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  1. Bird

    15% off E-Bay Coupon! Today only!

    okay, he took it.
  2. TAKE $5 OFF ALL SLABS $50 OR LESS AND 10% off those priced more than $50 (both of them that is). Slabs will cost up to $12 to ship US priority mail, bubble wrapped & double boxed. I can often go lower depending on location and weight. You can find the slabs in the middle of page two of this thread.
  3. Bird

    15% off E-Bay Coupon! Today only!

    I rejected a counter offer yesterday but with the coupon I decided to submit that counteroffer amount this morning and they are sitting on the offer!
  4. Bird

    November HA OA auction

    It is clear that they won't do anything. They even held back info for a year that FedEx was willing to reimburse $115 or so for the shipping damage but only that because it was packed inadequately When I sent my final "what will you do about this?" email I got back pages of French legalize finished with "Remember you signed a waiver" in English as the response (that was where I found out about the FedEx offer). The waiver could be argued as under duress as they never mentioned it on the web site, auction site, or in correspondence until after the wire payment was processed and then said you need to sign this or we won't release the art and I couldn't recall th ewire transfer. I signed the waiver (under duress) at that point assuming it was a CYA and not that they would pack it negligently as they did.
  5. Bird

    15% off E-Bay Coupon! Today only!

    just put in an offer! Thank you for the heads up
  6. FF Annuals 16, 18 $3 for the pair Hulk 13 Deadpool cover $12 Heroes for Hope starring the X-Men $3 Spawn 21 $5 Venom 1 2016 $5 The Punisher 1 Skottie Young variant $4 Runaways 1 Noto variant $8 Astonishing Ant-Man Frisson 1:25 variant $20 Ultimate Six 1-7 $5 Ultimate War 1-4 all asigned on cover by Tim Townsend issue 2 has top corner/edge wear $3 Ultimate Nightmare 1-5 $9 Ultimate X-Men/Fastastic Four 1, 2 $5 (issue two is hard to find, not even on mcs) X-Men 1-4 set $5 Justice League United 2 combo pack $3 1993 Marvel Holiday Special $6 remember this guy J Scott Campbell man cover! $7 Amazing Adventures 1 (note small tear at Black Bolt) $10
  7. Bird

    November HA OA auction

    Since you mentioned a French Art Galleries I want to remind US buyers that Cornette de Saint Cyr, the ones who negligently packed my $7K Mignola with foam cushioning on one side and one piece of hard board on the other, which then got bent to heck in transit, has given me the final "stop already, we are NOT doing anything for you". A real va t'faire foutre! So buy with extreme caution from them. I would file an international lawsuit but haven't a clue where to begin! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  8. chicken alfredo dinnah! sounds good, although you left the 0 off the price on that second hardcover! how about some earlier Bronze? I generally try to price fairly and a grade or so under what I think the comic is. Somewhere I have back photos of these I think, so ask if you need to see it out of the bag. Thor priced as marked but you get any piece from the thread marked $1 or $2 for each of these Thor comics purchased. A loner! Priced as marked. Fantastic Four priced as marked (that first one is issue 154) Again, feel free to PM if you need out of bag pics Forgive me but I have to go fix that bottom corner fold on the Marvel Feature! Okay I'm back. This is the Central Scrutinizer! Priced as marked priced as marked for each individual issues or take this set of 7 Marvel Spotlight is $12 for the lot
  9. Has it been 21 hours already? I added some new comic art to my thread in the comic art marketplace section. Some great sketches for $100 or less, might be great gifts for the holidays for those kids and teens who love the Marvel UNiverse movies! I am also about to add some early Thor 160-190 range or so, Marvel Feature Antman, and some great FFs from 170-189 to my thread in the mixed age. I am on the fence about adding more early Brioze/late Silver but am considering my Spider-Man 100 with the bug eaten hole in the back! Here are some of the new art additions.
  10. And how about my famous 5X17 commissions (Katie Cook never did these that I know of until she did a Luke Skywalker for me then I see her doing them all the time. Just sayin'!) These are comic strip bristol board and are basically 1/2 a full 11x17 page no discounts on these pieces or the ones in the previous post Sean Chen $110 for first 3 and $125 for Spider-Man/Kang or all 4/$400 (more GREAT Christmas gifts) Fastball Specials anyone? Khoi Pham $150 Andy MacDonald $100 Tom Hodges Hulk vs Thing color (he charged me two full figures, $200 for this one so you can get a real deal ) $50 how about a signed Mignola Hellboy print it has a very light...well crease is the word I guess but it is a soft crease I couldn't capture it in the light though $20
  11. Thread will close tomorrow but I am very motivated to sell. Let's try som enew art for one day opportunity. no discounts on these pieces or the ones in the next post Andy MacDonald sketches Robocop 9x12 $45 Kity & Lockheed 9x12 $50 Here is a color one by Andy Hellboy 9x12 $75 Archangel 9x12 $45 Bus (this was the most viewed piece on CAF for years, it may still be) 9X12 $50 NYC Mech character from one of their covers 11X14 $80
  12. yeah, I imagine I will wake up crying as this seller is a savvy guy. My only hope is our relationship and that he wants a quick flip.
  13. I added some really spectacular pieces of art in my thread in the comic art marketplace section here on the boards Most of it is $100 or under and would make excellent Christmas gifts for those young ones out there who loves the Marvel Universe movies so much!!! Large WildCATs lot of the Travis Charest issues (some of the best superhero art going) with Alan Moore writing at the end (some wear) 1-6, 8, 15-18, 21-32, 37-39 Grifter Special and the Morrison/Jim Lee #1(that is where that one ended, 1 issue) $15 SOLD Rampaging Hulk 3 free with purchase must be claimed CLAIMED 2 massive hardcovers weighing about 4 pounds each BOTH SOLD