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  1. I am feeling the Hellfire Club. Apocalypse perhaps.
  2. but no mention of returning the artwork to the person from whom it was stolen?
  3. I enjoyed recently watching a book priced at $1200 get discounted regularly. I think it was down to about $500 last i saw.
  4. maybe next 4/1 I will post something like this "This is the cgc sales forum. CGC is the industry standard and the board members here are among the most knowledgeable and discerning in the hobby. Sellers here offer books that you cannot find at most conventions as well as more common books with great qualities prized by the true collector such as page quality, centering, wrap and the like. However buyers on this forum, a forum for the elite collector, typically expect a discount from prices realized at conventions, ebay, or auction houses. GPA is often used to convince sellers to offer books "at 10% less than last sale" regardless of whether the book is a true comp or not and ignoring the fact that gpa is a range of values and not any one number or data point. So moving forward buyers should expect to pay above avg gpa for what are typically above avg books. Buyers should expect that the superior books are the ones sold at the price points in the upper portion of the range and should expect to pay for them appropriately rather than expect sellers to consistently price on the lower end of past sales curve." or something like that. It is as valid as the "overpriced" argument. anyway, that is more time than I usually spend on something that is a moot point but there you go
  5. good! I decided I might be buying big hand books so I am keeping it. They are awesome. I went after WW slab on HA a few weeks ago but just missed.
  6. only in that you are asking to make a rule about it. It just isn't enforceable. GoCollect? Ebay sold? ebay listed? gpa? last night's HA or Clink or CC? 30 days? 90 days? 7 day avg? so many sliding scales. better to move on! I myself decided yesterday to remove a few folks from my ignore list. I put them there due to political beliefs garnered via posts or what I saw as lunacy posts but realized that goes against what I believe. Extremes, whether pricing or posting, might be best handled person to person with clarity and civility. A good goal at least. now, about that marvel family 77.....
  7. I edited out the use of "Karen's" in an earlier post because even thought I was saying it to be funny I don't want anyone to feel harassed. mods have specifically stated that they do not want anything to do with moderating the sales forums. It can be annoying to look up comps when you find something nice here and see a nice book is priced very high but it seems the sellers I don't buy from due to what I think are crazy high prices, like crazy high!, seem to sell books in those very same threads. I know I have some GA books that people think I price crazy high. Certainly if you are using OSPG because I have never owned one and never expect to. But that is the price bucko.
  8. no price is easy to police, black and white. No price, not allowed. Price debates, especially involving people not actively buying or selling that exact book, are subjective and rightly not part of enforcement. This seems a solution in search of a problem.
  9. the posts are NOT worhtless. Maybe to you. But knowing who might own a book I want and seeing what they are asking is valuable info. And both posts could start a discussion leading to a sale, which is the final objective for both buyer and seller.
  10. I am fine with the way it is. Cut and dry rule, no threadkrapping and especially in sales threads. We ARE a comic book collecting board, so I assume buyers are MORE knowledgeable here than on other venues. No one has ever said a private message or post in the general discussion thread is not allowed, so anyone out there who feels a need to police the boards can still confront sellers should they wish.
  11. I have a few of this one if it is the Kingpin you are looking for. None of the others listed though.
  12. I will say that neither is a sound financial investment unless the artist is top tier.
  13. I got a Captain Marvel Jr 1 this past year, which was the answer to this question to that point in time. Got it here on the boards too! From a WTB! w00t w00t Grail is a bit strong, but the next GA book that I would like is Master Comics 28. An upgrade of Master 36 would be nice too. It is funny. I am buying Planets, as many are. That was my stated goal about 1.5 years ago and I have maybe 18 or so. No rivets. But I have also been skirting the Archie and Captain Marvel Jr books as well. In fact I seem to be getting a few Mary Marvels too. WOW is pretty awesome. And boy that Captain Midnight sure is fine too. It seems I am derailing my own plans. But they sure look nice and slowly the pile of fun GA grows.
  14. close the thread, these guys advised you well!