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  1. i have never understood the need to designate one issue. Some characters aren’t like that, son of Satan for example. It’s a journey that involves several books, and that’s ok.
  2. Detective 241 in 3.0. Early 2004 or so. I was buying weird early silver dc, and it was only $25. Should have kept that one!
  3. If marvel superheroes 13 counts, so does this
  4. Such silly fighting, it’s gsx1, obviously
  5. The part of that history that is weird to me is the time punisher 1 mini needed to take off. By the time 3 came out, I jumped on a copy at my local 7-11, because 1 was already $15-20. By the time asm 285 came out, that issue was already selling for $5-$10 before it hit 7-11.
  6. The other big factor is they were worthless, and often when you could find them in the 80s and 90s, it was usually in 3 for a dollar boxes with no protection, constantly being flipped through and folded
  7. I guess my issue with it is we already knew where it came from, sw8 came out and showed it, but I think the impact and controversy hit with 252. I think 258 is more important too because there we learn it is actually a living entity. i don’t dislike sw8, I just think it Is over rated as a key.
  8. I don’t consider sw8 a key, which is why I mentioned asm252.
  9. I love swampy 49 and 50, but annual 2 was first. If subby 34 is considered key to the first defenders, same thing here
  10. I think astonishing tales 12 and 13 are still undervalued, #12 is 2nd man thing , with Neal Adams art, and 1st full Bobbie Morse, and 13 is first cover,
  11. In no way in this reality ever has eternals 1 been worth more than sme. I don’t care for either, but eternals was always relegated to the cheapest bins until the movie announcement. Sme never was. That’s just fact. In the 80s and 90s it was $1 eternals and $12 sme for realistic pricing