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  1. Thanks for for all the buys. I have sent of invoices. Thread will close tomorrow morning. Nice to see the books going to actual collectors.
  2. Book is off of hold, too expensive to ship to Canada. Perhaps there is a buyer from the USA? Also here is a better scan (again ignore the weierd white slashes in the top middle, that is from the scanner). Also I notice if you rightclick and select "view image" you get a much clearer view.
  3. Fantastic Four 7 is on hold while I get some better pictures to an interested party.
  4. You got it friend. BTW that book has some real bright colors in hand. Thanks! It'll upgrade a copy I've had since about 1987, my first SA purchase ever. That's the ticket Ya know, since you already bought this book, gosh you could pick up that ASM 43 and incur no extra shipping charge. Just sayin'
  5. It's yours my friend. I see you are in Canada, it will cost quite a bit to ship there. Unless you have collectors insurance that will cover it I will be forced to use the USPS insurance. Priority shipping to Canada with insurance on this = big money. If you need to retract it's ok just do it in the thread. If not send me a PM and we'll figure out how this will work. Thanks
  6. You got it friend. BTW that book has some real bright colors in hand.
  7. Ok final bump, and the 10% off listed prices SALE for all unsold itmes.
  8. Ok it's yours my friend. BTW first Lois Lane cover I believe, and probably not that many of them around.
  9. Just a note on this one; there ias a blotch on the BC, about the size of a garbanzo bean, right next to the spine