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  1. Faq 29 onwards touch on this G’nite
  2. No problems bidding near the close. I would also commend their customer service. I needed to raise some funds a while back and they helped me sell a high end piece, I had previously won, to the underbidder (at his same bid price).
  3. I’m sure Pete Koch would have lots and lots to contribute on this subject Is he a member here ? G’nite
  4. I have just come across this amazing article and thought I would share it here. Enjoy G'nite
  5. As mentioned above there is ‘a master list of all the art cataloged in the Marvel warehouse in the late '60s early '70s (?) floating around somewhere’ and here it is Enjoy ? plus a few more snippets : Go to faq 30 go to shooter’s candid views on page 4 below (at 09.34 pm on 31-August-2018) ———> G'nite
  7. PhilipB2k17, as requested, herewith Irene Vartanoff’s list : and a few other snippets : [There are sometimes “comments” beyond the end of the various articles. They often provide additional insights - a prime example being Irene’s blogs.] Go to faq 30 Go to bottom of page 7
  8. Doesn't "innocent until proven guilty" exist any longer in the U.S. ?
  9. The images of the 3, 4 and 5 look significantly better than a 0.5 ?
  10. I see Hulk's 1 thru 6, unrestored but poor, are up on eBay in one lot. The current bid is 600. I must admit I am tempted to go much higher. By the look of the images, I would say they are more likely fair rather than poor. Still - assuming they are poor, unrestored and complete, Can you folks share your thoughts on what might be a winning bid. Many Thanks.
  11. I see Hulk's 1 thru 6, unrestored but poor, are up on eBay in one lot. The current bid is 600. I must admit I am tempted. Thoughts on how high they might go ? Thanks.
  12. I bought the complete Eternals #1 artwork, plus cover, from the Kirby family long ago and, excepting an ancient wire transfer receipt for $10,000 to their intermediary, I have no proof of purchase. I guess many others will be in a similar position. Therefore I would imagine it will be a lengthy, expensive and ultimately unproductive process for the Kirbys to proceed against every Owner. G'nite ?