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  1. Just a follow up... putting my money where my mouth is: I submitted two 9.8’s for the recent signing. One came back a 9.6... the other came back a 9.4! The books were Universals which came back as Signatures. The 9.6 was cool... but the 9.4 did hurt. To be completely honest though, If I could do it over, I still would. The Signature is more appealing to me. Even with the drop to 9.4. That being said, if I was a seller, I’d be crying because the drop, the 9.4 in particular, would be a loss. bottom line: grade drops occur. To be clear, most of the 9.8’s
  2. No Signature series label. You’ll get the qualified label. Eastman is doing a signing in a few weeks with CGC. Why not have him sign the book again? You’ll get a Signature Qualified label (yellow label with green trim).
  3. Looking for issues in 9.8 Universal or Signature. I believe the highest signature on some issues is a 9.6. I’ll take those as well.
  4. Agreed. Given that you’ve already taken the time and money to confirm the signature, why go through another process?
  5. If you have a white pager or the lone signature, I’m interested...
  6. I like the gold. Direct version. Did not like the UPC box in the 80’s and 90’s... and I still don’t like them.
  7. I just closed it per your notice! Thank you! PM incoming!