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  1. You sir, are to be commended. You not only researched the heck out of this but you are telling a compelling tale as well. I pity your enemies.
  2. looks like last sold (on gpa at least) for $61 sept 20, 2020...same book sold for $84 on 7/26/20 wait 6 months and get it for $49 or so!
  3. gpa shows the cert # on each sale if you click through deep enough
  4. I agree And I sent in 14 modern crappers (GR15, 2 regular and 2 2nd print!) about 6 weeks ago to joey. And from all signs I will also have 2/6 in my value submission bumped to a higher tier, if value exists by the time I get there
  5. you have to slide in an access card to have the pump dispense, so even if you get there and no one is around and you are willing to do have to wait for someone to come out and do it for you
  6. there is another thread on it as well, all categories being combined into one...comics and graphic novels or something like that
  7. Is that Art Adams on the X-Men? (Ramos?, hard to see features) Seems like Grindberg on the Surfer.
  8. same occupation but just organized differently
  9. I have a seal 210 but the wiring is wonky and I need to get it fixed. Can't just tuck it under my arm and walk out the door though!
  10. could he release the pressure and then open the press?
  11. this place is about to get a cleaning! I see it as a promotion for Monica Rambeau & Kamala Khan more than a demotion for Carol Danvers. If the movie is about legacy, the character of CM is elevated regardless of the amount of screen time Brie gets. Photon was always a favorite of mine, weirdly powered black woman who leads the Avengers! You go girl!
  12. Roy Thomas is a good writer and a voluminous writer/adapter. But I am not sure that he is/was EVER the draw on a comic so I would not expect his sig to increase value as it would for other writers. This is no disrespect to Roy Thomas. I still remember reading my Roy and Dann Thomas comics!