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  1. Batman #285 CGC Universal 9.8 white pages $125 One of only 8 9.8's on the census
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #238 CGC Universal 8.0 ow/w pages $150 SOLD to Haupia Not a Batman...but sneaking it in here. Pretty nice eye-appeal for an 8.0. Crack it open and get those tattooz!
  3. Detective Comics #523 CGC Universal 9.8 white pages $300 First appearance of Killer Croc...a beauty with nice centering. Pricing it just under last GPA
  4. Detective Comics #488 CGC Universal 9.8 white pages $150 There are 8 9.8's on the census...there's not a lot of recent sales data on these dollar comics in high grades
  5. Detective Comics #484 CGC Universal 9.6 white pages $75 SOLD to pitboss A low-census Dollar comic. Back cover is a great Aparo super villians deserved a scan
  6. Pausing here for a bit...will resume with a few Tecs in the 400's around 10:00 tonight