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  1. If the family decided to go to the court, all family members may get nothing but all fees go to lawyers (may get the books as their fees).
  2. Four books may be shattered the records. Golden Age War Comic books are Battle Cry #15, Atlas Comics #1 and other two same title were incredibly sold over $7400 total in a recent CLink. Of course, I was outbid on all of them. Ended up in 2nd or 3rd highest bid on each copy.
  3. With $500 store credit, you will buy all craps. Those gems are part of you because of your late twin brother.
  4. Right now, CGC decided to use the blue labels and will leave the notes on the labels such as color touches, tear seals, tape repairs and edge trimmings but the cover is detached so they qualified it instead the lower grade.
  5. Can you and @Bio-Rupp compromise that part? Two different things can be fixed. Both can be forgivable after it's fixed.
  6. I thought both of you were intelligent and well-composed people but I didn't except this big drama between both of you. Yes, there are some insensitive remarks and ill-tempted slash here. It looked like there was one big misunderstanding that already created a monster quarrel between you guys. Let's settle down and make it a better compromise here instead insulting each other. Sometimes, there are always screw-ups but it has to be fixed immediately. I am sorry that I have to say this...grow up and act like adults.
  7. About 8 years ago, I sold two 9.8 copies with the ragged right edge.
  8. CGC knows how to grade ASM 300 with their affirmatively experience....
  9. Pressing can damage this fragile book. Just leave it as is. If the cover and centerfold are attached to both staples. The spine is in a good condition. It’s a good chance to get 2.0 and keep it inside the case from falling apart.
  10. I bought NM 9.4 copy for only $27.50 ten years ago.
  11. Amazing. In my younger years, I saw plenty of them and now they are disappeared. What about drive thru liquor stores? They were disappeared too. I saw one in Ohio!