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  1. Bree

    CGC Label Update request

    No, unfortunately label request do take some time to look into.
  2. Bree

    Killing Joke - Press or no?

    Hi, Unfortunately, we can't press that do to the embossment on the cover.
  3. Bree

    CGC Label Update request

    I've sent this to the graders as well
  4. Bree

    CGC Label Update request

    I've passed the information on to the graders and will let you know if the ASM 800 gets updated.
  5. Bree

    Submitting Comics for CGC at a Comic Convention

    Hi, I've pasted the update requests over to the graders.
  6. Bree

    Submitting Comics for CGC at a Comic Convention

    Yes, you can drop off reholder submissions to us at shows!
  7. Bree

    Book Error

    Hi, I've asked the graders and Eddie Brock/Venom is one of several characters whose first/earliest appearance are debated about among fandom as how to classify. We feel the way we currently have the Key Comments for those books is adequate.
  8. Bree

    Why does CGC refuse to grade certain books?

    Hi, Typically, to get on the newsstand, the book would come with the extra paper folded over. Assuming it has that natural fold, we would keep the extra paper folded over when we encapsulate it so that it fits in our holder. It does not get any special label or notation. It may be mentioned in the internal notes.
  9. Bree

    $150 credit?

    Hi, I'm sorry you haven't received an email response why don't you send me a PM here with your member number and name and I'll check with accounting for you. Thanks!
  10. Bree

    Will CGC be at Louisville Super Con?

    Hi, No, I'm sorry CGC won't be at this con this year.
  11. Bree

    First time submitting to CGC

    Hi, As long as you have a fedex account number on file with us, you won't get charged. Why don't you email me your member number and fedex account number and I can get that all set up for you? My email is
  12. Bree

    Superman Vs. Ali?

    Hi, Unfortunately this is still too large for us to encapsulate.
  13. Bree

    Magazine submissions

    Hi, Yes, that is considered magazine sized.
  14. Bree

    Magazine submissions

    Hi, Yes, Nintendo Power magazines do count as comic magazines.
  15. Bree

    Ask CGC Q got deleted with no answer?

    Hi Patriot6! The information for each label (writers, artists, key comments, etc.), including how words are spelled, are stored in our database so that they don't have to retyped from scratch for every book. To go into the system and change a certain word's spelling, then print the label, and then go into the system and revert words back to the previous spelling, would be far too time consuming to do by request. We would essentially be creating a custom label every time.