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  1. One book today price includes shipping in USA, an extra $8 in Canada, $18 elsewhere PayPal only please great eye appeal, spine split from Just above the bottom staple down, “lee” written in pencil twice on cover. pages are supple off white, complete and attached. Would be a 6.0 without the split Sold via pm
  2. @rakehell If you don’t count a three stooges photo cover where they have a plastic skull, ghost stories reintroduces the skull cover to comics after the code.
  3. Looking for a fair to gd- copy in the $60-$75 range pending
  4. Beautiful! 187 is notoriously tough in high grade
  5. I found this in a three for a dollar box when I was in 6th grade in 1983. I thought it was the oldest, coolest most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and it’s still my favorite hom cover
  6. Wait. What does buy, sell, hold have to do with collecting?
  7. Last one love mystery #2 bonkers and beautiful George Evans nightmare story gvg, miscut affecting some panel edges $50
  8. Sold! messed up woman shot and burnt alive story, violent baby face Nelson cover and story vg+ $40
  9. Sold! gd+, piece out of back, spine split 4” from top $25
  10. Shipping is free in the usa, $8 off elsewhere. Paypal only please, thanks!!! Teenage romances and red seal - sold!