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  1. Hand of Fate #15, structurally nice book, but has that "Subtle" issue over the logo $80, flexible pages
  2. 2nd Dr. Strange, 1st Baron Mordo Cover detached, spine has some splitting, wrap is still whole. Tape, rough but complete reader with decent eye appeal $75 SOLD VIA PM
  3. VG copy of Star wars 42, a stain right on Boba's helmet, but not too noticeable, staining back cover $110 SOLD
  4. Paypal only, payment due within 24 hours in thread trumps PM US shipping included, $8 discount everywhere else thanks for Looking!!
  5. Sorry gonna be a little bit...
  6. @adamantium You mean that doesn't happen to you on road trips? I guess you have to have a yellow car. A friend of mine set up a pop up comic shop at a local mostly deserted mall and he has had that on his wall for a couple months. I kept eyeing it and finally had some trade left over, so I grabbed it. the shop is a great idea, sort of like one giant convention booth that is open for a few months
  7. Mercy! If not for a staple pop, a 7.0 copy. Always thought this was a better book than bats 121 "Creases" are on the bag...
  8. I think Craig yoe ended up with that, I could be wrong. To think I found it for $15 at a Cincinnati con I have gotten several cold calls about it over the years, I guess that’s why, the power of google