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  1. R.I.P. a giant of our hobby
  2. start a trade thread in the comic art section! State what you have for trade and what you are looking for and I bet you get some bites.
  3. and a flood of comic shops closing up with inventory becoming available as well
  4. you can iron it or put it in a press but if you have a lot of itoyas stick it in there, put this one on the bottom and wait a year and it will be fine. You might not even know it was ever there after enough time passes
  5. wifey dragged me to the theater yesterday for was fine but nothing amazing. I didn't really like some of the ways characters were changed but that really isn't a criticism of the movie, more what I wanted. Wifey loved the spectacle of it. Some bad plot decisions just to get you to the cute ending but all in all not a waste of my time. (Is that a sterling recommendation or what...not a waste of my time!)
  6. I wish words work in brain for me. trying to express thoughts on range in one grade... even among comps (same grade books...not truly identical but what are you going to do) you can never know...I chose this book at random...ASM 60...9.0 last year $241 low and $567 high (11 days after someone paid $264) with 7 sales...this year 3 sales $350, $249, $218. This may not be representative, but just determining how much value slabbing added to a 9.0 copy of this issue is pretty difficult. But I would venture to guess that whomever got $567 will be slabbing more books. I am not a dealer, just my side hustle and I cannot count on my reputation and grading skills to carry the day so cgc lets me value books more accurately and I feel that they are easier to sell, except for the bad bad mistakes
  7. everyone does it differently (some move large volume of books immediately after) but generally yes. I myself do not look for more to buy until I am organized and selling well but I also do not have a storage unit filled like some of these here nutters
  8. well, that was craigslist as well as my second one...but in the second big buy those books had surface grime on them and I ended up selling the remnants on craigslist myself. I still made money but it wasn't fun. So you can do okay there but it is far more misses than hits. I don't do craigslist anymore myself but it found me those two large collections and some smaller ones as well
  9. oh yeah! easily doubled it and more...NM98 came back 9.6 which I sold and turned into a 9.8 instead. It was my first major sales thread here...mixed items with magazines, book and records, sci fi, all over the place. I have 30-50 copies of Superman 400 as well, I get a few signed every so often.
  10. some of us are bottom feeders for example...I bought a small collection for $850 or something. this was early on for me in the flip collections hustle so I sold the few keys immediately instead of keeping the keys and taking my time to sell the bulk So I got 75 or so copies of Bloodshot 1 in there...really sharp with a few having light scuffs in the hologram but dollar books still, maybe $5 on the right day. But a 9.8 might fetch $50...and they look good enough to skip pressing. So what to do? Sell for $2 each or do I pull one or two that look sweet and send them in? Bottom feeding needs return and with the collection more cost recovered I could put more $ in and slab or just keep. Now what sells easier...a $2 Bloodshot 1 or a $49 Bloodshot 1 9.8? And do I press it anyway...or maybe I can press it myself? 9.6 might be break even but could even be a loss if pressing fee is in there and 9.4 is a sure loss. Me- I went without press and sent 1 in with some other books. My first was a 9.8 and yes I got the $50, so $2 profit became $20 or $25 profit. Second also 9.8, but 3rd 9.4. Full stop. Wait for movie!