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  1. Bird

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    I used the 118/119 heat to sell a lot of 111-128 or something like that for $47 shipped. The other Web I have up haven't hit but that lot went quickly.
  2. mine are missing as well. Temporary glitch I assume. It happens from time to time.
  3. Bird

    AquaLung Album Art

    I agree, it seems WFH. I didn't like that this claim was made but never put to the people involved and they were castigated for what the artist's son assumes their reaction would be.
  4. Bird

    AquaLung Album Art

    Yes, I think so. But he had previously spoken with him directly (I think) as well. In any event, the article seems to be the first public mention of the likeness as far as I could see.
  5. Bird

    John Byrne Coming To Fan Expo Canada

    If you give him a comic with a reprint of his work to sign (such as I did with my Magneto 0 back in the mid 1990s) you will get a reprint signature in the form of a stamp he has. He is quick and enjoys this, so be prepared.
  6. Bird

    AquaLung Album Art

    I think so as well, but reading the article it appears that the artist's son (who is the author) never brought this fact to anyone's attention. He says he stopped short of telling Ian Anderson and my reading is that he never told the other people either. He says something like "they don't want to hear it" and puts it down to mercenary attitudes and indifference when apparently they don't even know of this part of the artist's claim and haven't had the chance to dismiss or accept it.
  7. I have had 3 or so "comic book yard sales" and at the first one someone drove up to my house in northern NJ from Maryland. They were here about an hour early. I let them sit and set up as planned but was fine with them browsing as soon as a box was out. He bought a few hundred dollars worth but has not come back (even though I held some titles back on purpose but that first sale had tons of X-Men and ASM). Sounds good to me. Wow. And I didn't even have to buy you drinks.
  8. This one I agree with. This one, well, her soul is on the soul stone but I think she is dead and that Nebula will bring her back as they played this family thing for quite a few movies. Yes, you would think that Vision will get his gem back when all is said and done. I disagree with any theory that does not have evidence in something from the movie(s). All the seeds have been planted and are growing to fruition, there is very little, if anything, coming in Avengers 4 IW not foreshadowed in the last 10 years of movies (and in Captain Marvel and the Ant-Man movies).
  9. Bird

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Those second prints were 5 Below pack books; I only managed to score one myself. I may need to take another looksee on lunch or on the weekend to see if more have popped up.
  10. Bird

    I bought a collection!

    Well, I guess White pages everywhere is good. Not too psyched for the grades but it is what it is, as the young kids used to say. All of these are house money from the collection, and I paid for pressing and grading fees from sales of other books. So the grades will do but the value is less than I had hoped. I previously obtained a 9.8 on ASM 361 so there are some 9.8s in here I just have to hope they hit the right books like the 361/363 split here.I still have 30-35 books in the pipeline (including a lesser condition Fumetti than the 9.0 below) and am making a stack now to send in soon. The condition of the X-Men issues are all over the place. I have gotten from 5.5 to 9.0 on the earlier issues. 01 X-Men 97 2/76 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes 7.0 WHITE Chris Claremont story Dave Cockrum & Sam Grainger art Rich Buckler & Dave Cockrum cover Return of Havok & Polaris. 1st appearance of Lilandra (face is not shown). Eric the Red appearance. 002 X-Men 129 1/80 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes 8.5 WHITE Chris Claremont story John Byrne & Terry Austin cover & art 1st appearance of Kitty Pryde, the White Queen (Emma Frost) & Sebastian Shaw. Mastermind appearance. 003 Amazing Spider-Man 252 5/84 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes 9.2 WHITE Roger Stern & Tom DeFalco story Ron Frenz & Brett Breeding art Ron Frenz & Klaus Janson cover Ties with Marvel Team-Up #141 for 1st appearance of the black costume. Amazing Fantasy #15 cover homage. 004 Marvel Fumetti Book 1 4/84 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes 9.0 WHITE Photo cover. 005 Captain America 360 10/89 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes 9.4 WHITE Kieron Dwyer & Mark Gruenwald story Kieron Dwyer & Danny Bulanadi art Kieron Dwyer & Al Milgrom cover 1st appearance of Crossbones (Brock Rumlow). ""Bloodstone Hunt"" part 4 006 Silver Surfer v3 #34 2/90 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes 9.4 WHITE Jim Starlin story Ron Lim & Tom Christopher art Ron Lim & Joe Rubinstein cover Return of Thanos. 007 Silver Surfer v3 #35 3/90 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes 9.2 WHITE Jim Starlin story Ron Lim & Tom Christopher art Ron Lim cover 008 Silver Surfer v3 #35 3/90 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes 9.4 WHITE Jim Starlin story Ron Lim & Tom Christopher art Ron Lim cover 009 Amazing Spider-Man 363 6/92 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes 9.4 WHITE David Michelinie story Mark Bagley & Randy Emberlin cover & art Carnage, Venom, Human Torch & Mister Fantastic appearance. 010 Marvel Premiere 47 4/79 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes 9.0 WHITE David Michelinie story John Byrne & Bob Layton art Bob Layton cover Scott Lang becomes the new Ant-Man. I got one or two PMs about selling after my last few posts but am not trying to drum up sales here, just documenting the collection as it comes back from CGC as some had asked. I know some of these are lame books to sub but even with those grades they will be worth more in the case than out. Well, maybe even stevens on one or two at $30 each after all is said and done (meaning a $40 slab would likely sell for $10 raw, but generally these are higher value in the case hopefully).
  11. Bird

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Loathe to quote my own post but...I just accepted $25 shipped for Part 1 of planet of the symbiotes. (I just spotted another symbiotes issue from this to list as well.)
  12. Bird

    I'm starting to hate commissions

    Think of it another many cool poses are there for a character? They find a way they like to portray characters and are probably smart to reproduce those poses with small alterations each time. The Travis Charest Captain Americas are great pieces...take a great pose and work a little differences into each individual piece. Besides, what comic artist draws what they are told? If Stan the Man can look at pages back from the artist and wonder what happened along the way why should any of us expect better?
  13. Bird

    I'm starting to hate commissions

    I thought the OP might be talking about Geof Darrow. As detailed above, he has a few poses that he (generally) sticks with that is what you get with Rusty, Big Guy, Hardboiled guy, and Shaolin Cowboy when you buy those pieces at shows. But they are giant and fun and all Darrow, what are you going to do. I even commissioned Bill Sienkiewicz to do a recreation of his Superman 400 pinup. He lightboxed it and did a great version for me. I knew it was lightboxed as soon as I saw it but it bothers me not. In many ways you should assume Wally Wood's rules apply in all instances. (The "when you can cut and paste, cut and paste. When you can copy, copy. When you can swipe a pose, swipe. Then draw what you HAVE to draw." rule. Not the 22 panels. Or Toth's 10 rules. Man, lots of cool rules.) Think of it as Universal Precautions for commissioning.