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  1. Fill up the car and accomplish both goals at the same time! Or be a vendor at a NJ show maybe.
  2. Yes but the Buffalo show is in a big hall with stars and artists etc. The small NJ shows have none of that so no need to cover those costs with admission dollars. That is why I said apples and oranges. No spouses are going to the NJ shows thinking they can find something to do. And the NJ shows are not all day affairs, no cosplay, etc.
  3. They are really apples and oranges. The NJ shows are comics only generally and held in small venues with about 20 vendors. The East Coast Comic Con had comparable rates to the Buffalo show; it was $40.50 for Sunday if you bought the ticket day of show! Way too much for a comic con if you are only there for the comics.
  4. One of my very favorites as well. It is James Robinson though, he went on to write the equally excellent Starman series for DC.
  5. It’s about halfway done so I’d say about a month real time
  6. I have an ASM 361 double cover being graded right now...I hope he is back by the time it comes in!
  7. First name dips to I was thinking Clyde! Was Walt Frazier at the show?
  8. @Hollywood1892 I have a midgrade Forever People 1 (5.0 or so) I will sell you! I also have a 8.0!