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  1. If remember (and I will, just might be a day or two) I will check my browser history at work and post here in the thread.
  2. I went to Ball State for my Ph.D. and saw today that they have a comic estate sale in Muncie coming up! Don't ask where I saw it as I just tried tofind it again and could not. But I wish they were doing that in 1995-1998 when I lived there.
  3. I have something like 8-10 of these and have not yet read them all but the Dave Stevens' Rocketeer is my favorite so far. Revelatory!
  4. we are all local to somewhere. Where are you?
  5. $0.99 starting ebay bid?
  6. I was going to alert you to my auction but I see that you see it. Am I nutso on price? I have zero experience in this realm.

    1. Bird


      and you get free s/h too Jimmers!

    2. porcupine48


      I don't think so?I'm not sure on a book like that.My toes are still just getting wet on stuff like that...i'll be eyeballing and best wishes on it!


  7. Speed Comics 11 on ebay - 1940 goodness! I have only owned it a few weeks but I have read it and I spent some good cash today on comics, so I listed my Speed Comics #11 (08/1940) on ebay. 10 day auction with starting bid of $200 and BIN of $300. 10% discount on BIN and free US shipping for boardies as long as there are no bids on it at the time so I can end it. Just PM me here to take advantage of that but no discount or free shipping if you buy it on ebay.
  8. when they exempt the person who signs the item I thought that included SS as well. But I live in NJ so I didn't give it a second thought.
  9. I bet you go back! The guy who sold me the Web comics yesterday said he had a bunch in his basement all bagged and boarded but they were his sons. One son is out of the house and the other is soon to follow; he was sitting there mmute but didn't seem interested in selling them to me. The Mom & Dad took my number and said they would call when they were ready to sell. I want to go back already and get dem comics!!!
  10. Not me! I have an 8.5 and picked up a raw 7.0ish today that will press up some. For every seller there is a buyer too!
  11. perhaps the hoary hosts of haggoth? The mystic moons of munipoor? Glue?
  12. Yep! At $2 I can still flip it but only for tree-fiddy!
  13. of course it wouldn't! But as they say in the 5th panel "Why do I put up with you? WHY? WHY? WHY?"
  14. well, did I just buy a hagar original at a yard sale? I'll let you know once I rip the frame apart and look at HA for comparables! Risk/reward is in my favor at $2!