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  1. Well... no question it was Stan AND Jack wanting to be topical, but it’s not like the character got his own comic to start. And Stan is the one who chose to make the Panthers face mask a full mask, thus disguising his skin color. He worried about the reaction. It’s warranted for the time, and I still think it took guts to have the character in the first place, but... Stan was touring a LOT of college campus’ at the time and seeing a LOT of diverse faces out there... It was being topical AND thinking it could be a successful sales idea... Stan was an idea guy. But those ideas had to make money.
  2. It’s worth noting that comics always struggled with their attempts to diversify, which they did for MARKET SHARE reasons, while movies, also after bigger MARKET SHARES and demographics (NOT agendas) has succeeded tremendously. Marvel Studios only goal with Black Panther and Captain Marvel was to increase their PROFITS. Both are HUGE successes paving the way for a diversified future.
  3. I remember meeting Tom Palmer a few years ago at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC (one of the best shows of the year). Seeing his actual artwork made me realize he was more than just an inker - but rather a finisher! An artists as good as some he inked! Yes, very complimentary indeed!
  4. Which, incidentally... they are already doing Facebook AND an Instagram
  5. Yep. And that is still there. Play the obstacles. Understand the game, and adapt. People come and go everyday. The forum continues on. None of us here are 'the forum'. I've heard about 'how it used to be' since the day I joined a little over 9 years ago. People come and go everyday. The forum continues on. It IS different now. I'm playing Devil's Advocate here, because I would prefer it was how it used to be (which even then wasn't exactly perfect, but...) Example: Many years ago, a poster who is no longer here, made what I thought was the most offensive post I'd ever read and I straight up responded by calling him a male appendage, but written as the offensive slang for it (there's a way to do it without it getting censored). I didn't get a warning OR a strike for it, because moderation actually understood what had happened. The other guy got a month vacation and is currently the competition's forum regular. NOW - I'd probably get a strike for it THESE DAYS, because a) in a B&W world I broke the forum rules, b) moderation DOESN'T know and understand what's going on here and c) I have a few people who troll me simply to report any of my posts they feel are worth reporting. I could cry about it. I could whine about it. I could say, "I'm leaving!" and come back on occasion to remind people "I'm leaving", or I could just get bored by it and go. ME, it'll probably be the latter. I ain't beggin' no one to stay and I don't want anyone beggin' me to stay. When the time comes, I'll just go. Play the obstacles and when you get bored, move on. I DO have an ego, but believe it or not I don't see any more value in the 800 word posts I make as in the 5 word posts someone else might make. When I'm bored of the game here, I'll be playing another. No FDQ exit necessary. I said my piece, its there for anyone to read. It's a big world out there. Plenty of other entertainment. CGC has always seen this forum as an after thought. I doubt they've grown any more fond of it than that. Writing ownership? I'm not saying some good COULDN'T come of it. I'm just saying, don't hold yer breath.
  6. But what is the value? I came here originally to learn more about comics. NOW, there's a whole host of people I know that I can ask questions of. I don't need to post in Comic General ever again if I don't have to - though if I choose to share the information I've learned - it's right there for me to do. There's still knowledge that can be gained from this place. But people are going to come and go regardless of moderation - they either enjoy the interaction or they get bored with it and leave. Are mods paid? Who's paid? How do I get on THAT gravy train?
  7. But what value is that? What is it you got from this place that you no longer feel you can get?
  8. When I was a kid, we played ‘fuzz ball’ in our neighborhood. That’s baseball with a tennis ball. When it hit a car or light post or whatever and took a crazy bounce some other way, there was no do over. It was always “Play the obstacles”. Thats my philosophy of life. Play the obstacles, there are no do overs. Learn the terrain. Get smart. This forum is what it is. Moderation is what it is. Play the obstacles. We can whine about it or quit or dream of someone making a change, but ultimately who really gives a toot? Its a silly forum where we argue about .2 difference in an imaginary grading system for comic books. No ones paid to be here, no ones paid to stay. Play the obstacles. Value the ignore function and don’t cheat. Save your politics for Facebook or wherever you post that no one cares either. It’s not that difficult. *One time my friend Tom hit a line shot through our neighbors window. I was playing outfield. He hesitated at home plate because he thought he was in trouble. As our neighbor (a 30+ year old nice guy Canadian) came barreling out his front door, I stepped inside and grabbed the ball and end up holding him to a single. Play the obstacles.
  9. I'm not surprised at all. There's a HUGE world out there that is NOT a part of the little entsy teentsy 'comic book community'. In fact, probably 99% of women are a part of the REAL world, rather than this comic book one. And many of them love the Marvel movies, but... have been waiting for a REAL kick but(t) female superhero as a part of the MCU. And here she is.
  10. I tend to agree - I can’t stand the original Secret Wars - silly to the Nth degree - BUT Civil war worked as a movie (as far as success - I’m not a fan of it personally) and it’s essentially the same kind of concept... (throw everyone together - big fight).
  11. The Comicsgate ‘fans’ that are talking down Captain Marvel leading the MCU in this new phase are the same ones who told us: Kathleen Kennedy would be fired from Star Wars by now. Rian Johnson was out at Disney because of TLJ and would never make another Star Wars movie. Black Panther would be a failure. And that Captain Marvel would do Doctor Strange box office numbers. The only thing that means anything in Hollywood is MONEY. And Captain Marvel is knocking it out of the park. They can make all the excuses they want - when you invest millions in something - ANYTHING can happen. And when it turns out to be a BILLION dollar winner - it is a BIG WINNER. Captain Marvel is seen as a BIG winner by the only people that matter - the studio. She is the future of the MCU. Read it and weep. Kathleen Kennedy is still in charge. Rian Johnson is making a TRILOGY of Star Wars movies. Black Panther is the highest grossing domestic superhero movie ever. And Captain Marvel is leading the new Phase. All I hear are excuses and desperate hopes.