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  1. For P. Craig Russell fans

    Beautiful pieces John, keep it up! I myself considered that Surfer piece when I saw it for sale last week or so. And although I owned that last piece once upon a time as well I have long since ceded hope to the title of Master of the Mystic Artists to which you so deservedly may lay claim.
  2. I got it covered. PM me an email address and I will shoot it over. Good luck with everything.
  3. Also, I seem to be hung up on the idea that there should be 7 members here. But Batman Superman WW Flash Aquamamoa and Cyborg is it, right?
  4. My wife and oldest daughter are extremely fond of Jason Mamoa. I guess he is on GoT? In any event, my wife loved the trailer and said how awesome Aquaman seemed. I am not necessarily against alien invasion as much as mindless streams of debris/dust/earth whatever and this seems to handle it well, down on the street like Avengers did. I am looking forward to it, and I still have not seen BvS in its' entirety.
  5. Remember that the following are all in effect until thread closes sometime tonight. Buy four different Marvel 3 or 4 issue Limited Series and the lowest priced one will be free. So buy 3 get 1 free on the Marvel 3 or 4 issue Limited Series. Take 25% off listed prices for all remaining items on page 1! New purchases only Take 15% off listed prices for all remaining items on page 2! New purchases only
  6. It seems a little too quiet around here right now so I am more likely than not going to close this thread up tomorrow evening. I greatly appreciate the purchases so far, they have kept me going posting another 1000 comics this thread. I am not going to do any price reductions on page three here and although I think prices are pretty solid on page two I will offer 15% off listed prices on any remaining items on page 2 starting now; new purchases only. So 25% off listed prices for page 1 and 15% off listed prices for page 2.
  7. Iron Man 285-301, + Iron Manual 1 18 comics SOLD Thunderstrike 1-4, 6-24 23/24 issues in the series, yeah I know 23 comics $12 Secret Wars II 1-9 complete 9 comics $20
  8. Guardians of the Galaxy 1-4 4 comics $10 Stardust 1-4 complete 4 comics $12 Avengers Unplugged 1-6 complete 6 comics $4
  9. Thanks! Amazing Spider-Man 4 1 comic $18 Web of Spider-Man oddball lot 31, 66, 90, 91, 100 5 comics $8
  10. After I listed the new items I went back and lowered prices on most items on page two as well.