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  1. Love that book gave my last one away in the grading contest , needed to have another!
  2. It used to be considered a low distribution issue, but I don’t think that has any bearing on it now. I think it’s just that hulk battles are somewhat more popular
  3. My experience is that 300 is in exactly the same position as the others you called out. I could only find 1 asm300 and it was heavily spine bent at a 7-11, because any nice copy was sucked up after they sold out at comic shops. 298 was already $6 by the time 300 came out, it didn’t sneak by in any way.
  4. Only 1 case example, but I bought the bar code version at my local 7-11 when it came out
  5. I think this is just the reality. This book has become a monster, copies graded be damned. I don’t think it’s a bubble, this is THE book for a certain age of collector coming into money