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  1. My LCS sent me a reminder email today that my NFP 1, issue 2 and Tankers 1 are all waiting for me!
  2. If you let eBay manage your payments they give you 250 free listings per month instead of 200.
  3. Picked up all of the first-series Valiant last issues for a buck each at my favorite junk shop Saturday afternoon - Bloodshot 51, X-O 68, Magnus 64, Solar 60, Eternal Warrior 50, Shadowman 43, etc. Plus some other odds and ends to round out the visit.
  4. If I recall correctly, when CGC first opened Modern tier was 1980 and was moved back to 1975 at a later date.
  5. Resurrecting this thread to post my latest find. Dollar box diving at the junk shop.
  6. Here's a podcast if you want to hear the straight dope from Dino and Warren (props to Jace from the Valiantfans board for posting this there): You can watch on YouTube - any Podcast Platform (show notes here) - ... en-simons/
  7. Passed over a few I already had but this was new for my collection
  8. Here’s a few out of the small pile I picked up yesterday. The Bullseye was a surprise to me I didn’t think the Marvel Knights line was on the newsstands.
  9. Found these at a junk shop here in NY last month. They are French language comic book sized square bound magazines with a mix of color comic stories, articles and photos from the various Star Wars movies