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  1. I can still smell it. Just this week I snuffled in that ec smell. Funny this post came up. I can only imagine how strong it was decades ago
  2. Ha! These weren’t punched, just the mylars
  3. One example, a guy who has everything stored in 3 ring binder mylars, every issue of every run, 8.0-9.4, classic covers don’t matter, all of it, untouched for decades. It’s out there. Jaw dropping to see for me, for him, no big deal, he had them stored like that since you could buy 3 ring binder mylars
  4. After I got over the sticker shock of the increases since I sold my pch collection in 2011-2013, I have been able to get many great issues at affordable prices in lower grade. I am shocked at some of the deals. the last couple weeks of course they have been even lower. as for the amount of high grade, I know several long time collectors ( as in since the 70s) who have high grade runs and hate cgc. If I know a few, there are many many more high grades out there then the census shows.
  5. It’s like daredevil had some number gas
  6. I am not a huge Boris fan, but I think vampire tales 4 is incredible
  7. Loooove the weird Myron fass pubs. Somewhere between a sweat mag and famous monsters
  8. I posted this in ga for the two pre code horrors... my friend just sent me this pic from a road trip to Pittsburgh in 1992, the Homs were hard to find in south jersey but plentiful there
  9. If only it was as plentiful as the bronze horror!
  10. My friend just sent me this pic, I had just hit comic shops on a road trip to Pittsburgh in 1992. That dark mysteries hiding in there was $7 and the hom3 was $10