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  1. Yes, they are generally nice. Pitchforks haven't been seen around here in a while. I was not clear though, and meant that they are a tough buying crowd. Things that sell on ebay sit here, even at lower prices. This crowd can be...shal we say...discerning.
  2. today's haul The real question is...will I have to discipline to hold that one book for the Christmas gift exchange here or will I flip it first like I did the Rudolph Treasuries?
  3. It is fine, you showed the books. Its not like you showed the books AND said what you paid for each one. Selling them on here is fine but this IS a tough crowd.
  4. SME 15 is a good choice. Eternals 1 & 3 as well but are not as strong as SME15. It is too early on GSD3 but that one has had a dramatic upswing as well. Maybe Bloodshot 1 will have this happen when the movie comes out !!!
  5. Like I said, I believe you as you seem to know what you are talking about. I have considered slabbing mine as it looks to be in pretty nice condition.
  6. I guess I believe you but I have one too and I only visited two shops in Poland
  7. I think this page just became the GSCF page inadvertently!
  8. I’m going to put this in my pile of things to consign with heritage and in a year people are going to say I should’ve bought it on CGC
  9. Elektra Lives Again. He also wrote the Daredevil marvel Graphic Novel with art by Bill Sienkiewicz. Both are very good.
  10. Hello. I am offering this Mike Mignola piece. Price is $700 firm and $10 priority mail in the US or $25 first class international to Canada. Payment is via Venmo, check or money order. No paypal. I will likely be at the Garden state Comic Fest Saturday if delivery and/or cash payment there works as well. Piece is 8.5x11.
  11. Dr Strange / Dr Doom Triumph and Torment - one of the best I am also nostalgic for the Havok & Wolverine Meltdown 4 parter.