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  1. great replies! Thank you! Keep them coming! I am not looking to build runs or fill holes, I am looking for nicely presenting copies with fun covers. Strong colors. With captain marvel Jr (preferred) on the cover, but groovy Mary covers definitely considered as well.
  2. Because we have wireless through verizon we got an offer for one year free and then $6.99/month after that, so we took it. I watched a bad Jeff Goldblum show and episode one of Silver Surfer, his origin and I guess he goes to Earth next, and we will watch The Mandalorian tomorrow probably (or in an hour or so if the wife gets her way). And I watched a quick Mickey short immediately of course.
  3. Planet Comics #32 CGC 4.5 Asking $350 I will take both of these per PM! Thank you! Happy Birthday to me (a few weeks early too)!
  4. okay, why not an update of my current slab collection. Most of it anyway. I have 10 Planet Comics, 4 Moebius Airtight Garage, some BWS covers, and 2 Walt Simonson SS all in a comic spinner rack in the corner where no light gets to it. 7 more around the room. The rest are in these two boxes. The first video is the spec/sell box. The second video is "the collection" in addition to what is displayed around the room. I have 8 older books at cgc now as well, SS2 might be the only keeper there with the rest (Batman 121 low grade!) sell box. video on twitter second video - keepers
  5. I am in the mood for another Master Comics, preferably slabbed. I only want Captain Marvel Jr. covers. I would also take great Captain marvel Jr covers on other comics as well (Whiz, CM Jr, etc). I will pay fmv if we can agree on what that is, generally I search gpa, heritage and maybe gocollect. I might go for a nice WOW with Mary Marvel as well. My 53rd birthday is coming up so let's make a deal!
  6. I sent in 8 older books and added these 6 moderns as well. I am so late on the Avenging 9 it isn't funny, but still a good find. I really thought that MTU was a 9.6/9.8 but it was not meant to be I guess; it really jumped out at me when I saw it in my boxes a while ago and I moved it to the "maybe send in" pile where it missed the cut a few times. Disappointed in the lack of even one 9.8 (big added value on the sandman issues 9.6 vs 9.8) but it is what it is.
  7. Not the event auction, but I have some GA and SA on consignment coming up for the 11.24-12.1 sunday auction, including a Mighty Mouse 1 cgc 8.0 and some nice Archie books including Archie 12 cgc 4.5 and Archie 14 cgc 7.0. The item descriptions aren't finished yet but 11/24 is coming up pretty fast so I expect them to finish those up soon. Heritage Sunday 12/1 auction
  8. In the George Lucas biography it says basically Lucas gave Disney outlines for the movies and they ignored those and that Lucas believed that when he sold that he would still be involved but once the deal was done he was out.
  9. Hellboy: The Art of Hellboy softcover - great condition Jack Kirby Collector 24 with Kirby inked by Mignola on the cover. Signed by Mignola recently , this one is not in great condition with some folds and creasing $35 for the pair to Paul via gofundme, shipping covered by me in US PLEASE PM ME IF YOU PURCHASE THIS so I do not miss it.
  10. 8 Eddie Campbell OGNs...3 hardcover and 5 softcover (After the Snooter is signed in pen on the inside "To Sean - from Eddie Campbell") If you have never read any Eddie Campbell solo work it is a lot of fun. Looks like 4 autobiographical books here, which are a real treat and Eddie conveys a lot with that wet thick brush of his. Bacchus is what got me into Eddie and I saw it first in "Dark Horse Presents", it is a throwback to a really special time in comics when people were telling odd and personal stories and Bacchus is just great and strange and silly and bonkers in all sorts of good ways. Books are in pretty nice condition and all have original sales prices of $10-$17 so how about $35 to Paul through the gofundme for all 8? I will cover shipping in US via media mail, packed securely, and will cover first $10 of international shipping if someone outside the US wants these. PLEASE PM ME IF YOU PURCHASE THIS so I do not miss it.