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  1. Such tough times. I hope that stimulus bill does a lot to help small businesses, which comic stores are. Heard some good things about loan forgiveness available in it if funds are used to pay employees and rent and such. Love the idea of a few comic deliveries. I know would not amount to big money, but I bet some people stuck at home would really like the books too. Keeping faith, there are a lot of very smart people working on this, hearing some real positive ideas on mitigating treatments that will make this far less lethal.
  2. Hello I have 21 raw books that I am putting up for in one lot Auction. I will post the list first along with my opening bid. I cannot do sales to people that have scammed people, so if you are on a list realize you are precluded from purchasing from me. I accept paypal, the regular form of it, no personal paypal as these are sales. Also can accept Venmo, Money Orders, Bank Certified checks. Shipping and insurance is $15 per auction, books will be shipped US Postal Priority with insurance. NOTE - I can ship to United States addresses, shipping out of the USA is too expensive, sorry. On CGC slabbed books, you know exactly what you are buying so I cannot accept returns. On Raw books I will accept a return within 10 days, buyer pays shipping unless I mis-stated something. If you wish to purchase a book, please post a bid in the thread. I would prefer this to PMs, and it seems to work best that way as there can be no dispute who purchased the book that way. I will invoice at end of thread, please pay within 2 days and I will ship promptly. Two seperate auctions in this thread; Iron Fist books and Golden Age Horror Opening bid is $50 for each auction, with $1 increments. BIN for the Iron Fist books is $500 Current High Bid $210 by ChasingkingKirby Iron Fist: All are tight and mostly flat, mostly OW or better (except where noted below). Will post scans of several books but not all unless by request. 1 - 8.5 2 - 7.5 3 - 9.0 4 - 8.0 5 - 7.5 CR to OW 6 - 8.0 CR to OW 7 - 8.0 8 - 8.0 9 - 8.5 CR to OW 10 - 7.5 11 - 8.0 CR to OW 12 - 9.2 13 - 9.4 14 - 7.0 15 - 8.0 (looks quite nice but crinkle on bottom of BC) No ugly miswraps or miscuts in the IF books BIN for the Golden Age Horror books lot is $600 Current high bid $275 by ChasingkingKirby Golden Age Horror: Terrors of the Jungle 20 - 4.5, Cream pages, top staple deformed (mushed up wrong) so several warps are not attached at top staple, bottom staple holding nice, a few brown blotches on BC which I don't think are foxing maybe was grease, slight mis-cut, faint crease on C, Pencil "A" on cover Mystic 35 - 2.0, spine split 2.5 inches at top, bug chew BC, pea sized hunk missing from BC, crinkle on BC, Cream pages Ideal 2 - 6.0, tanning inside covers, chip out of FC, tight and flat with decent gloss, heavy cream to OW pages Haunt of Fear 13 - 4.5, chip out of top of spine, peanut sized hunk out of BC at LLC, tight and flat, CR to OW The Thing 2 - 5.0, chip out of top of spine, crease FC LRC, 1/2 tear edge of BC Horrific 10 - 1.8, spine split all the way and 3 pieces of tape holding it, hunk out of FC and smaller hunk out of BC, CR to OW If you place a bid you will need to indicate which lot you are bidding on; for example "$225 Iron Fist". If you do not specify which lot you are bidding on then the bid WILL NOT COUNT, sorry but it has to be clear what you are bidding on. Auction ends at Saturday 9pm Central Time sharp. Any bid on or after 9pm Central Time does not count. This is determined by hovering over the time stamp at the end of the auction, it clearly shows the exact minute of the post and thus if a post is too late.
  3. Goodness I will have to state that more clearly, Auction ENDS at 3pm. A bid at 3pm could not be counted. I apologize for any confusion. In future auctions I will state that better. I would have liked to have sold the books for more LOL.
  4. Hovering over time clearly shows Odins Secret is the last bid before 3pm Central Time. His bid is legitimate and the final bid. I will be back with another auction soon, and perhaps a few each week. Take care all
  5. Winding down, closes in about 2 hours. I may be able to get shipped out yet today. Thanks for the bids.
  6. 3 tests have shown it curbs virus replication and is very useful in conjunction with zinc and antibiotics (to prevent secondary bacterial infection in lungs). New York is starting a mega trial on Tuesday. It's side effects are well known since it has been used for decades for RA, Malaria, etc. The question is if it really works as the first 3 trials appeared to show. If it does it's a game changer; people were shown to be virus free in 6 days and improvement in one day. Mylan in West Virginia reactivated their factory today to go full time Hydroxycloroquine production, that gives me hope as I don't think they would do so unless there was fair proof of efficacy to date. Of course nothing is official until the FDA says it works, for now it's being used under "compassionate care". We should know much more in one week, New York will have a lot to say this week on their trial. Local report here: https://www.dominionpost.com/2020/03/20/mylan-to-restart-production-of-possible-covid-19-drug-at-its-morgantown-plant/
  7. Truly scary times. The docs advice here is very sage. Everybody should try and prevent the spread, for everybody's sake. You might feel like superman, but the person you spread it to later might not be. Also I would suggest people eat healthy as they can, real food. Junk food really hampers your body when it comes to immune functions. God forbid you do get it or your family member does, but if it happens - READ everything you can about mild home anti virals, nothing crazy, just plain old vit c, zinc, elderberry, fresh garlic, etc. Once you catch it, it becomes a race. The virus goes to work xeroxing itself, anything you can do to stifle replication pays BIG dividends in week two. Week two is where you win the race, or lose it. And of course follow all directions of your doctor, home nutrition is not a substitute for medical treatment with this virus. If you smoke, now is great time to quit. I am praying Hydroxycloroquine proves to be real therapy, if so we could be safe in weeks not months. Take care everybody.
  8. mis wrap, some foxing inside book, mid grade
  9. Issue 54, pencil trace on fish mouth, scuff on cover, mid grade