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  1. I may be selling about half of the stuff at once to someone so if you want something listed, now is the time or you are taking your chances
  2. I would love a higher grade copy of Dr Strange 169. I have a few slabbed now and 2 at cgc and 3 or 4 raw copies to trade for it. I could also do part cash and part trade. You can split your stock into two lower grade copies and when it goes up you get two books going up instead of one. And I get a higher grade copy of the best book ever! I have other things to trade as well. So hit me up if you are interested in exploring such a deal.
  3. Bird

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    If it drives everyone crazy why haven't you started writing these things down ages ago? Take charge instead of expecting others to make it easy for you!
  4. Yeah, I will keep them for now. Probably list the Sorcerer Supreme run though. I thought I had 1-90 complete but only 50 or so in this box, gotta check some other boxes! Those signed MoMA issues really take me back! plus many are quite valuable, 3 or 4 of those in my sales post above are $15-$20 books!!!
  5. Doc 169 CGC 7.0 $190 shipped US If anyone has a Dr Strange slab 9.2 or higher and wants to trade for 2 or more Doc 169s in lower grade let me know! It would be like a stock split for you, rising tide gets you rising in two slabs instead of one! I have a few here and 2 more in the pipeline at cgc now. Plus 3 or 4 raw copies.
  6. I would think that this may devalue other company's slabs as the market wonders why they remain in those slabs with this crossover option available. If there was confidence in the grade many would go cgc I would think. Is that probable or am I just thinking about it too hard?
  7. I marked down some prices on pages 1 & 2. More coming though, not through yet! Not hardly!!!
  8. Thanks! I also added a sweet copy of Dr. Strange 25 and 2 issues of Sorcerer Supreme to the Dr Strange lot, no change in price.
  9. thought this was cool, posted it in CG but if you don't go there here it is Doctor Strange in the bar code on the left!
  10. Will Eisner IPD vocational pamphlets $3 each or 2/$5 10 available (How about $2 each for those two under the top one as they look to be in a little worse condition.)
  11. Bird


    Still have that ST110? shoot me a link if so...
  12. Double Doc Lot 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 16, 17, 20, 21, 37, 49, 57 12 issues $65 the value stuns actually high grade 25 and 2 issues Sorcerer Supreme added! Not sure now if I will sell the others as waves of nostalgia are rolling in! So many signed as well! (I used to lug boxes to shows and go in and out switching them up as creators arrived or didn't show.) Plus the price would be fairly high apparently.