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  1. It has a different back cover but UK copy has the same back cover. It can be added with a month.
  2. Thank you for clarification Mike! I just checked the info on the inside front cover. Here is the picture:
  3. FYI, this is first print - Last Gasp 1990.
  4. I saw him at CGC booth in C2E2. That day, he and the staffs were overwhelmed with few hundred customers at the booth with new debut of the superheroes on CGC labels plus new computers were installed but the system were stalled and restarted multiple times. I will try him with his email address - Me too.
  5. He has been quiet here for a while.
  6. +1 I saw bickering between the sellers and buyers here, eBay and other places few times. Some threads were forced to be closed here.
  7. So, the white glasses are original. No typos on them? From what I see, I found "Video 3-D" on the glasses so I got a hunch that was not original.
  8. Hi, I am thinking about returning two Cherry comic books back after receiving them today. Of course the auction company OVERGRADED them. Both copies were described as NM/M but one is NM- and other is VF+ at best. I overpaid too. Also, I am still NOT convinced that 3-D glasses are original that were inserted Cherry #11 Special Issue so please confirm me if these glasses are original or not. I hope for the unoriginal item. Here is the picture. I found two more examples from #CherryPoptart However, I couldn't find the originals so help me. I appreciate your time and affirmations.
  9. United States Marines #7 GD/VG 3.0 to VG- 3.5 Tear at the top edge from the front cover to back cover $400 Front Cover Back Cover
  10. Why both signatures are on 16th page? What was so special about 16th page?
  11. I overlooked that. Too many jokes overlaid that one. Thanks.
  12. Ha, I didn't expect this. Why did the buyer want them? Still waited for the answer.
  13. Economy Fast Track - 22 business days and Value Fast Track - 31 business days. Weekends and Holidays are not counted. Shipping out of CGC is about 2-4 business days. I think it may too late from him to turn the table on you. Both are smoking together.
  14. I recalled eBay mentioned about 34 days after the date of a purchase before opening the case. That was a long time ago. When your book was sold and was delivered?
  15. You can make the combined offers. Time payment is considerable. I am open to your negotiations/offers. Just PM me.
  16. Please provide more information on this book included the name of the title and grade.
  17. UPS does same thing. Won't cover the loss or damage.
  18. Hi there, I am looking for the range of VG to FN for Navy Action #2. If you happens to have a higher grade, I will consider your price. Don't confused between Fightin' Marines #11 and Approved Comics #11. Both are same. Fightin' Marines is Charlton and Approved Comics is St. John. Approved Comics has the tile of Fightin' Marines. Here is the example I am looking for. Hopefully you will offer one of two books or both. I am looking forward to them.