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  1. Sunday Special...10% off listed prices for individual books Thread closes Sunday midnight EST.
  2. I bought a collection!

    The small local convention in Old Bridge NJ is next weekend so I have my stuff mostly ready to go. I will also have a comic yard sale again the day before on Saturday 8/26. So Saturday at my home and Sunday in Old Bridge NJ. I am repricing each and every comic from the first yard sale as I think that I had some too high and I want to move them rather than squeeze every dollar out of them. So hopefully I can blow out some of these books before I hunker down for the winter and finish sorting everything. I sold a slab here today, ASM 361 first carnage and it was from this collection! So that worked out well. I was pleased that 6/7 books subbed from this collection came back white pages; I was worried about the page designation on these subs but am pleased with the results so far. I also have 3 books in "graded" that are a bit more valuable so that should be fun to see what they get! I know the SS1 will be 4.0-5.0 but hopefully the others will be a bit better.
  3. ASM 361 sold via PM! Thanks! I will drop the Squirrel Girl to $160 shipped US. I also just a few minutes ago added 5 mid-grade Bronze X-Men slabs in the Gold/Copper/Bronze sales section. X-Men 100 101 130 134 and 141.
  4. Hello. I hope everyone is doing well. I am offering five X-Men slabs that I recently got back from CGC. (I also have two CGC books just listed in Copper/Modern - Amazing Spider-Man 361 9.8 White pages and Marvel Super-Heroes volume 2 #8 9.6 White pages.) Books have been pressed. s/h for up to 3 slabbed books is $12 for bubble wrap and double boxed priority mail to US destination (international please inquire before buying). Return are accepted within 7 days or receipt of item with buyer paying return shipping. First in the thread or via PM gets the book(s). Sunday Special...10% off listed prices for individual books And now, without further eloquence... X-Men CGC 100 CGC 5.0 White pages $33 X-Men CGC 101 CGC 7.5 White pages $165 SOLD X-Men CGC 130 CGC 8.5 White pages $75 X-Men CGC 134 CGC 7.0 White pages $42 X-Men CGC 141 CGC 6.5 Off-White/White pages $45 Take 100, 134, and 141 for $100 plus shipping. Or take the remaining 4 for $160 plus shipping.
  5. Hello. I hope everyone is doing well. I am offering two CGC books that I just received back from CGC: Amazing Spider-Man 361 9.8 White pages and Marvel Super-Heroes volume 2 #8 9.6 White pages. These are the first appearances, as noted on the covers, of Carnage and Squirrel Girl. s/h is $12 for bubble wrap and double boxed priority mail. Return are accepted within 7 days or receipt of item with buyer paying return shipping. First in the thread or via PM gets the book(s). And now, without further eloquence... Amazing Spider-Man 361 CGC 9.8 $350 SOLD Marvel Super-Heroes volume 2 #8 CGC 9.6 $175 NOW $150 SHIPPED US! Or you can take both for $500 shipped US! Checks/money orders greatly preferred but paypal if you must is fine.
  6. current turn around rates at CGC

    7/6 MST hit shipped safe today
  7. I bought a collection!

    I took a few books from the collection and subbed them a little over a month ago to see what kind of condition I was looking at. With some outliers the bronze books appear to be 6.5-8.5. Moderns went 9.4 (Secret Wars 8) & 9.8 (1st Carnage, got lucky there I think). So I guess that is about what I expected. 5 X-Men subbed and a 5.0 on 100 was disappointing with no good surprises, the other 4 fell right about where I expected. So now I can see what is what with pressing and such and will expect the keys are in the same range hopefully. I also have 5 books on another invoice that should be about 2-3 weeks out now. Here are the three from this collection and my guesses: Silver Surfer 1 that is about 4.0-4.5, ASM 129 which was generally thought to be a 6.5 in the PGM thread so I will go with that - 6.5-7.0, and ASM 121 which I will put at 8.0 but that was graded now from memory and not book in hand. Everything is great on this. I was lucky to score it and am having a blast. It is a hobby for me and I have been thinking hard about the upcoming con on 8/27 that I am selling at...a lot of work for a hobby! I expect it to be okay though, the wife will help load in and out (she watches the stuff while I am mobile in other words) and she will also come by so I can take a break and get some lunch. I plan on having a short box of key and/or cool comics or more when all is said and done and I have about 2 longboxes now which will have to be culled to get down to that shortbox. I am trying to sell few keys and more large runs. People seems intimidated by buying 60+ book runs but I will keep trying.
  8. I bought a collection!

    No, I was being facetious. I am great. So far I have a comfortable multiple of purchase price on the books that I have sold and I expect to have a great time with these comics. I am going to read What If for over 100 issues!
  9. I bought a collection!

    UPDATE: He was away and then I went away and now we are both back in town again. Yes, he lives in my town. I was somewhat disingenuous in the beginning but now the deal is 85% done as I made another run yesterday. I have now procured the first box of Avengers, thankfully. From 1 up but no 2. I have not looked them over yet. So I have about 1500 comics left to pick up on one more trip. I have now purchased approximately 8000 comics. I have sold 568. I am happy as I sold 250 this week and have been able to use the collection to help buy the collection. So essentially the story is that there was a multi-family garage sale early in the spring in my town and some of the folks had posted about it online. No mention of comics, just yard sale stuff. I don't know where online but it was likely either Facebook or Rutgers University staff classifieds as my wife saw the listing and asked about comics. Someone from the sale, but not the person who posted the online ad, replied to my wife asking what I was interested in as he had 40000 comics all Marvel 1960s-1990s. I told my wife to tell him I wanted them all and forward my email. He replied that day and off we went. Basically my dogged pursuit of comics and my wife getting to work early enough to first read the classifieds resulted in her looking for comics for me and it paying off bigtime. It turns out that my daughter and his and in the same grade at school and I see him around town all the time. So we have a good relationship and everything is on the up and up. I have no intention of asking him how he overestimated the number of comics so much as it seems poor form. When I did my comic yard sale a few weeks ago I was a bit worried that he would come by. Although he knows I am selling the bulk of it I think it may have been awkward. I negotiated on 40000 comics and factored in the liabilities of all those comics; if he had represented the collection for EXACTLY what it is I think I may have offered the same or even more. Not much more but we will never know. It was a good buy but not great. I wish there were more potential 9.8s but who wouldn't. I should have some books from this collection back from CGC in a few weeks (graded/QC right now) so I will know how the bronze books fare. I used a few as a kind of litmus test. The moderns are better but I want to see what is what. Plus I can compare my mind grade to actual grade. I have over a short box of comics I am holding and have decided to keep most keys, or more accurately perhaps semi-keys. I sold THE CAT 1 and SHE-HULK 1 but consider them necessary sacrifices. That She-Hulk looked sweet to me! And The Cat 1! I regret them already! Oh poor poor me.
  10. I have finished sending PMs to all buyers so that is about it. I am planning on a thread in modern/copper in a similar vein but it may be a few days at least before I post that. I have a lot of comics to organize but I expect at least Dr Strange Master of the Mystic Arts, Wolverine 1-100+ in one lot, Iron Man, FF, ASM and other Spidey, Hulk and tons of miniseries like Rocket Raccoon, full Infinity Gauntlet Crusade & War complete with Thanos Quest, and maybe I will even price my complete Death of Superman lot! So thank you everyone. Take care and be well.
  11. current turn around rates at CGC

    I went from verified the other day on Modern Slow 7/6 received and they hit scheduled and graded in the same day (Wed I think) and today hit QC.
  12. Okay, I will close up shop here tomorrow morning likely. So feel free to make an offer on any remaining books. I have a PM or two to reply to as well and will get to those tonight. I will send invoices tomorrow as well. Thanks everyone.
  13. It was a great show. Francine Reed was part of the Large Band and that always kicks it up a notch.
  14. Something quick while I wait to go to Lyle Lovett concert tonight. I was pulling some issues that have sold or inquiries and saw these already set apart and priced so why not? Freakin' Man-Wolf. I recall that vividly from my childhood. Marvel Premiere 41-46 6 comics $17 I will also combine these 6 with the ones on page 1 (29-40) for a total of $40. That is the 15% off deal and then some. So 29-46 for $40.