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  1. CREATURES ON THE LOOSE # 30 - CGC 9.6 - OWTWP - $475 SHIPPED USA ! SWEET COPY WITH GREAT CENTERING ! FIRST APPEARANCE OF SIMON STROUD WHO WILL BE PLAYED BY TYRESE GIBSON IN THE NEW MORBIUS MOVIE... AND ALSO MAN-WOLF BEGINS ! I HAVE A FEW SIMPLE SELLING STATEMENTS / RULES BELOW. THEY WILL BE FOLLOWED TO THE LETTER...NO EXCUSES PLEASE. PLEASE READ & ABIDE BY THEM ! ALL LOW HANGING FRUIT OFFERS WILL BE TREATED AS SUCH The simple rules... - 1st in the sales thread beats ANY agreement between parties via PM or elsewhere. It's fine if someone wants to post the " sign pending scan"... but realize if someone posts the sign after you without a "pending scan" notation, then their will trump yours. If someone posts in the sales thread in the time it takes me to mark it sold to you from your PM, you also will lose item. If you're really worried about losing the item, then you better post it here in the sales thread - Paypal only please. Your paypal address must be confirmed and I only ship to the confirmed address noted in your paypal account. Not verified? Then get verified - No probies, HOS, people who I choose not to sell to... or those on my personal ignore list. If you are on one of these lists, I will tell you in the thread to please delete your "take it"... and go elsewhere. - Payment required within three days of me sending you an initial invoice unless prior arrangements are made beforehand. If you want to add to your invoice, that's fine... but it's still THREE DAYS after you're sent the INITIAL invoice. This rule is in place regardless of weather or not you read the invoice and leave it flashing in your inbox. I try to plan all this out so I can get paid fast and ship fast with minimal trips to the PO. Realize that after the three days after I send your initial invoice, books are back up for sale. By winning my book(s), you agree to this. Not trying to be wank-ish, just more efficient. Not really interested in time payments, as I need these books out the door. - Shipping will be Medium Flat Rate boxed and insured for USA Paypal confirmed addresses and is INCLUDED IN THE SALE PRICE ABOVE. If additional priority mail boxes are needed for your merchandise, then please note, the shipping price will go up. I promise you I'm not in this to make money off shipping. Please don't whine about shipping cost after the fact, it's posted right here. Please don't ask me to ship any other way. I like using the Flat Rate boxes and they offer a superior amount of protection. I am picking up insurance on these after the free $50 in protection they give for priority mail, so buy lots and save more - PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT currently shipping outside of the USA at this time. - Returns gladly accepted within 7 days of receipt of package at buyer's expense. That said, if you cannot follow my simple return instructions (depending on the situation), then no return for you. Need to see how legit I am... here are 30+ pages of my kudos. PICS COMING IN A BIT...
  2. Dre, I, for one, loved you being on the boards. Always great seeing all those variants, etc. Concerning my orders, your raw copies were always nice... as was your customer service. That said, I'm sure you and Max Carnage will get things squared away. I must ask... why didn't you utilize the Marketplace Probations section to weed out those that ghosted you and weren't paying for their orders? It does help to bring people back around. Should you decide to come back and continue to have those same problems, please give it a try. xxx ooo Rupp
  3. if no one has snagged it yet. Dang it xxx ooo Rupp
  4. All packages are packed and shipped excluding one, cool straggler The recap on page 19 is up to date ( 99.9% sure ). This thread will be closing later on this if anyone sees anything they want to snag, now is the time. xxx ooo Rupp
  5. One bump and price drop before these go back to vault (closet ) xxx ooo Rupp