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  1. That is pretty extreme, looks like there may still be some remnants of red and yellow, but yes almost completely bleached, thanks!
  2. I don’t have access to it right now, the back did have red on the somerset Holmes logo. That led me to believe it was fading, but after looking at it longer, it doesn’t appear any other plate was used on the front. it could be fading, but I have never seen it so complete if it is
  3. Just to add, not my book, asking for an lcs owner
  4. I thought it was fading at first, but the paper is completely white without a hint of color, and while cyan is always last to go, it looks deliberate and clear
  5. my first Was $40, second $175, and this one a lot more. I see the pattern, not selling again
  6. I loved rainbow comics, bought my first asm 6 there for $20 in the mid 80s, hope Monty is still out there somewhere
  7. Thank you shin, it wouldn’t have been the same without your work and input. And terrifying emojis
  8. Thank you, it was a memorable finish and will be talked about fondly for years to come.
  9. Couple recent pick ups. The vampire tales is my favorite cover of the run