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  1. Battle #59 GD+ $25 The cover is detached at the bottom staple. Two small splits at both ends of the spine. Front Cover Back Cover
  2. War Comics #23 Russ Heath Cover - few missing pieces but the spine and pages are tight. GD/VG 3.0 $250 TOUGH TO FIND (it took me two years to find this copy). Front Cover Back Cover
  3. Just two Atlas War Comics for sales today while my other sale post will be closed in few hours (Hey Mods if you don't mind). Secure USPS Priority ship is extra at cost. First 'take it' wins, whether in the thread or via PM. -- Of course, no HOS or Probies are not allowed to be here. -- For payment, I can accept Paypal, check or money order. -- Please be able to pay within 24-48 hours. Yes, the return is accepted but you will have to pay the shipping cost. Please feel free to make your requests for more pictures. Satisfaction guaranteed. Any questions, feel free to PM. Thanks!  My Kudos.... Also, I have references such as Goldust40, DavidtheDavid and few other CGC board members.
  4. I celebrated my 7000th post and hope this will be my good luck on my selling post. The prices have dropped third time. Hope you will help my books be sold quickly to avoid eBay.
  5. Gold Key Jonny Quest #1 VG 4.0. CF is detached at the bottom staple. Everything is there as usual. Ask for $50 $45 $40 FINAL DROP. Front Cover Back Cover
  6. Kent Blake of the Secret Service #14 (Atlas/Marvel) looks superb with brilliant red cover. The pages are White but no worst than Off White to White Pages. There is a defect on the top staple - just two stress marks on the spine. VF+ 8.5 or VF/NM 9.0 at best. Ask for $175 $165 $155 FINAL DROP. You won't see much nice book of this title anywhere. This is other copy that may go with The Thing! to CGC. Front Cover Back Cover
  7. The Thing! #16 Charlton Publishing. Nice Pre Code Horror. It has a small faded crease on the upper left corner. Few stress marks on the spine. Nothing else. As you can see two light lines on the cover, I don't see them as defects. There is an ink transfer on BC. The book looks VF 8.0 sharp. Maybe VF+ 8.5 at best. The pages look white - no worst than Off White to White Pages. Asked for $250 $240 $230 FINAL DROP. I don't mind keeping it and may consider this sending to CGC seriously. Front Cover Back Cover
  8. Buck Rogers #2 (Eastern Color Printing before Famous Funnies) 64 pages (all pages are accounted for and are REAL nice - possibly Off White to White Pages). It has a minor subscription crease. It has three staples. The cover and centerfold are firmly attached. Very attracted copy. Not bad for nearly 80 years old. It is about VG/FN 5.0 at best. Ask for $400 $350 $300 $250 FINAL DROP. Of course, it has nice headlights too. Front Cover Back Cover