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  1. I tried to type p word with double S. It did not show. It's hard to see CT on the spine. Small amount of CT by professional?
  2. Yes, it will work on BIN only. Kinda wished that promotion happened yesterday. I purchased it before that. Still have time until May 22nd @1259pm.
  3. No actually, I got a message in same way you did. I checked it out but it showed the outdoor things. I tried to shop the comic book with 8% back. Nothing happened.
  4. Origin and 1st Appearance of Machine Man... 2001: A Space Odyssey #8 CGC 9.8 White Pages (old case but nearly Newton Rings free). Perfect Centered Book. GPA 90 day average is $404. My price is $375 shipped. Front Cover (sorry the image is blurred) Back Cover
  5. Hello everyone again but no badasses from Probation and Hall of Shame. Just one book today. Shipping - Free only in USA Ship to Canada or International: please PM me. Pending scan(s) UPON YOUR REQUEST It doesn't matter how many pictures you ask. I am happily obligated. Winning Rule - "I will take it" WILL TRUMP over PMs. Checkout - Right away! Payment - PayPal only. Return - I will accept the returns in 7 days after you receive the books. Any questions? PM me! Referrals - Bob Bomber, Goldust40 and DavidTheDavid - those guys purchased my books in past. My Kudos - Click here.
  6. I thought we have to shop on outdoor things.
  7. Not for the printing foremen and supervisors. Finding any error, those books were destroyed but somehow few errors went through and were shipped out. Like US Mint, they have to destroy defected coins or currency. The defected coins or currency are hot items for the collectors. We love double covers, triple covers, printing errors or whatsoever like the coin/currency collectors because of rarity.
  8. While the printing is running, the ink transfers on the impression plate then the plate presses on the paper with the ink color. If either ink is low or gets dry, some areas on the impression plate doesn't get the ink transfer then no color will show on the paper. The printing foreman sees uneven, spotty or lack of color and orders to stop the pressing until the ink is refilled or replaced before the job is resumed.
  9. FYI, the annoyed unanswered question is NOW gone. It's about time! Thanks for your inputs and advice.
  10. Bird beat you. What a pain in b.....t! It already gave me the headache.