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  1. SME 15 is a good choice. Eternals 1 & 3 as well but are not as strong as SME15. It is too early on GSD3 but that one has had a dramatic upswing as well. Maybe Bloodshot 1 will have this happen when the movie comes out !!!
  2. Like I said, I believe you as you seem to know what you are talking about. I have considered slabbing mine as it looks to be in pretty nice condition.
  3. I guess I believe you but I have one too and I only visited two shops in Poland
  4. I think this page just became the GSCF page inadvertently!
  5. I will definitely look for that booth this Saturday!
  6. I’m going to put this in my pile of things to consign with heritage and in a year people are going to say I should’ve bought it on CGC
  7. Elektra Lives Again. He also wrote the Daredevil marvel Graphic Novel with art by Bill Sienkiewicz. Both are very good.
  8. Hello. I am offering this Mike Mignola piece. Price is $700 firm and $10 priority mail in the US or $25 first class international to Canada. Payment is via Venmo, check or money order. No paypal. I will likely be at the Garden state Comic Fest Saturday if delivery and/or cash payment there works as well. Piece is 8.5x11.
  9. Dr Strange / Dr Doom Triumph and Torment - one of the best I am also nostalgic for the Havok & Wolverine Meltdown 4 parter.
  10. Some foxing but a sound book. Please let me know what you think it grades at. Definitely could improve with a press as well.
  11. Yeah he had the only reserve seat in the house and spent something like $60,000 from what I could tell
  12. It’s great that it’s a living person who cashed out rather than someone who was deceased. My understanding is that he’s not even a comic collector currently but bought all these books back in the day After reading in the paper with a great investment action comics one was
  13. I posted this in the yard sale thread in CG but here are the final hammers on some of the books. This does not include 15% buyer's premium and 7% sales tax (not charged if you have tax exempt form). Steve Geppi was there and got the AF15 and the others with a G next to them in my notes. I got slabs of Lone ranger 1 CGC 3.5, Mickey Mouse 1 CGC 8.0 and a raw Avengers 3.
  14. If you got there early enough yes you could look at all the books except for AF 15 which they had photocopies of. some books you couldn’t handle but the employee would take them out for you
  15. There were two of that issue and one went for 700 I can’t tell you which one is pictured here But I do indeed think that it’s the nicer one
  16. G for Geppi. I just thought that it was a good deal so I noted that. I am not sure. I didn't look it over hard as I knew it was more than I was planning on spending today. No grade estimates. In fact the comic guy who looked over all books would not venture anything close to a grade as he said it only causes them grief if people disagree after purchases. And the double cover was a bit of a crazy story that I would rather not share, suffice it to say my actual book got to me eventually with 9.0 grades for both covers! D"OH! And cgc didn't mix them up, it happened elsewhere but got resolved.
  17. The letter M Means that a local dealer name Mike bought it the G is for Steve Geppi and x was the guy sitting in front of me who bought a lot of the most expensive books as well
  18. Here are the hammer prices you have to add 15% buyers premium and if you didn’t have a dealer tax exempt form you had to pay 7% sales tax as well
  19. I thought that it could also go for 50,000 but that’s high I also picked the ASM one at 10,000 but that was that as