a bit before paying. By the time I got home and sorted through everything, I still think I overpaid but oh well!
  14. mrwoogieman

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Called for the grades on Friday afternoon, they said call back Monday. My Special Marvel Edition15 is in there!