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  1. I have decided to do a sale starting around 12/1. I plan on listing everything but the GA kitchen sink. We'll see how it goes but I have started going through boxes and have a bunch of stuff already photo'ed and am pricing and photo'ing more as we go. here are some initial items that will definitely be included. See, a truly mixed thread is coming! If it dies an ugly death I will consider breaking it up and posting in the more respected neighborhoods of G/S/B and C/M. I know that is nothing crazy exciting, but there will be lots of fun and something for everyone. And it should be priced to move as well! I will have a little original art, some books and collected editions, a bunch of signed comics, cheap cool comics from $1 up, groovy classics, a bunch of Conan magazines, and the occasional freebie. I enjoy thread krapping and general foolishness but prepare to be responded to in kind! I haven't had a sale in a while and it should be fun. I would like to sell all the krap no one has purchased before but instead will try to offer some new stuff, we'll see if it lasts or leaves!
  2. No there were quite a few comics in this lot, maybe 100+, a stack 2 feet high or so. So many were falling apart. They have never been bagged from the looks of them. Here are 3. Unseen 10 has a 4.5 sale at $1020 recently. (IIRC).
  3. 6250 + vig "true attic estate find" I was hoping to get this one but too many eyes on it I guess. I went out and looked at these and the Unseen 9 & 10 are in nice condition. Some other nice books but a ton of GA in ratty brittle condition, what fun that would have been. Congrats to the buyer!
  4. Quentin's mom was one of the OGs behind the San Diego Con, or at least that is what I heard. So he is as old school as it gets I would say.
  5. I did buy a Galactus head shot, supposedly from the Surfer miniseries, on ebay waaaay back in the day. Never shipped as scumbag seller must have figured I won it too low ($84 or something jumps into my head), but I still have it burned into my brain and still look for "my" piece of art.
  6. his Marvel posters are stunning, fantastic interpretations. I have a sketch in a book and a piece of trading card art. I gave away a sketch in a book here on the boards in the waning days of the Pay It Forward thread. ugh. I am not especially a fan of the Gir blueberry style and love the Moebius Arzach style much more. I would kill for something substantial.
  7. BWS has done art for a menu for a restaurant near him, I remember seeing in on his website.
  8. music is not too surprising but this one caught my eye in wifey's collection
  9. so between the above comic and the AF15 toilet debacle, it is clear that this thread is only good for sh!ts and giggles. I'm here all week people!
  10. I myself did think this, if the listing is click bait then what does it matter what the responses say? It is all bait.