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  2. I called to close the case, no apologies and I stated twice exactrly whathappened and wondered why they would do it. Then they called my wife on the number she gave for the case, stated it was closed and also kinda blew it off, Back to ups for me.
  3. Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time. I remember Tony Harris decided to dump most everything he had at once, most was $25 a page (no Starman or Dr Strange, that was long gone by then) and I got tons of Ex Machina, Iron Man, LODK and such. Covers were $500 (painted ones for the Shade miniseries, the second one where Tony did all the covers...reselling nicely now too, better than when I sold my 2 or 3 off.) Tony emailed me about that opportunity, imagine that. That was an OA experience, opening a package with 45 or so pages in it!!!
  4. I wouldn't be buying up new releases of titles meant for the young ones, but finding a nice Superman Adventures (or Batman Adventures perhaps!) and flipping it hard is fine by me.
  5. You tell us! You seem to dig what you buy pretty strongly (what grammer me have) so it is probably worth it for you. Are you gonna be a BSD soon?
  6. my 8 book economy was mis-delivered this morning. Got the text it was delivered (a day early, I usually re-route and pickup) but wife said nope, nothing. She checked around again while I confirmed it was the cgc shipment and notsomething else. It was. Signed for a delivered 10:43. I was in the car on the way home by 11:30 (took a bit to realize it was not there) and wifey had a case opened up. Got home and was able to see signature, nothing like mine. H Gat.... wife thinks it may be neighbor (she has since got out to lunch). Same neighbor who I almost came to blows with in the summer over him spraying week killer into my lawn and killing a small circle of grass. ugh. Daughter goes online and finds out their names and it looks like a match and sure enough they have it. They were going to bring it over later. All is well but it was touch and go there for a while.
  7. I had hoped this would occur sooner but a few slabs are arriving Tuesday from cgc. I had joey work on them all prior to slabbing. (Thanks Joey!) I'll offer them here to close the thread. s/h on 1-3 slabs is $13 US double boxed bubble wrapped Avengers 2 11/63 Marvel Comics Universal 4.5 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE $350 Grader Notes: multiple readers crease left center of front cover breaks color multiple staple tear very small chip out left top of cover very small tear top of front cover Avengers 8 9/64 Marvel Comics Universal 5.5 CREAM TO OFF-WHITE $420 Grader Notes: light color lift left center of front cover light stain right top of interior back cover very small chip out left bottom of cover very small chip out top of back cover Fantastic Four 45 12/65 Marvel Comics Universal 6.5 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE $350 Grader Notes: light spine stress lines breaks color multiple crease right bottom of front cover breaks color small, light, multiple stain full top of back cover Amazing Spider-Man 101 10/71 Marvel Comics Universal 4.0 OFF-WHITE $300 Grader Notes: light tears to cover moderate creasing to cover moderate spine stress lines to cover Tales to Astonish 44 6/63 Marvel Comics Universal 3.5 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE $365 Grader Notes: moderate creasing to cover moderate wear spine breaks color tear bottom of front cover very small, multiple chip out full bottom of front cover Special Marvel Edition 15 12/73 Marvel Comics Universal 2.0 OFF-WHITE $85 Grader Notes: large tear right bottom of back cover moderate creasing to cover moderate spine stress lines to cover small piece out right bottom of front cover
  8. Nova? This thread has gone SUPER NOVA!!!
  9. okay, let's try to clear out some more of these comics! All remaining items $3 or less are now Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Even the remaining DC Bombshells! Lots of great stuff here at $3 or less and now B1G1?!?! IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE QUOTING ONLY ONE ITEM, TRY HIGHLIGHTING JUST THAT ITEM and wait a second, then a quote option should pop up. (Sometimes I have to do it a few times and then voila.)
  10. Thor 337 no longer on hold and again for sale. I am sending PM invoices this weekend and that will be that for this thread. Thank you everyone for looking and especially for buying!
  11. oh, and despite how lovely many of them are....commissions almost never hold their value. And often sell for much much less than the original purchase price paid by the commissioner. I have many on my walls and they are lovely, but they were not investments.
  12. If you are using disposable income then stick with what you want to see on your wall. Educate yourself as stated earlier and your tastes may change but that is to be expected. Do NOT worry about what everyone else is buying except to maybe check out the comic or published work and see if you also like it, but comic art collectors seem overly obsessed with other comic art collectors and what everyone else has or is getting and that way lies only pain. Over time you will grow to know your fellow collectors and who is your direct competition or who shares your tastes but do buy into the "true fan" arguments you see everywhere or feel that for some reason others can tell what is "good" better than you can - everyone's good is different and just work on your own "good" stuff and you'll build a collection you enjoy. There are some who like precision and technique and some who want energy and spontaneity and most are some somewhere in between so only you can decide what does it for you. This hobby encompasses everyone from Skottie Young to Robert Crumb to Geof Darrow to Bill Sienkiewicz to Moebius to Sam Kieth et cetera et cetera et cetera - there is no arbiter of taste. Just pay attention and keep at it. If you last more than 5 years you are in the minority and if you last over 10 years you will certainly find totally new things to love. These boards are a great place to learn as well. You can search on google and get better results than searching here...for instance searching - overrated artists cgc boards - turns some things up. You can read opinions on art and artists and see what makes sense to you. Or find out how much a third leg bothers, or doesn't bother, different collectors!
  13. 8 books, economy tier received 10/31, grading/QC 1/14/20 FINALLY! IT HAPPENED TO ME!
  14. Thanks for all the purchases I’m probably going to close it up shortly but here’s a few new things Superman 4pack $2 (white bag is sealed) Batwoman 1 to 4 $12 Batman great books 2 pack $2 Batman's great foes 2 pack $8 2 Shadow of the Bat 1 sealed $4 for the pair Supergirl Being Super & The Death of Superman tpb $3 for the pair 4 pack of Batman - later prints/variants $5
  15. That is awesome! Great score! The books look like they are in great condition.
  16. Holey moley! Tough tough categories covers there were easily a dozen I could have picked other than these McFarlane Marvel Tales Mark Schultz Jungle Book Art Adams War of the Realms 2 Mark Schultz Predator Hell and Hot Water 2 Bill Sienkiewicz New Mutants 31 splashes pinups Mike Mignola Hellboy painting Al Williamson ERB Bruce Timm Tigress Thanos 16 pg 4 Alex Toth Creepy 6 the stalkers I do not know Keith Becker but voted for 2 pieces in one category there and considered a third! Lots of close calls here as well unpublished sketch covers commission - tough category, I tried not to worry if things fit but yeah Jeff Jones Frankenstein Tricia Wee Jane Foster Valkyrie Dave Johnson Hellboy in Mexico Garcia-Lopez Jonah Hex Matt Lesniewski Eyeball Kid I tried to look at them and remember when I was a sketch hound and what would have blown me mostly con sketch style Beautiful acquisitions gentlemen! I will try to post the other categories when i get time to vote on them.
  17. page 1 Marvel's Greatest Comics 30-34 Marvel Tales 35 House of Secrets 135 Sparkler 52 Skeleton Hand 5 Fantastic Fears 9 The Cat 1 Crackajack Comics 37 Iron Man 15-18 assorted other individual comics page 2 Avengers 44, 58, Annual 5, 79-90 assorted, X-Men 41-93 assorted (35 or so left), assorted Marvel horror, MSH 13 CGC 4.0 off-white $160 firmGiant Size Defenders 1 2 3 5 lot; World's Finest 129 $10 DC SUPER GIANT AQUAMAN s-26 $8 DC SUPER GIANT SUPERGIRL s-24 $10 DETECTIVE COMICS 544 $10 LOIS LANE 86 Superman marriage cover $17,
  18. World's Finest 129 $10 DC SUPER GIANT AQUAMAN s-26 $8 DC SUPER GIANT SUPERGIRL s-24 $10 DETECTIVE COMICS 544 $10 LOIS LANE 86 Superman marriage cover $17 Jimmy Olsen 104 $12 Amazing Spider-Man King Size Special $35 (not a tape pull, that is part of the art)