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  1. One book to fill is still good! Ten years ago, no one really cared about it until NOW!
  2. I won't read through 112 pages. How much percentages have you completed your Marvel GI Joe a Real American Hero collection? I sold one full set about four years ago and I have 2nd set which is about 95% complete. Few books are tough to find NM or better. I am missing 52, 88, 91, 108, 109, 110 and 149.
  3. I am thinking about using Walkthrough or Express Tier to jump all tiers that are awaiting to be opened within a month. I have used Express many times but I never used WalkThrough. My understanding is that FMV value is 3%. The minimum fee is $150 and $5000 maximum. My book is about $650 so it should be $19.50 but that would jump to $150 minimum fee for using WalkThrough Tier. If I have $6000 value book, it will be $180 fee. Anything under $5000 will be automatically to $150 minimum fee. Just check. More likely that I will use Express Tier.
  4. What an incredible work! It seemed that you have few layers of the artwork. Pencil on artboard, Ink on Acentne sheet or transparency paper? Tell us how he processed the artwork?
  5. GI Joe #44 and ASM #265/Silver Age #1 & #2 are SOLD PER PM.