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  1. where would you do the death stroke? in a dead pool!
  2. I am another who did not deal with Bob too much but his enthusiasm and love for the hobby was always clear. Rest In Peace Bomber Bob
  3. It certainly isn't $10K (I just gave them some stuff and a minimum never came up). I am not sure if they would take one piece, but all you have to do is ask. Maybe someone could ask at the comic art con om a few days about 1 piece?
  4. interestingly, here is issue 3 of The Escapist (Based on Chabon's Kavalier & Clay)
  5. I have had bad experiences and twice I decided it was worth emailing Bleeding Cool about. The first time it worked to get the artist going and he got me my two commissions shortly thereafter. So you could try that. It is an implicit threat of exposure I guess. Good luck.
  6. what a fustercluck I hope we get an honest update at the end of all this.
  7. whole issue collecting isn't a real choice. You can only purchase whole issues when they are sold as such or when you put them together yourself. But you cannot choose a story that was meaningful and then go out and buy the art in 99.99% of the cases (either immediately or over time). The true "art form" stories are few and far between and not readily available so a collector would wait years without any buys or even leads on buys. And usually it is a matter of something becoming available and then reacting to it's availability rather than deciding a story is personally meaningful and searching it out. Collecting art is about acquisition AND availability, and not everything is available EVER, much less when you want to buy and when you want all 22 pages. I myself got to about 17/22 pages on one of The Shade Starman books before giving up hope, Michael Zulli art, the wheat field story. But I cut down on volume overall, not only on that story.
  8. theaters open friday in NJ, not that I will be going anytime soon I miss eating out more myself.
  9. I thought about you the minute I saw this Jay! I am with some of the guys who posted earlier, it really makes them more attractive to me as a buyer. Can you imagine the size framed on the wall! If a collector finds the "right" cover could be magnificent.
  10. Holy Moley! from Adam Kubert's twitter: Size comparison between my usual 11x17 OA and the more recent 20”x30” covers I’m doing now. I can get a lot more detail in the larger size and feel like they come out better. (At least that’s how I feel today
  11. I think of Batman 608 and X-Men 268 most. Man, I remember being bummed when Max Faraday was cancelled. I was in deep I was.
  12. you have a bunch of replies, all essentially saying the same thing. I think you have the answer.
  13. Am I the only one who lists something and then takes it as a personal slight when it doesn't sell within minutes? What is wrong with people these days who cannot see a deal! Nine views?...nine spoons is more like it!
  14. lots of Manara, including the original for that Spider-Woman cover, coming up for auction on Heritage in the European auction starting in september and closing in october