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  1. DBoy

    One More Purchase

    Wonder what's keeping it from being. 9.8?
  2. I had a similar experience with a seller on eBay so I blocked him and won't buy anything nor will he be able to buy from me.
  3. DBoy

    Cgc Spider Man 1

    Ok so what is this about?
  4. I guess it pays being a good big boy this year. I must say that I must have done something right this year to deserve the gift I had just received from the good people at CGC. I have to admit over the past few years I was frustrated along with other collectors with some of the things that CGC was changing with their company such as changing their modern tier from 1975 to 1980 and with their slower turn around times with higher prices and not so friendly staff at the shows, but this past year that all seems to have faded away with friendlier staff and faster turnaround times with reasonable prices on grading. I just received in the mail today a returned submission from the NYCC this past October and to my surprise I almost fainted when I opened the box and saw my ASM #148 come back a 9.8! I was in total shock considering that when I submitted it there were only 6 in the registry in this grade so this would be lucky number 7. I had recently saw on eBay one had just sold for $2500 so I was really shocked that this book was in such high demand and rarity in this high grade but I have no intentions of selling this bad boy in the near future but to rather join its high grade friends in my collection. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays! To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.