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  1. Coffee, donuts, and wifi also available (all at a price).
  2. I stand corrected. Still pretty bad, just not crazy bad :).
  3. The claim that they're cancelling pickups/drop-offs is because of "costs and logistics" can be used for nearly every, single function beyond actual grading. They could use the same excuse about maintaining the CGC Boards, the Registry, the Census, etc. When you're running a business and charging for your service, it's assumed you get some basic level of service which goes includes pickups and drop-offs and more. Why not say customer service won't be offered any more because of costs and logistics? Or paper invoices (we'll only email them)? Or why not charge another 3% for all credit transactions because it costs money? The list goes on and on. I'm really not a fan of these "nickle and diming" business decisions. I recently received a box of books that out of the 25 shipped, 12 were cracked/broken/damaged. I noticed that CGC started using the smaller, cheaper boxes so they could save on shipping (but customers pay the same amount -- if not more -- for shipping). Now I have to pack up and ship the damaged books to have the reholdered. Of course, the costs are covered but it's a big pain and hassle. I mean seriously. You're not shipping paper towels. They're collectibles. Every, single person who sends books in for grading wants their books returned in good shape so use the more expensive boxes. Stop cutting corners. It's not like you're afraid to raise prices. You've done that already. You're the largest comic book grading company by far, you charge a fair amount of money for grading.
  4. It's utter nonsense that they're moving away from pickups/drop-offs. I personally have never picked-up or dropped off books to CGC but if there was a grading company near my home and I could save $50 by picking up the package, I'd be pretty upset that I didn't have that option. The truth is, if they don't have enough room for pickups/dropoffs, they should make room. After all, these are collectibles. In addition to saving money on the cost of shipping, some people are not comfortable shipping books worth some money (i.e., who would want an AF 15 shipped if they had the option to pick it up?).
  5. Hi, Can you expand the Spider-man/Deadpool set? It currently stops at issue 13 but I have books graded up to issue 31. Thanks! K.
  6. I was able to get a copy but only because I have a pull list. My LCS said they sold out in less than 5 minutes after opening. I assume someone grabbed every copy they could. K.
  7. Go with BeachBum and don't look back. I've been buying from him since 2010 and have never been disappointed. 95% of my moderns are from BeachBum and his service. Great service, great selection, and a great guy all around. K.
  8. Mollie, Please add the following; Set: Amazing Spider-Man (Complete with Variants) - Add comic; Amazing Spider-man #669 "Victor Wooten" Edition, CGC # 1486717005 Set: Old Man Logan (2016) - Add comic; Old Man Logan #18, CGC# 1393543034 - Add comic; Old Man Logan #19 Variant, CGC# 1221148015 - Add comic; Old Man Logan #21 Asamiya Variant, CGC# 1225067015 - Add comic; Old Man Logan #22 Land Variant, CGC# 1227026022 - Add comic; Old Man Logan #23 Land Variant, CGC# 1227879024 - Add comic; Old Man Logan #23 Variant, CGC# 1227736008 - Add comic; Old Man Logan #24 Variant, CGC# 1229550007 - Add comic; Old Man Logan #24 Land Variant, CGC# 1229550008 - Add comic; Old Man Logan #25 Deodato Variant, CGC# 1231703004 - Add comic; Old Man Logan #25 Deodato Splash Variant, CGC# 1554880002 - Add comic; Old Man Logan #25 Virgin Variant, CGC# 1232851015 K.