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    WTB Paying 200% of Overstreet Guide

    Oh yeah! War Cartoons from the Chicago Daily News! I remembered those cartoons in old newspapers where my late grandfather collected along old Nat'l Geographic and Popular Mechanics. Sadly, I was only 20 years old and didn't understand how value they were. My mother and all of her siblings threw them out of the house after my grandfather passed away. That was in 1988. The newspaper company was folded in 1978. I remembered those past things! It's not easy to find those rare items today than 1978. Good luck!
  2. Hello I thought you might be interested in Batman #251. It's on 2nd page and scroll down until you find #251. Thanks.
  3. Take all Personal Love Famous Funnies Publication (#9, 11, 20 & 22) for $80 shipped.
  4. Take all United States Fighting Air Forces Superior Comics (#6, 9 , 16 & 17) for $200 shipped.
  5. Take all remaining Fightin' Marines St. John's Press (#1, 3 and 4) for $295 shipped.
  6. Fightin' Marines #4 St. John's VG- 3.5 4th appearance of Canteen Kate. $75 Front Cover Back Cover
  7. I tried to sell my books in Cooper/Modern thread. It's always dead for me. G/S/B thread is my strong selling point. How can we turn Cooper/Modern other strong selling point like G/S/B thread? I sometimes use the link(s) in G/S/B thread so they could see my books in Cooper/Modern thread. It worked well.
  8. Superman #233 FN+ 6.5 to FN/VF Classic Neal Adams cover. $110 Front Cover Back Cover
  9. Batman #251 VF- 7.5 to VF 8.0 Neal Adams Cover/Art - Classics Cover. $375 shipped and the price is still going up. Mostly FN/VF copies were sold in $400 range and VF copies were sold in $500 range. Front Cover Back Cover
  10. Batman #234 1st appearance of Silver Age Two Face. Very clean copy. There is a wrinkle line on the back cover that is manufacturing. Strong NM- 9.2 candidate. $450 shipped. Front Cover Back Cover
  11. Batman #232 VF/NM 9.0 1st Appearance of Ra's al Ghul. One boardie recently sold his 8.0 copy for $700 so my reasonable price is $760 shipped. SOLD! Front Cover Back Cover Close up details - all are manufacturing defects from cutting/ink