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  1. #66 is one of my favorite Captain Marvel covers. The dark colors are awesome. Jayman, thanks for posting.
  2. Wanted to add another example to the thread.
  3. At some point in this book's life something got through it, but only just a little.
  4. I know it's restored, but the colors on this book are really nice and kind of match the PLOD
  5. I am finally in the market for a CGC graded Amazing Fantasy #15. I am seeking something in the range of 3.5 (including lower grades), and don't mind some professional restoration/conservation. I am not looking for books with trimming, tape or rust (everything else I'll consider given its impact on eye appeal). My budget varies by grade and is based on prices in GPA. Paypal is my preferred payment option, but if you have significant sales presence on the boards, I can pay with a check as well. I live in Phoenix. Thanks for your help.
  6. Case is a bit smudgy and label has Mr. Flessel's name misspelled. Nevertheless... Always thought the baddy in the background looked like Ronald Reagan.
  7. Whiz Comics #35 CGC 8.5. Pennsylvania Copy. White Pages. A beauty! A recent (05/29/2020) ebay sale of a CGC 6.5 OW/W pages copy went for $1,150. This copy $1,650.
  8. Target Comics Volume 2 #11. CGC 8.5. White Pages. Basil Wolverton Art. Glorious black cover with barely a blemish! 2nd highest graded. $900
  9. Master Comics #37. RAW. COVER AND CENTERFOLD DETACHED. 11" Diagonal crease on front cover easily seen in hand but doesn't break color. Spine chip on front cover. Pencil mark far right edge of front cover (just above oar in sailor's hand). VERY small tear right edge of front cover. Chunk missing from back cover, Some soiling and sun shadows on back cover. No rust, No tape. Small edge tears (see example of one such tear in the photos) on many pages. Wonderful gloss and dark colors on cover! $170