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  1. Thread is caught up and I'm going through PMs now. If I don't get back to you, it either sold to the PM before you or it's going to Florida with my next order I let this thread run through tonight and close it up in the morning. xxx ooo Rupp
  2. Sales were so brisk I decided to wait till a later date Find me a CGC 9.6 Strange Adventures # 217 and maybe we can trade xxx ooo Rupp
  3. Well GOT ended and while it wasn't as god-awful as the Seinfeld or Dexter finales...well...all I can say is it ended... and now I can save $14.95 per month by canning HBO 😜 I'll close this thread tmrw and get out invoices (er invoice)...and put all unsold treats back in their boxes. xxx ooo Rupp
  4. And that... is that. I'm done with a few hours left to rest before GOT. Oh and since @echu was the first person and only one nicest enough to purchase anything from this thread, you sir can take 20% off any other items you wish to buy in this thread. I mean ANYTHING ! xxx ooo Rupp
  5. WONDER WOMAN # 301 - GLOSSY NM-/VF COPY - $6 Unobtrusive upper right front cover corner crease keeps this from higher glory. REPEATING LOGO CLASSIC COVER