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  1. A Quiet Place

    Just saw this today. It was suspenseful at times but overall just OK. The creatures reminded me of the monsters in Pitch Black. The CGI was similar and so was the premise (just focused on sound and not sight).
  2. Magazine bags and boards

    You can buy directly from egerber. They have a website and you will need to call in your order.
  3. Magazine bags and boards

    I use mylite 2s with full backing boards from egerber.
  4. This week in your Magazine collection.

    This beauty is on its way purchased from a board member
  5. This week in your Magazine collection.

    Arguably the hardest mag run to put together in any grade. Scarce is an understatement.
  6. Sentimental Marvel Mini-Series

    That’s it. And one of my favorite late bronze/early copper stories!
  7. I’m surprised any of these are still here. So much bang for your buck—the art and stories in these books is off the charts. Andrew is a great seller and this is an original owner collection to boot!
  8. This week in your Magazine collection.

    tough one to find in high grade! I think this was due to limited distribution?
  9. 1984/94 3,4,7,11,14,18,21,22,23,24,25,26,27. Take