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  1. Great transaction from start to finish 😁 Can only hope for more transactions with Jeff! Many thanks ! xxx ooo Rupp
  2. DELIVERY CONFIRMATION NUMBERS - ALL SHIPPED TODAY (11/16/20) Just match your zip code with the delivery confirmation number and BAM! ...tracking info 9505 8132 5802 0321 5036 26 - 80521 9505 8132 5802 0321 5036 33 - 07644 9505 8132 5802 0321 5036 40 - 97630 9505 8132 5802 0321 5036 57 - 96817 9505 5132 5802 0321 5036 63 - 79416 9505 8132 5802 0321 5036 71 - 53151 9505 5132 5802 0321 5036 87 - 07044 9505 5132 5802 0321 5036 94 - 77045 9505 5132 5802 0321 5037 00 - 89144 9505 5132 5802 0321 5037 17 - 95035 9505 5132 5802 0321 5037 24 - 71203 9505 5132 5802 0321 5037 31 - 47711 9505 5132 5802 0321 5037 48 - 06470 9505 8132 5802 0321 5037 56 - 78240 9505 8132 5802 0321 5037 63 - 08824 9505 5132 5802 0321 5037 86 - 98058 9505 8132 5802 0321 5037 94 - 30277 All in the mail and in route to you! Many thanks to all who purchased and joined in...I appreciate it xxx ooo Rupp
  3. AMAZING FANTASY & ARANA LOT CONTAINS AMZ FANTASY # 2, 3, 6 & ARANA # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 ! ALL COPIES NM-/NM CONDITION ! "RUPP'S SALES ARE BIGGER, BETTER, STRONGER, LONGER, FASTER, DEEPER AND MORE LIKELY TO GET YOU NOT ONLY WHAT YOU WANT, BUT WHAT YOU NEED !" - A CUSTOMER QUOTE $ SHIPPED / INSURED PRIORITY MAIL USA ! PAYMENT DUE WITHIN THREE DAYS OF INVOICES GOING OUT I HAVE A FEW SIMPLE SELLING STATEMENTS / RULES BELOW. THEY WILL BE FOLLOWED TO THE LETTER...NO EXCUSES PLEASE. PLEASE READ & ABIDE BY THEM ! The simple rules... - 1st in the sales thread beats ANY agreement between parties via PM or elsewhere. It's fine if someone wants to post the " sign pending scan"... but realize if someone posts the sign after you without a "pending scan" notation, then their will trump yours. If someone posts in the sales thread in the time it takes me to mark it sold to you from your PM, you also will lose item. If you're really worried about losing the item, then you better post it here in the sales thread - Paypal only please. Your paypal address must be confirmed and I only ship to the confirmed address noted in your paypal account. Not verified? Then get verified. Paypal Goods & Services only for your protection and mine. - No probies, HOS, people who I choose not to sell to... or those on my personal ignore list. If you are on one of these lists, I will tell you in the thread to please delete your "take it"... and go elsewhere. - Payment required within three days of me sending you an initial invoice unless prior arrangements are made beforehand. If you want to add to your invoice, that's fine... but it's still THREE DAYS after you're sent the INITIAL invoice. This rule is in place regardless of weather or not you read the invoice and leave it flashing in your inbox. I try to plan all this out so I can get paid fast and ship fast with minimal trips to the PO. Realize that after the three days after I send your initial invoice, books are back up for sale. By winning my book(s), you agree to this. Not trying to be wank-ish, just more efficient. Not really interested in time payments, as I need these books out the door. - Shipping will be Medium Flat Rate boxed and insured for USA Paypal confirmed addresses and is INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. Please note that due to circumstances beyond a normal American's control, post office delivery times have been off since the "Age Of LeJoy" began this past year The Flat Rate Priority Mail box shown here shows 40 bagged and boarded comics next to it to gauge the approximate amount of books it can safely hold. I can try to get more in (depending on the size of the books) by taking out some boards and still pack safely. This isn't a definite gauge, some books are thicker than others. Consider this a guide. The next size up box available is the Flat Rate square box that costs approximately $21. Both are well made boxes and if you've ordered from me before, you know I try my best to protect the contents. - PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT currently shipping outside of the USA at this time. - Returns gladly accepted within 7 days of receipt of package at buyer's expense. That said, if you cannot follow my simple return instructions (depending on the situation), then no return for you. Need to see how legit I am... here are 30+ pages of my kudos.
  4. All righty fellas... all invoices sent and almost everyone has paid up too I'll start packing tmrw with hopes of getting most of this in the mail on Monday/Tuesday. Once all boxes hit the PO, I'll post the delivery confirmation numbers here for ease of it all This thread will stay open the rest of the weekend and it's been updated so if anyone out there still looking, use the recap on page 1 and also feel free to take advantage of the discounts on page 32. Thanks again to everyone who joined in ! xxx ooo Rupp
  5. Working on invoices for the next while... hopefully I'll have all sent tonight. No problem to add on with % discounts I posted above if you see anything else you want throughout the thread Big ole RECAP on page 1 that I'm trying to keep updated every few hours xxx ooo Rupp
  6. $8.65 a month with property taxes of 69%... add in my garnished wages for back child support and possum upkeep, and I be deep under upin' Redmud County
  7. Look out ! @lizards2 is on a buying spree ! I appreciate you buddy... keep going cause poppa needs to pay the back rent down here in TN xxx ooo Rupp
  8. Ok I've got the thread updated and all that has been sold has been marked. The RECAP took all day so no invoices until tmrw To keep the last day flowing... let's pop out some DISCOUNTS Sorry, but discounts do not apply to ANY SLABS, OMNIBUSES, or already discounted TRADE PAPERBACKS / HARDBACKS...these I've priced cheap enough. Of course, you can always PM me, who knows, but I'm pretty close as it is IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED SOMETHING FROM THIS THREAD BY THIS POST... TAKE 20% OFF ! IF YOU HAVE NOT PURCHASED SOMETHING FROM THIS THREAD BY THIS POST... TAKE 10% OFF ! xxx ooo Rupp
  9. Greatly appreciate the info. All that time I spent looking for the missing issues was still fun... even if it was pointless 😂. xxx ooo Rupp
  10. That's it for this thread kids. I will start on invoices and a recap sometime tomorrow. This one was more work it seemed... I guess because of the election taking me away from it for a day Many thanks to all and by all means, please buy some stuff. xxx ooo Rupp
  11. STARTLING DETECTIVE NOVEMBER 1957 - GLOSSY FN/VF COPY - $50 When you want to choke one out, head to Beach Resort 63 years old and murdering women never goes out of fashion... . I kid... I kid... never ok to just up and murder a woman. You got to have a reason I kid... I kid
  12. MAN'S BOOK DECEMBER 1966 - GLOSSY VF COPY - $75 This mags got Nazis, swastikas , guns and a flamethrower to the rear bondage cover with headlights. That about covers it. SOLD AT 20% OFF TO LIZARDS2
  13. STARTLING DETECTIVE DECEMBER 1940 - GLOSSY VF/VF+ COPY - $75 Fantastic noir cover with a babe you just know is gonna gets a beatin' This magazine is 80 years old as of next month. It's sweet and would look good displayed in your goon room or Buffalo Bill hideaway.
  15. SUPERMAN # 252 - 100 PAGE SPECTACULAR - VG/VG+ COPY - $20 SWEET NEAL ADAMS COVER. Basic over edge wear brings this one down. Bottom of square bound spine has 1/4 inch split and there is a half inch tear on edge in front of Spectre.
  17. MOON KNIGHT (2011) # 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10,11 - ALL GLOSSY AVE VF/NM MINUS COPIES - ALL FOR $30 A few spine ticks on a few issues (#8, 11) in this lot bring the average down a tad, most NM MINUS copies. BENDIS RUN. MOON KNIGHT IS HOT !
  18. MOON KNIGHT (2014) # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 - ALL GLOSSY AVE NM-/NM COPIES - ALL FOR $60 WARREN ELLIS RUN. MOON KNIGHT IS HOT ! Get this run for LESS THAN ORIGINAL COVER PRICE.
  19. MOON KNIGHT (1980) # 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 - ALL PENCE COPIES - ALL FOR $100 I tried to finish this pence set for a few years and I gave up. Not an easy set to complete since his popularity has taken off. I'd grade this lot at an average of VF/VF+... a few slightly better and a few slightly worse. All scans front and back provided. Issue 1 is a sweet VF/NM copy. If you collect foreign books, this run would look good in your collection.