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  1. I agree. This fits in with my desire to see more depth and less breadth in these reports. I would take objective reporting about prior sales/comps over conjecture about realized prices all day long. I have not been fond of the meta-commentary about prices e.g. "more/less than expected" as they seem to come out of thin air and are generally presented without backing data/evidence.
  2. Exactly. Everything else works for me, quite well actually.
  3. Okay, I added a bunch of stuff recently (sales are very good as well) and will run another discount offer as packing a lot one time is easier than packing a little frequently! I currently have comics and original comic art listed on ebay with a total price a little over $3000.00. If someone wants to put together a larger order I would offer a large discount if you buy here and not through ebay. Comics: 25% off if you buy $300 or more at listed prices (so $300 of the ebay stuff becomes $225 if sold via PM here). I will take 40% off for $500 or more of ebay comics and 50% off if you manage to find $1000 of my ebay comics. Comic art - 20% off all listed BINs Limited time offer, let's say one week or until I say it is over...which ever comes first.
  4. I am going to put the rest of these on ebay and close the thread. Please PM for any interest. I do not know what is wrong with you people, everyone wants cheap art and then these sit here with no offers. Cheapskates!
  5. @Shadow Images you did not do that correctly I do not think. Hey @Architecht, Shadow has a good question (about allowing violations of paypal's terms of service)
  6. Favorite Comic Posters

    Before Spencers there were head shops, at least in NJ. The surf shop in Toms River sold concert tickets, bongs, posters, comics, incense, and assorted sundries as well as surf stuff. (I bought a tee shirt there around 1983 that was Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy with sunglasses on (to avoid copyright I guess) that my friend referred to as the "blind Nancy" shirt. I search online for it every once in a while but no luck so far.
  7. well, the two Star Trek pages sold quickly on ebay (at a higher price of $50 for the pair of course) so I am heading more of this over there.
  8. Humorous Craigslist Offering

    I am considering an offer of $7500 if I can squint.
  9. This page has now sold as well. Ebay buyers are hungry for Starman! I think that I may add some of the art above to ebay but if you have any interest you can PM me here.
  10. could be, but first you have to go through " The Naked City " Welcome to the theatre! The show has already begun.
  11. ...comics with nudity? Like Louis C.K.?