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  1. It happens all the time, as the ink at the printer is used the color may change shade a bit.
  2. Hi

  3. Hi

    sometimes people have trouble posting when "hi"
  4. yeah, he killed the whole planet except for North America. Way to go Bishop!
  5. I bought a collection!

    I have not sold any short boxes on ebay. I have been selling them as runs. (Sold West Coast Avengers last night!) edited to add: the WCA lot is going through the ebay gsp!
  6. I bought a collection!

    Figured I would give a brief update. I am having a lot of fun with Marvel Fanfare right now. Awesome covers! I had seen a bunch previously of course but having a nice run is pretty cool. I took some time off from bagging/boarding new stuff about 2 months ago and have been focused on selling as many that I have ready to go as I can. Basically I do not want to buy another shelving unit and more boxes when I hope to move most of it anyway. I have electric heat in my home with 10 zones/thermostats and where the comics are is cold and I am damn tired of the cold this winter! But I pulled out the Fanfare after a discussion on the covers and am glad I did. Marvel Age was right next to it and I know some good stuff is in there as well. (I did pull the Stan issue and it needs a press but will be pretty nice after that.) But what spurred me to post was an email I got today. Last weekend while home with a sick kid I put a post on craigslist for 750 comics for $400 (like I said, I want to move them and stop reading!) and today I got a guy in MA (I am in NJ) who wants to know if I will mail them to him! My wife chuckled at that but then was aghast when I said I would do it. But it seems cray-cray to me. I told him I would put some photos up this weekend and we could take it from there. I guess I should not be so surprised. I am considering selling at another local show but need to get some of these slabbed first. I let my cgc membership lapse in September and am about ready to reactivate it and start the slabbing again. I also tend to daydream about going to an auction house and giving them 1-80 of X-Men and Avengers and a bunch of the other stuff but think that I will continue to go solo for a while more before seriously considering it. Vincent Z was so so nice to me and the family a few years ago, guided tour of the offices (including his private office) and all, that he would almost certainly get them if I do go this route. Looking at my last post, I still am excited to get to those Thing comics!
  7. Lithograph / Poster : Question

    First off I genuinely had no idea what your question was AP It’s short for artists proof basically a set number of prints that the artist gets to ensure that it looks like the way they want and also a perk for them to sell
  8. Lithograph / Poster : Question

    so the question is...?
  9. Seth's mother was so very nice when she sold me this page She was in such a difficult position as a parent and yet was able to take the time to correspond with me and eventually sell that great page to me. I am glad that many of you will now be able to get some of this great art and I hope that she is selling with peace of mind. Such a difficult position to be in and I am glad she has some help in moving forward and keeping Seth Fisher's name alive among the comic world. The guy was an amazing artist.
  10. Is this place deader than ever?

    okay, thanks. That makes some sense...young, hardcore and already aware of where your adversaries are likely to be found.
  11. Is this place deader than ever?

    kray-kray what message boards? How did it get set up? How did it go down? I am interested in this for sure!
  12. Like I said, it is pretty convoluted so that is to be expected.
  13. That Cable 10 must not have been written very well! I gave up reading the wiki so it could have been retconned but the story is so convoluted no wonder they cannot convey it succinctly. Edited to add: Louis is her mother?
  14. right. But that is not her mom. Her mom was in the past and killed and Cable took the baby to the future to hide and met the woman Hope, whom he marries. I checked my facts on some Marvel site, Hope is not related to Cable biologically.
  15. I looked at that on but only the first page or two is free to me. Hope is not Cable's daughter biologically though. He just saves her when her town gets exploded.