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  1. How many people who REALLY wanted to take down CGC so far? Maybe 20 people?
  2. How's about bargain prices? Eat something before the movie theater. That's way I saved money.
  3. Check on PL. It doesn't say how long the boards will be on PL. I am very sure anyone who are on HOS and are banned from CGC but how long on PL?
  4. We need to see Rick Starr's recent sale thread if he mentioned "right" to not sell. @thewritestuff Can you direct us to his sale thread?
  5. Do you remember GEEzusWalks being nominated here? The seller changed their mind and didn't have the book (the seller didn't want to lose money on the book) so Rick Starr changed his mind to keep the book (he doesn't need the money). Both have some similar parallel. This can't be repeated.
  6. Same thing here. Catrick339 waited my check for over two weeks. We stayed to communicate each other to follow up. Time had flied by and I informed him that I was going to mail him other check but on the same day, Rickster got my check. Everything was settled. The communication is a key for being the teamwork. I am very surprised thewritestuff and Rick Starr bought my books recently. Both are great. Hopefully, both of you will work out rather than they are ending up here.
  7. My dad told me about his experience of encountering three hippies in San Francisco in 1969. On his business trip, he was on the way to the business meeting and was encountered by them. Told him why you are so stuffed and you need to let it go and join with us. He passed and kept walking. He turned around. They told are so lost. He kept walking and didn't look back. 20 years later, I strolled with my ex-girlfriend near Golden Gate Park and I noticed those people in 50 something sitting on Hippie Hill smoking joints with their older kids - my age! That was 25 years ago. The legend is still going on.