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  1. Love Tim's work and always looking to add to my collection, These are a few of the pieces i have so far
  2. Have you tried reaching out to eric powell, i know he usually sells a few not alot of pages from the goon at times but better priced than some of the dealers. http://albertmoy.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=9828&ArtistId=603&Details=1&From=Room http://www.romitaman.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=20989&ArtistId=1382&Details=0&From=Room
  3. Dre, Wonder Woman 26 SDCC Photo Foil x1 to make it official i had said to put me down for 1 if you got any more a few post back. thanks Octavio
  4. Dre, have a good show man also if you get any more Wonder Woman 26 SDCC Photo Foil x1 if not no worries man. -Octavio
  5. oh ken .....dave good luck i've been looking for a nice page too for awhile it's sad to see all the ones with water damage though. I think aaron had some http://www.aaronlopresti.com/store/?id=pages
  6. Awesome jobs guys, didn't know ron or chris k were from Chicago. Chris do you guys do any meet up with other collectors in the area, i know there's one during WWC which i haven't attend before but if there is please let me know. Thanks Octavio
  7. i would try furious spoon for ramen i think its better than slurping turtle.
  8. add me as well doug, thanks. see you tomorrow. Octavio
  9. Bingo good article. Way too coincidental she decides to leave the same day the town gets attacked. There was a short moment, when Carl tells her she's staying and he'll protect her. He sits down on the floor, with his back to her, and she pulls out her knife, standing over him...then turns and sits with her back to his. For a moment there it looked like she could be attacking him, just before she sat down. I noticed that, too. I agree with the article, too much coincendence going on for her not to be a spy of some sort. Wasn't she saying that a place like this has to many blindspots and that's how we.....and carl cut her off and he didn't catch that unless i misheard her trying to confess to him that she's been spying to them.